Highway to Hell (ハイウェイ・トゥ・ヘル (地獄のハイウェイ) Haiwei Tu Heru) is the Stand of Thunder McQueen, featured in Stone Ocean.


Highway to Hell appears as a set of four protrusions with miniature propellers on end that jut out of the medium that McQueen uses to attempt suicide. The same four protrusions appear in the same location as his victim to denote the shared injury.

Highway to Hell is purple in the colored manga.


Highway to Hell possesses no combat ability whatsoever, but its ability to share damage, combined with Thunder McQueen's pathologically suicidal tendency, makes it a surprisingly dangerous Stand.

Damage Sharing

When McQueen attempts to kill himself, he can also make someone die alongside him in the same way he does.[2]

When McQueen applies Highway to Hell on someone, the target will suffer the same damage he inflicts upon himself, through Highway to Hell manifesting itself on the victims body as the source of the harm. For instance, if McQueen tries to hang himself, Highway to Hell manifests itself around the victim's neck with traces of a noose crushing their throat;[3] when McQueen tries to drown himself, Highway to Hell appears as a liquid mass covering the mouth and nose of the victim.[4] Highway to Hell's stats even suggest that McQueen starving himself could possibly work. Moreover, the person linked to McQueen also takes the same pose as him.[4]

Highway to Hell functions even if the targets flees away from McQueen,[5] thus to save the victim, one must stop McQueen from killing himself and take away the DISC.[3][6]


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