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SPOILER WARNING: Part 8 Spoiler details may follow.

The Higashikata House (東方家 Higashikata-ke) describes the land within Morioh belonging to the Higashikata Family in JoJolion.

Higashikata Household

A map of Higashikata House.

The Higashikata household is a large, modern building located on a hill near the coast of Morioh; at the front of an expanse of land utilized for fruit trees and other constructions.

The house is home to all extant members of the Higashikata Family.

Yotsuyu Yagiyama was the house's architect.

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Underground Storeroom

A bunker-like dwelling was constructed to house the architect while the estate was built. Tsurugi is found here by Yasuho while pressured by Yagiyama.

Fruit Garden

An area behind the house opens to a trail that leads up the side of the back yard. The trail is surrounded by various fruit trees, forming their own orchard. The fruit trees accompany the Higashikata Fruit Company.

Wall Eyes

Past the backyard, the Wall Eyes sprout up abundantly. This area is were JoJolion begins; as Yasuho avoids Joshu, she finds Josuke here. Yoshikage Kira and Josefumi Kujo died in the vicinity.


Norisuke Higashikata IV Jobin Higashikata Hato Higashikata Joshu Higashikata Daiya Higashikata
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Mitsuba Higashikata Tsurugi Higashikata Josuke Higashikata Iwasuke

Video Games

Higashikata House EoH.png

The Higashikata household appears as a stage in Eyes of Heaven.

  • Stage Gimmick: Tsurugi periodically opens the hatch to the basement and allows a player to rest there, restoring health.

Jobin, Hato, and Daiya are inside the house while Norisuke can be seen in the background.


  • In the Rurubu Special Edition: Morioh Guidebook packaged with Volume 12, Araki mentions that he drew inspiration from architect Frank Lloyd Wright; the house largely resembles Wright's Falling Water and Weltzheimer House.