The following is a list of useful templates to assist you while editing the Wiki and also helps to keep things neater. Templates are used by inserting {{ in front of a code and }} at the end of it.


Writing / Formatting

Tl (Link to Templates)

Used to easily link to template pages.

{{Tl|Color}} would link to Template:Color

Result: Color

You can change how the link displays as well: {{Tl|Color|Template:Color}}

Result: Template:Color

W (Link to Wikipedia)

Links to an external Wikipedia page.

{{W|JoJo's Bizarre Adventure}} would link to JoJo's Wikipedia page.

Result: JoJo's Bizarre AdventureW

You can change how the link displays as well: {{W|JoJo's Bizarre Adventure|JoJo}}

Result: JoJoW

Wikia (Link to Wikia)

Links to an external fan Wikia page which is not part of this JoJo wikia.

{{Wikia|onepiece|Monkey D. Luffy}} links to Luffy's page on the One Piece Wikia.

Result: Monkey D. LuffyFW

UN (Unnamed Characters), MN (Minor Characters), HN (Horses)

UN links to a specific character on the Unnamed Characters page. MN links to a specific character on the Minor Characters page. HN links to a horse on the List of Horses in Steel Ball Run page.

{{UN|Will's Father}} would link to Zeppeli's father.
{{MN|Luca}} links to Luca.
{{HN|Slow Dancer}} links to Slow Dancer.

Result: Will's Father
Slow Dancer

You can change how the link displays as well: {{UN|Will's Father|Vampire Zeppeli}}
{{MN|Luca|Leaky-eye Luca}}
{{HN|Slow Dancer|Johnny's horse}}

Result: Vampire Zeppeli
Leaky-eye Luca
Johnny's horse

Ch, Ep, Ch2, Ep2, Ch3, Ep3

Ch writes out the chapter number and title. Ep writes out the episode number and title. Works in conjunction with ChapterVariables and EpisodeVariables. New chapters/episodes need to be added in those two pages for Ch and Ep to work. Ch2/Ep2 and Ch3/Ep3 are just different ways to display them.

  • Ch - Chapter #: Chapter Title
  • Ch2 - Chapter Title alone
  • Ch3 - Chapter # (hovering over it displays Chapter Title)
{{Ch|Chapter 154}}
{{Ep|GW Episode 1}}
{{Ch2|Chapter 154}}
{{Ep2|GW Episode 1}}
{{Ch3|Chapter 154}}
{{Ep3|GW Episode 1}}

Result: Chapter 154: Justice, Part 1
GW Episode 1: Gold Experience
Justice, Part 1
Gold Experience
Chapter 154 - Justice, Part 1
GW Episode 1 - Gold Experience

Nihongo, Nihongo2, Nihongo3, Ruby

Different ways of displaying Japanese.

  • Nihongo displays the English name, the name in hiragana/katakana/kanji, and the name in romaji normally.
  • Nihongo2 displays the English name with the hiragana/katakana/kanji in smaller font beside it. Hovering over it shows the romaji.
  • Nihongo3 displays the English name alone. Hovering over it shows the hiragana/katakana/kanji.
  • Ruby displays the kanji alone with the furigana above it.
{{Nihongo|'''Star Platinum'''|スタープラチナ(星の白金)|Sutā Purachina}}
{{Nihongo2|'''Star Platinum'''|スタープラチナ(星の白金)|Sutā Purachina}}
{{Nihongo3|'''Star Platinum'''|スタープラチナ(星の白金)|Sutā Purachina}}
Result: Star Platinum (スタープラチナ(星の白金) Sutā Purachina)
Star Platinum (スタープラチナ(星の白金)Sutā Purachina)

Star Platinumスタープラチナ(星の白金)



Creates a spoiler notice.

{{Spoiler|4}} says there will be Part 4 spoilers.
SPOILER WARNING: Part 4 Spoiler details may follow.

