Hirohiko Araki's Super-Favorites! Rules of Movies (荒木飛呂彦の超偏愛! 映画の掟 Araki Hirohiko no chō hen'ai! Eiga no okite) is a shinsho (Non-fiction book) published by Shueisha and written by Hirohiko Araki.


In Rules of Movies, Araki takes a closer look at multiple films of various genres; theorizing the conceptual framework behind each and recapturing them from a completely new perspective.

Table of Contents

  1. Best of the Best: HeatW and 96 HoursW.
  2. Classic conditions for a man to cry
  3. Master of Suspense
  4. Love Affair - Erotic Suspense
  5. Eastwood is a genre
  6. This movie, do not underestimate
  7. A Classic Urban Legend is necessary


Araki's Best 20 Suspense Films

  1. Heat
  2. The Great Escape
  3. Taken
  4. Mystic River
  5. The Unforgiven
  6. Psycho
  7. Heaven Can Wait
  8. Shrek
  9. Fargo
  10. Dirty Harry
  11. The Bourne Identity
  12. City of God
  13. Duel
  14. Eyes Wide Shut
  15. The Butterfly Effect
  16. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
  17. Unfaithful
  18. Frost/Nixon
  19. Pound
  20. Witness
  21. Reservoir Dogs (Runner-Up)


  1. 荒木飛呂彦の超偏愛! 映画の掟 (集英社新書) (日本語)

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