Please Come With Me. Doctor Wu (一緒にお願い。ドクター・ウー Issho ni Onegai. Dokutā Ū) is the twentieth volume of JoJolion and the one-hundred twenty-fourth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the Doctor Wu and Awaking 3 Leaves story arc.


Author's Note

Author's Note
"Believe in yourself! I know you can do it!" doesn't seem to be something anyone's ever thought about me as child.

For certain reasons, I was at the hospital and had to have a suppository put into me. "I'll do it myself", I'd said. But then a nurse with a pretty cute face said to me, "No, I'll do it", as she put on her rubber gloves with a snap.

I've been thinking about my childhood. Suppositories always made fevers go down quick, so even if I yelled "I can do it!" I would be told "No, your father will do it". Why does everybody want to put suppositories into me so bad? Like, what? Is the rate of "pew & roll" on the floor really that high?

—Hirohiko Araki




  1. ジョジョリオン 20
  2. ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 第8部 モノクロ版 20

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