Cover, Mo, Death, Flash, 1st, 1stm, Corpse, Photo

All of these are used in the character appearance sections for chapters and episodes.

{{Cover}} {{Mo}} {{Death}} {{Flash}} {{1st}} {{1stm}} {{Corpse}} {{Photo}}

Result: (Cover only) (Mentioned only) (Death) (Appears in flashback(s)) (First appearance) (First mentioned) (Corpse only) (Photo only)

S, Sm, C

Inserts <small></small> to make text smaller. S creates brackets while Sm does not. C is the same as S but has a space before it, usually used in the character appearance sections for chapters / episodes.

{{S|ASB}} {{Sm|Something}}{{C|Mentioned in flashback}}

Result: (ASB) Something (Mentioned in flashback)

Dead, Resigned, UF, Lead, Lead2, Null

Creates symbols. Dead, Resigned, UF (Unknown Fate), Lead, and Lead2 are used in character boxes. Null and * are used in Stand stats.

{{Dead}} {{Resigned}} {{UF}} {{Lead}} {{Lead2}} {{Null}} {{*}}


Josuke8, Kira8, KQ8

Links to Josuke Higashikata, Yoshikage Kira and Killer Queen's pages (JoJolion) because who wants to manually type it all out? You can also omit the last names.

{{Josuke8|Josuke}} and {{Kira8|Kira}}

Result: Josuke and Kira

MO (Morioh)

Links to sections on the Morioh page.

{{MO|Anjuro Rock}} is the same as [[Morioh#Anjuro Rock|Anjuro Rock]]

Result: Anjuro Rock


Calculates the age of a real life person based on the current date.


Result: 34


Performs unit conversions.


Result: 2 kilometres (1.2 mi)

H2, N (Custom Headers)

H2 is used to create custom level 2 and level 3 headers, mainly for the protagonist/antagonist pages who have multiple pages with tabs. Wikia/Mediawiki has problems with how it defines sections on those pages so the custom headers are necessary. N (as in None or Non-displayed) is also necessary to create the actual section on the page for each header. It hides the real header so that only the custom one is displayed under it.

For custom icons, the part codes you can put are: PB, BT, SC, DU, VA, SO, SBR, JJL, OS
l=3 is used for level 3 headers

{{H2|Appearance|Jonathan Joestar/Introduction|part=PB}}
{{H2|Childhood|Jonathan Joestar/Introduction|l=3}}

H4, H5

Creates <h4></h4>, and <h5></h5> tags without an edit button beside them. Use these if using the custom headers above.

{{H4|All Star Battle}}

Expand section

Creates a link for users to edit the page for article stubs.

{{Expand section}}

Result: This section requires expansion.

See also

Creates a "see also" link to send readers to another page in relation.

{{See also|Hirohiko Araki Works Chronology}}


Quote and Q

Creates quotations.

{{Quote|Yare Yare Daze|Jotaro Kujo}}
{{Q|Yare Yare Daze|Jotaro Kujo}}


Yare Yare Daze

—Jotaro Kujo

Yare Yare Daze

—Jotaro Kujo

Scroll Box

Creates scroll boxes.

{{Scroll Box
  • Jo
  • Jo
  • Jo
  • Jo
  • Gio
  • Jo
  • Jo
  • Jo




Unnamed and Minor

TOC (Custom Table of Contents)

Unnamed1TOC, Unnamed2TOC, Unnamed3TOC, Unnamed4TOC, Unnamed5TOC, Unnamed6TOC, Unnamed7TOC, Unnamed8TOC, UnnamedOSTOC
Minor1TOC, Minor2TOC, Minor3TOC, Minor4TOC, Minor5TOC, Minor6TOC, Minor7TOC, Minor8TOC, MinorOSTOC





{{Stats|power=∞|speed=A|range=B|durability=C|precision=D|development-potential=E|color=red|note={{*}}(Range: 2m)|notealign=right}}