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For the Anime adaption, see JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

Within the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, there are two Original video animation (OVA) series that adapt Stardust Crusaders, both by Studio A.P.P.P..

The original six-episode series in 1993 began with Joseph, Jotaro, Polnareff and Kakyoin in the Egyptian desert on their quest to find DIO (Volume 20 in the manga). The series offered very little exposition, assuming the viewer was already familiar with the backstory and first half of Stardust Crusaders. A prequel seven-episode series was released in 2001, offering an explanation for those unfamiliar with the story in the previous series, and started at the beginning of Stardust Crusaders with Joseph coming to Japan to explain Jotaro's strange behavior (Volume 12 in the manga).

The entire 6-volume (13-episode) anime series has been released in English in canonical order by Super Techno Arts.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor French Voice Actor Italian Voice Actor
Rei SakumaW (Episode 1-7)
Arisa AndōW (Episode 8-13)
Carrie Francis Magali Barney Mariana Thovez
Holy Kujo
Ryoko Kinomiya Uncredited Brigitte Guedj Annamaria Mantovani
Suzi Q
Jūrōta KosugiW Uncredited Uncredited Uncredited
Jonathan Joestar
Junpei Takiguchi Charles MartinetW Uncredited Riccardo Peroni
Wilson Phillips
Sayuri Kubo Sayuri Kubo Uncredited Uncredited
Sherry Polnareff


# Title Original release English airdate

Series 1 (2000)[]

Series 2 (1993)[]



JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 (1993)


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 (1993)


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 3 (1993)


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Original Soundtrack (2000)

Manga-to-OVA Differences[]

  • The story was largely omitted; the majority of Stand battles from the manga are removed in the OVAs.
  • In the OVAs, Enya can use Justice to transform herself into an attractive young woman (Somewhat similar to the Nena or Mariah). In addition, the flesh bud that kills her is not triggered by Steely Dan.
  • In the manga, after Jotaro is freed from jail, he, Joseph, Avdol, and Holy discuss DIO's whereabouts at a cafe. In the OVA, they discuss DIO at Holy's house.
  • In the manga, Jotaro fights Kakyoin in the school infirmary. In the OVA, they fight in a nearby forest. In addition, the subject possessed by Hierophant Green has been changed from a school doctor to a female student.
  • The group doesn't meet Polnareff in Hong Kong like in the manga. Instead, they meet him inside of Strength. In addition, Polnareff was not controlled by one of DIO's flesh bud parasites.
  • In the manga, Jotaro defeats Forever by pummeling him with Star Platinum. In the OVA, Forever is instead sliced in half by Polnareff's Silver Chariot.
  • The group's visit to Singapore is completely removed.
  • Nena appears as an ordinary person, and does not return as a Stand user later.
  • Avdol reunites with the group during the fight with Enya, rather than during the fight with Cameo like in the manga.
  • Hol Horse does not reappear after being hurt by Enya.
  • Jotaro discovers Enya's identity with a method similar to the one he used on the Impostor Captain Tennille in the manga.
  • Iggy keeps a consistent appearance throughout the OVA.
  • Daniel J. D'Arby provides his full name. In the manga, this is provided by his brother.
  • After D'Arby is defeated, he gives away the location of DIO's mansion, but goes completely insane before he can reveal the secret of DIO's Stand; in the manga, he goes insane before he can reveal either piece of information.
  • Kakyoin does not rejoin the group before they enter DIO's mansion, instead arriving just in time to save Joseph from DIO.
  • Nukesaku is omitted from the story, causing the scene where DIO's coffin is opened to be significantly different: The protagonists happen upon it on their own, only to find Avdol inside when he opens it with Magician's Red. DIO appears before everyone on one side of the room and congratulates them for their efforts, before warning that someone is coming for them. Avdol then pushes Polnareff and Iggy away, at which point he is instantly killed by Cream.
  • Much of the battle with Vanilla Ice is cut in the OVA. Iggy dies by having his lower body erased by Cream, and then kicked and beaten by Ice rather than simply dying of blood loss from a beating.
  • Vanilla Ice's death is changed as well. Rather than exposing him to the sun, Polnareff kills Ice by stabbing him rapidly and slicing his head in two.
  • The fight between Jotaro and DIO is changed drastically. In the manga, DIO figures out Jotaro can move in stopped time when he sees his fingers twitching. In the OVA, he finds out when Jotaro survives being punched by The World in stopped time. Their battle also demonstrates extra scenes involving pure physical action as the two wreak havoc on the city of Cairo, with a number of civilian casualties on DIO's part.
  • DIO drops an oil tanker on Jotaro instead of a steam roller, jumping off when it explodes.
  • Joseph does not pretend to be DIO when revived in the OVA, nor does Jotaro quiz him with questions about movies or music.
  • In the manga, Jotaro and Joseph place DIO's body out in the sunlight of the Sahara Desert, destroying his body completely. In the OVA, his body is deposited inside of a bag, out of the back of a Speedwagon Foundation plane into the ocean.
  • Joseph puts on a Gipsy Kings tape in the OVA while in the manga he puts on "Get BackW" by The Beatles.



DIO reading the Quran


Mosque removed

In May 2008, both studio A.P.P.P. and Shueisha halted OVA/manga shipments of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure after a complaint had been launched against them from EgyptianW Islamic fundamentalistsW, after noticing a scene in the OVAs that had the villain, DIO, reading a book depicting pages from the Qur'anW.[1] This recall affected the English-language release of the manga as well, causing Viz Media and Shueisha to cease publication for a year. Even though the manga did not feature that specific scene, Shueisha had Araki redraw scenes that depicted characters fighting on top of, and destroying, mosqueWs.[1] Viz resumed publication a year later, with the eleventh volume being published on April 7, 2009, though distribution of the OVA had been permanently cancelled.[2]


  • One noteworthy fact about the OVA lies in the involvement of Satoshi KonW (Writer and Director of films such as Perfect Blue, Paprika, Millenium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers); acting as a screenwriter through much of the 1993's OVA and animation director for Episode 12.
Ova ad
  • The OVA makes a brief appearance in an ad for Shonen Jump, by VIZ Media. Possibly in a review for the release of the first DVD by SuperTechnoArts.

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  • The official TV anime began airing in Japan on April 4, 2014.

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