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JORGE JOESTAR is a novel written and illustrated by Otaro Maijo. Kid detective Joji Joestar sets out on a bizarre quest to solve a murder in Morioh, which slowly turns into a universe-hopping adventure after the island begins moving on its own.


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canonW.

The odd-numbered chapters of the story tell of how Jorge, Elizabeth, and another girl named Penelope de la Rosa grew up together, eventually leading to Jorge joining the Royal Air Force and marrying Elizabeth. However, this time around, their wedding is threatened by a zombie invasion. Along the way he makes new friends, such as Tsukumojuku Kato and Steven Motorize, and gets framed for a murder.

The other chapters, however, are another story altogether and considered the true story of the novel. Set in the 20th century after the world has been reset (similar to the effects of Made In Heaven) exactly thirty-six times, it focuses on kid detective Joji Joestar, who while investigating a recent string of incidents comes across a boy detective named Tsukumojuku Kato, who has somehow traveled between universes. After he is found dead in Morioh, seemingly by Yoshikage Kira's hands, Joji heads to investigate. Along the way, Joji eventually reaches outer space, and meets 36 versions of Kars, each from a different universe, one of which accompanies him back to Earth, all ending in a massive fistfight with Dio Brando as he attempts to become the Holy Corpse and gain unlimited power.

New Stands

In addition to the Stands from the original manga such as King Crimson and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, JORGE JOESTAR introduces several new Stands that are all named after foreign (to Japan) films. There are also three new Stand-like abilities that are not truly Stands but have the same power:

  • Wounds (ウゥンド Wundo, Also written as 傷)
  • Bounds (バウンド Baundo, also written as 結びつき)
  • Beyonds (ビヨンド Biyondo, also written as 世界を超越した場所で僕を操るもの)


Main characters

  • Jorge Joestar (ジョージ・ジョースター Jōji Jōsutā)
  • Joji Joestar (城字・ジョースター Jōji Jōsutā)
  • Tsukumojuku Kato (加藤 九十九十九 Katō Tsukumojūku)
  • Kars
  • Giorno Giovanna
  • Rohan Kishibe
  • Yoshikage Kira


  • Elizabeth Straizo
  • Straizo
  • Penelope de la Rosa (ペネロペ・デ・ラ・ロサ Penerope De Ra Rosa)
  • Jonathan Joestar
  • Erina Joestar
  • Steven Motorize (スティーブン・モーターライズ Sutībun Mōtāraizu)
  • Kenton Motorize (ケントン・モーターライズ Kenton Mōtāraizu)
  • Darlington Motorize (ダーリントン・モーターライズ Dārinton Mōtāraizu)
  • John Moore-Brabazon (ジョン・ムーア=ブラバゾン Jon Mūa-Burabazon)
  • Reimi Sugimoto
  • Aya Tsuji
  • Koji Hirose (広瀬 康司 Hirose Kōji)
  • Muryotaisu Nijimura (虹村 無量大数 Nijimura Muryōtaisū)
  • Fukashigi Nijimura (虹村 不可思議 Nijimura Fukashigi)
  • Shigetaka Yangu (矢安宮 重孝 Yangū Shigetaka)
  • Leone Abbacchio
  • Guido Mista
  • Narancia Ghirga
  • Goyathlay Soundman (ゴヤスリー・サウンドマン Goyasurī Saundoman)
  • Pocoloco Tripleseven (ポコロコ・トリプルセブン Pokoroko Toripurusebun)


  • Dio Brando
  • Diavolo
  • Doppio
  • Funny Valentine
  • Funnier Valentine (ファニアー・ヴァレンタイン Faniā Varentain)
  • The Funniest Valentine (ザ・ファニエスト・ヴァレンタイン Za Faniesuto Varentain)
  • Dolcio Cioccolata (ドルチオ・チョコラータ Doruchio Chokorāta)
  • Secco Rottario (セッコ・ロッターリオ Sekko Rottārio)

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