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Beyond has chosen a new protagonist for this world...for this story. You, Jorge Joestar. This is the last thing I'm certain of.

—George becomes the new 'protagonist'

JORGE JOESTAR is a novel written and illustrated by Ōtarō Maijō. The story shows the adventure of George Joestar II (spelled Jorge) and his counterpart, Joji, who sets out on a bizarre quest to solve a murder in Morioh, which slowly turns into a universe-hopping adventure after the island of Morioh begins moving on its own.


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canonW.

The odd-numbered chapters of the story tell of how George, Elizabeth, and another girl named Penelope de la Rosa grew up together, eventually leading to George joining the Royal Air Force and marrying Elizabeth. However, this time around, their wedding is threatened by a zombie invasion. Along the way he makes new friends, such as Tsukumojuku Kato and Steven Motorize, and gets framed for a murder.

Because there is another Jorge Joestar...Two detectives, one truth. If both are detectives, then both must arrive at the same truth...Most novels with two detectives have one solve it, then the other discover the real solution hidden behind it.

—Kato explains to Joji about the 'other' Jorge Joestar

The other chapters, however, are another story altogether and considered the true story of the novel. Set in the 20th century after the world has been reset (due to the effects of Made In Heaven) exactly thirty-six times, it focuses on detective Joji Joestar, who while investigating a recent string of incidents comes across the missing Tsukumojuku, who has somehow traveled to his universe. After he is found dead in Morioh, seemingly by Yoshikage Kira's hands, Joji heads to investigate. Along the way, Joji meets Rohan Kishibe and a few other people, until he is suddenly sent to outer space and meets 36 versions of Kars, each from a different universe; one of which accompanies him back to Earth. All ending in a massive fistfight with Dio Brando, as he attempts to become the Holy Corpse and gain unlimited power.

New Abilities and Concepts

In addition to the Stands from the original manga from parts 1-7 such as King Crimson and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, JORGE JOESTAR introduces several new Stands and Phenomenon that are all named after foreign (to Japan) films. There are also three new Stand-like abilities that are not truly Stands but have the same type of power:

  • Wound (ウゥンド Wundo, Also written as 傷)
  • Bound (バウンド Baundo, also written as 結びつき)
  • Mass Hysteria (集団ヒステリー Shūdan hisuterī)
  • Beyond (ビヨンド Biyondo, also written as 世界を超越した場所で僕を操るもの)

Most of the Stands in the novel are alternate versions of the original ability or may have evolved into an Ultimate Stand.

Chapter List

There is no current official English volume for JORGE JOESTAR.

Release Date: ISBN:
Flag of Japan September 19, 2012 (Hardcover)

December 19, 2017 (Paperback)
Flag of the United States

Flag of Japan 978-4087806502
Japanese Titles English Titles
  1. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1: Tsukumojuku
  2. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2: Nishi Akatsuki
  3. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 3: Wounds
  4. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 4: Morioh
  5. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 5: The Box
  6. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 6: The Island
  7. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 7: Airplanes
  8. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 8: Nero Nero Island
  9. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 9: Cliff
  10. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 10: The H.G. Wells
  11. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 11: Gremlin
  12. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 12: Rhinoceros Beetle
  1. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: The Enemy
  2. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 14: Desolation Row
  3. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 15: Beyond
  4. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16: Beyond II
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Joji Joestar
Main Protagonist
George Joestar
Main Protagonist
Unknown Character
Main Ally
Kars Novel
Joji Joestar George Joestar II Tsukumojuku Kato Kars Giorno Giovanna (37th Universe)
Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 9.24.49 pm
Lisa young
Main Ally
Straizo old2
Rohan Kishibe Yoshikage Kira Lisa Lisa Straizo Penelope de la Rosa
Jonathan Joestar Menacing
Steven Motorize
Kenton Motorize
Darlington Motorize
Jonathan Joestar Erina Joestar Steven Motorize Kenton Motorize Darlington Motorize
John Moore
Reimi prof
Aya prof
Koji Hirose
Muryotaisu Nijimura
John Moore-Brabazon Reimi Sugimoto Aya Tsuji Koji Hirose Muryotaisu Nijimura
Fukashigi Nijimura
Shigetaka Yangu
Leone Abbacchio manga
Mista Manga
Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 9.23.11 am
Fukashigi Nijimura Shigetaka Yangu Leone Abbacchio Guido Mista Narancia Ghirga (37th Universe)
Goyathlay Soundman
Pocoloco jorge joestar
Main Antagonist
Goyathlay Soundman Pocoloco Tripleseven Dio Brando Diavolo Doppio
Funny Valentine 37th Universe
Funnier Valentine
Funniest Valentine
Cioccolata C556
Funny Valentine (37th Universe) Funnier Valentine The Funniest Valentine Cioccolata Secco
Bruno pic
Secondary Antagonist
Pucci jorge joestar
Bruno Bucciarati (37th Universe) Antonio Torres Jonda Joestar Robert E. O. Speedwagon Enrico Pucci (37th Universe)
William cardinal
William Cardinal Edvard Noriega Faraday

Stands & Abilities

Narancia Ghirga
Joji Joestar
C-Moon Ultimate Requiem NYPD Blue U-Boat The Iron Ladies Singing in the Rain
Ultimate D4C Evil Dead Videodrome Stepmom Grand Bleu
[[Jonathan Joestar
Dio Brando|Jonathan Joestar
Dio Brando
The Passion The World Ultimate Cube House Arrow Cross House Stray Dog
Twister Dune Face Off Blue Thunder Whitesnake Ultimate
Made In Heaven Ultimate Requiem Right Stuff Rear Window Blob Killer Queen
U-Boat Ultimate Doppio's Stand Dune Ultimate


Nero nero island

Beyond Nero Nero Island Mass Hysteria

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