Dangerous Pursuit, Part 5 (危険な追跡 その Kiken na Tsuiseki Sono 5) is the ninety-third chapter of JoJolion and the nine hundred fortieth chapter of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The chapter starts off with Josuke Higashikata contemplating about the branch of the New Locacaca plant. During this, a deliveryman from "Bike Hi!" arrives to Josuke's location (shown to be Holy Joestar-Kira 's hospital room), and Josuke gives him a parcel (with unknown contents). The deliveryman is reluctant to take the package
Josuke jojolion crop
due to the address, but eventually takes it after Josuke pays him with a large amount of cash. He decides to act on his assumption that you can't pursue the Head Doctor, but you won't get harmed by his stand ability if you're made to pursue him. He then sits in a room of total disarray, presumed to be near the

Yasuho Hirose

wall he broke open in the last chapter.

We then see Yasuho Hirose arrive at the Higashikata estate, looking for the New Locacaca branch. She uses Paisley Park to look around the estate for any possible locations. She correctly assumes that both Josuke and Rai Mamezuku assume that the Head Doctor took the New Locacaca plant. By using Joshu Higashikata's phone, she is able to look around the house. Joshu is looking around the house for Jobin Higashikata, and comes by a despondent Norisuke Higashikata, sitting on the stairs. After Joshu tries to encourage him to come with the rest of the family, he retreats back upstairs, presumably into his office. After seeing the somber mood of everyone inside the house, Yasuho is prompted to look around further for the New Locacaca. However, by looking through a partially open door, she sees an extremely sickly Tsurugi Higashikata. By pushing Joshu's phone out of his pocket, she is able to get to the cell phone in Tsurugi's room. Tsurugi notices Paisley Park, and immediately tells Yasuho to leave immediately. Tsurugi said that he cut off his internet and turned off his cell phone so she wouldn't come in the first place. Yasuho confronts Tsurugi and asks if he knows where the New Locacaca plant is, but before Tsurugi can even start to answer, Jobin comes out and picks up Tsurugi's phone. Jobin then both uses Speed King to cook the phone to prevent Yasuho from escaping, and then drops the phone into a toilet. The last frames show water pouring out of Yasuho's face, with Tsurugi telling her that they can't let anyone know.


Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion) Yasuho Hirose Rai Mamezuku Satoru Akefu Jobin Higashikata
Joshu Higashikata Norisuke Higashikata Hato Higashikata Daiya Higashikata Holy Joestar-Kira

Tsurugi Higashikata Poor Tom Mitsuba Higashikata Wu Tomoki

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