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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の風 JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Ōgon no Kaze) is the fourth season of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure TV Anime, produced by David Production.

Season 4 is an adaptation of the 5th arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Vento Aureo. It was officially announced by Hirohiko Araki at the end of a live news conference for his Ripples of Adventure art exhibition.

A Japan premiere of the anime was held at the Tokyo Istituto Italiano di CulturaW on July 5, 2018,[2] with appearances by the anime's main cast. At the same time, a French premiere was held during the same day at Japan ExpoW.[3] An American premiere was held the next day at Anime ExpoW in Los Angeles on July 6, 2018.[4][5]

As part of the LUMINE x JOJO collaboration, a second screening for the first two episodes was held at the Lumine Zero Shopping center in Japan on September 25, 2018.[6] The anime began broadcast on Japanese television and streaming services starting on October 5, 2018.

On October 4, 2019, it was confirmed by VIZ Media that the English dub had been scheduled to air on Adult Swim.[7] The season began broadcasting on Toonami on Saturday, October 26, 2019.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor

NeroAvAnim MetallicaAvAnim

Shinshū Fuji Armen Taylor
Risotto Nero

FormaggioAvAnim LittleFeetAvAnim

VillainLittle Feet
Jun FukushimaW Jonah Scott
Ken NaritaW Ben Lepley
Tatsuhisa SuzukiW Bill Millsap

PesciAvAnim BeachBoyAvAnim

VillainBeach Boy
Subaru KimuraW Joe Hernandez

MeloneAvAnim BabyFaceAvAnim

VillainBaby Face
Junji MajimaW Brian Hanford

GhiaccioAvAnim WhiteAlbumAvAnimII

VillainWhite Album
Nobuhiko OkamotoW Chris Hackney
Yoshihito Sasaki Sean ChiplockW

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor

SqualoAvAnim ClashAvAnim

Tomoaki MaenoW Ryan Colt Levy

TizianoAvAnim TalkingHeadAvAnim

VillainTalking Head
Kenjiro TsudaW Jordan Reynolds
Daisuke SakaguchiW TBA

CioccolataAvAnim GreenDayAvAnim

VillainGreen Day
Atsushi MiyauchiW TBA

Episode List

# Title Original airdate English airdate

# Title Original airdate English airdate


Network Air Time
Tokyo MX (Oct 5, 2018) Fridays at 25:05
MBS (Oct 5, 2018) Fridays at 26:55
BS11 (Oct 5, 2018) Fridays at 25:30
Animax (Oct 7, 2018) Sundays at 19:00
Abema TV Sundays at 24:00
ひかりTV Wednesdays at 12:00
J:COM on demand (J:COM オンデマンド) Wednesdays at 12:00
milplus (みるプラス) Wednesdays at 12:00
TOKAI Wednesdays at 12:00
TSUTAYA TV Wednesdays at 12:00
Hulu Wednesdays at 12:00
U-NEXT Wednesdays at 12:00
NETFLIX Wednesdays at 12:00
dTV Wednesdays at 12:00
Crunchyroll One hour after first broadcast
ADN One hour after first broadcast


Anime Scans

Character Models

Countdown to the Finale


O.S.T. Vol.1 Overture

Overture 26 Tracks

O.S.T. Vol.2 Intermezzo

Intermezzo 26 Tracks

O.S.T. Vol.3 Finale

Finale 28 Tracks

Opening Theme

Fighting Gold


Uragirimono no Requiem


Ending Theme

Freek'n You

Freek'n You

Modern Crusaders

Modern Crusaders



  • Episode titles are now stylized in Italian (i.e. "Episodio 01").
  • Stand info cards are now stylized by a spinning coin inspired by the lira revealing the Stand itself before transitioning to the stats and user.
  • Several voice actors who have voiced characters in other JoJo media return for roles in Golden Wind:
    • Yuichi Nakamura is voicing Bruno Bucciarati and had previously voiced Narciso Anasui in All Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven
    • Junichi Suwabe is voicing Leone Abbacchio and had previously voiced Telence T. D'Arby in All Star Battle and Stardust Crusaders.
    • Kōsuke Toriumi is voicing Guido Mista and had previously voiced Sports Maxx in Eyes of Heaven.
    • Ken Narita is voicing Illuso and had previously voiced Wekapipo in All Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven.
    • Tatsuhisa Suzuki is voicing Prosciutto and had previously voiced Ghiaccio in All Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven.
    • Junji Majima is voicing Melone and had previously voiced Gunpei Kamafusa in Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 2.
    • Katsuyuki Konishi is voicing Diavolo and had previously voiced Jonathan Joestar in the Phantom Blood movie.
    • Kenjiro Tsuda is voicing Tiziano and had previously voiced Bruford in Phantom Blood.
    • Kenji Nojima, who voiced Dio Brando in the Phantom Blood PS2 Game and Melone in All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven, now voices Scolippi.
    • Phillip Reich is voicing Giorno Giovanna and had previously voiced Yuya Fungami in Diamond is Unbreakable.
    • Ray Chase is voicing Bruno Bucciarati and had previously voiced Rubber Soul from Stardust Crusaders, and Loggins and Donovan in Battle Tendency.
    • Sean Chiplock is voicing Guido Mista and had previously voiced Toyohiro Kanedaichi in Diamond is Unbreakable.
    • Kyle McCarley is voicing Narancia Ghirga and had previously voiced Mark in Battle Tendency.
  • The broadcasting schedule was momentarily slowed down three times with a recap episode being released on the week next to Episode 13 instead of Episode 14, following Episode 21 instead of Episode 22, and again following episode 28 instead of episode 29. Finally, the show went through a three-weeks long hiatus at its end, with episodes 38 and 39 being broadcasted on July 28.
    • The three recap episodes aired during the show's television run were excluded from all Blu-ray releases.
  • According to the producer Nobutaka Kasama, the show got greenlit in January 2017.[10]
  • Unlike the other seasons, the Blu-ray disks do not come with extra content other than the production booklets.


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