California King Bed, Part 2 (カリフォルニア・キング・ベッド その② Kariforunia Kingu Beddo Sono 2), originally Daiya Higashikata's Strange Love, Part 2 (東方大弥の異常な愛情② Higashikata Daiya no Ijō na Aijō 2) in the UJ release, is the ninth chapter of JoJolion and the eight hundred fifty-sxith chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Josuke tries to cut his losses by switching the light on, but Daiya doesn't let him move. He decides to run for the phone to call his only ally Yasuho but as he composes Yasuho's cellphone number, his memories of her are extracted; Yasuho receives the call but she doesn't talk with him.

Daiya sees that Yasuho's memories have been extracted and decides to use the fact that she is technically the first girl Josuke meets to seduce him. She and Josuke lie together on her bed, and Daiya asks Josuke to propose to her. At the same time, Norisuke IV stumbles upon them and silently promises himself to kill Josuke one day for daring to seduce his daughter. Josuke almost falls for Daiya when the bubble in which the switch's sound was stored pops, prompting Daiya to abandon her seduction and check if Josuke isn't tricking her again. Discovering nothing, she decides to go shopping. Josuke is saved from total defeat, but still has to work out a way to gain his memories back.


Yasuho Hirose Josuke Higashikata Daiya Higashikata Norisuke Higashikata IV


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