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You can only remember three things. You'll have to live the rest of your life with only three memories. It'll actually be worse than losing them all.

Miuccia Miuller, SO Chapter 98

Jail House Lock (ジェイル・ハウス・ロック(JAIL HOUSE LOCK) Jeiru Hausu Rokku) is the Stand of Miu Miu, featured in Stone Ocean.


Jail House Lock is a humanoid Stand with a brain-like head, an emaciated body and conical arms. Its body is patterned as though with stitches, including patterns on the chest resembling those of denim pockets.

Jail House Lock is light brown with red strings all over its body in the colored manga.


Jail House Lock relies on its power to cripple its enemies and make them unable to perform any complex task. Although it is shown to be able slap Jolyne violently enough to send her into a wall,[1] the memory loss it causes impedes Miu Miu's enemies so much she can directly confront them.

Short-term Memory Loss

Jail House Lock causes its victims to be able to only remember three new pieces of information.[2]

Jail House Lock is triggered if someone or their Stand touches the bars or walls beyond the visiting room of Green Dolphin Street Prison,[3] or if Miu Miu sics it on someone.[4] Although they retain all their memories from before the instant it is activated, the victim is now only able to process and remember three new memories and when they learn a fourth "thing", they will forget the first thing they've learned and so on.[2] Several people, up to at least several dozens, can be affected at once.[4][5]

The power is extremely crippling as the victim find themselves distracted by a flow of new information, forgetting to perform any important task like finding Miu Miu to defeat her. Miu Miu herself claims that the continual memory loss eventually destroys its victim's ability to think.[5] Miu Miu also exploits the memory loss to her advantage by distracting her enemies with many information so they completely forget about the actual attack.[6]

To limit the effect of Jail House Lock, one can learn a bunch of new facts as a whole, for instance not memorizing individual bullets but looking a the single reflection of the bullets in a mirror.[6]


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