This page is where users may request to be Administrators for the JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia. Information regarding this role can be found on the JoJo Wiki:Administrators policy page. Requirements for becoming an admin are listed below.


The requirements for becoming an Administrator are not entirely explicit, though candidates are more likely to be nominated based on the following criteria:

  • Has contributed to the JoJo Wiki for a reasonable amount of time (preferably more than a month)
  • Assists others with questions or has participated in the comments or forums.
  • No history of serious vandalism, harassment or hostile interaction
  • Is vigilant in stopping vandalism and keeping false information or speculation off the articles
  • Is currently following and enforces the policies listed on the JoJo Wiki Policy pages.

Requesting Adminship

If a good amount of the above criteria applies to you, add your name as a subheading under the "Current Requests" section and fill out the following template:

  |Name= User name without brackets
  |Joining Date= Put the date you joined the wiki.
  |User Description= Give a good description of why you would make a good admin.
  • After an active admin has reviewed a candidate's request, they will post a response below the request with their decision.
  • If confirmed, the candidate will automatically be elevated, and an announcement will be highlighted soon after. If not confirmed, the candidate is recommended to try again after reading and following the instructions listed in the admin's response.

Current Requests

Current requests for adminship can be posted here using the above template.

Example Request

User name without brackets
Joining Date
Put the date you joined the wiki.
User Description
Give a good description of why you would make a good admin.


Joining Date
MARCH 1, 2015
User Description
I've added a large majority of the anime pictures on here and help create/upkeep the anime pages, as well as the other ones. I have been at this for over a year now and love doing it, plus I usually check the wiki at least once a day usually. I've been polite with others, have had no history of wrongdoings, help those who need it or ask and lastly, I've been a JoJo fan for well over a decade: so I'm pretty up-to-date with nearly everything that happens. All I have left to say is I would use my Admin powers for good, not evil.
Recent-icon Seems fine to me.  Kai  JoJo Admin  (Talk) 10:46, April 2, 2016 (UTC)
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