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The following is a list of useful templates to assist you while editing the Wiki and also helps to keep things neater. Templates are used by inserting {{ in front of a code and }} at the end of it.


Links to other pages

Template What it does Example Result
Tl (Link to Templates) Used to easily link to template pages. {{Tl|Color}} would link to Template:Color Color
You can change how the link displays as well: {{Tl|Color|Template:Color}} Template:Color
W (Link to Wikipedia) Links to an external Wikipedia page. {{W|JoJo's Bizarre Adventure}} would link to JoJo's Wikipedia page. JoJo's Bizarre AdventureW
You can change how the link displays as well: {{W|JoJo's Bizarre Adventure|JoJo}} JoJoW
Wikia (Link to Wikia) Links to an external fan Wikia page which is not part of this JoJo wikia. {{Wikia|onepiece|Monkey D. Luffy}} links to Luffy's page on the One Piece Wikia. Monkey D. LuffyFW
You can change how the link displays as well: {{Wikia|onepiece|Monkey D. Luffy|Luffy}} LuffyFW

UN (Unnamed Characters)

MN (Minor Characters)

HN (Horses)

MI (Minor Items)

UNS (Unnamed Stands)

UN links to a specific character on the Unnamed Characters page.

MN links to a specific character on the Minor Characters page

HN links to a horse on the List of Horses in Steel Ball Run page.

MI links to an item on the Minor Items page.

UNS links to a Stand on the List of Unnamed Stands page.

{{UN|Will's Father}} would link to Zeppeli's father.

{{MN|Luca}} links to Luca.
{{HN|Slow Dancer}} links to Slow Dancer.
{{MI|Luck and Pluck}} links to Luck and Pluck.
{{UNS|Holy's Stand}} links to Holy's Stand.

Will's Father
Slow Dancer
Luck and Pluck
Holy's Stand
Of course, you can change how the link displays as well:

{{UN|Will's Father|Vampire Zeppeli}}
{{MN|Luca|Leaky-eye Luca}}
{{HN|Slow Dancer|Johnny's horse}}
{{MI|Luck and Pluck|Jonathan's sword}}
{{UNS|Holy's Stand|Thorn stand}}

Vampire Zeppeli

Leaky-eye Luca Johnny's horse Jonathan's sword Thorn stand

Ch, Ch2, Ch3

Ep, Ep2, Ep3

Ch writes out the chapter number and title. Ep writes out the episode number and title. Works in conjunction with ChapterVariables and EpisodeVariables. New chapters/episodes need to be added in those two pages for Ch and Ep to work. Ch2/Ep2 and Ch3/Ep3 are just different ways to display them.
  • Ch - Chapter #: Chapter Title
  • Ch2 - Chapter Title alone
  • Ch3 - Chapter # (hovering over it displays Chapter Title)
{{Ch|Chapter 154}} Chapter 154: "Justice, Part 1"
{{Ep|GW Episode 1}} GW Episode 1: "Gold Experience"
{{Ch2|Chapter 154}} "Justice, Part 1"
{{Ep2|GW Episode 1}} "Gold Experience"
{{Ch3|Chapter 154}} Chapter 154 - Justice, Part 1
{{Ep3|GW Episode 1}} GW Episode 1 - Gold Experience


Links to Josuke Higashikata, Yoshikage Kira and Killer Queen's pages (JoJolion) because who wants to manually type it all out? You can also omit the last names. {{Josuke8|Josuke}} {{Kira8|Kira}} {{KQ8|Killer Queen}} Josuke

Killer Queen

MO (Morioh) Links to sections on the Morioh page. {{MO|Anjuro Rock}} is the same as [[Morioh#Anjuro Rock|Anjuro Rock]] Anjuro Rock
UNS Links to Unnamed Stands page. {{UNS|Holy's Stand}} Holy's Stand
DigitalColor Links to the JOJO-D page. {{DigitalColor}} Digital Color
CR Links to Crunchyroll's website. {{CR}} CRCrunchyroll


Template What it does Example Result
Nihongo Different ways of displaying Japanese.

Nihongo displays the English name, the name in hiragana/katakana/kanji, and the name in romaji normally.

{{Nihongo|'''Star Platinum'''|スタープラチナ(星の白金)|Sutā Purachina}} Star Platinum (スタープラチナ(星の白金) Sutā Purachina)
Nihongo2 Nihongo2 displays the English name with the hiragana/katakana/kanji in smaller font beside it. Hovering over it shows the romaji. {{Nihongo2|'''Star Platinum'''|スタープラチナ(星の白金)|Sutā Purachina}}
Star Platinum (スタープラチナ(星の白金)Sutā Purachina)
Nihongo3 Nihongo3 displays the English name alone. Hovering over it shows the hiragana/katakana/kanji. {{Nihongo3|'''Star Platinum'''|スタープラチナ(星の白金)|Sutā Purachina}}

Star Platinumスタープラチナ(星の白金)

Ruby Ruby displays the kanji alone with the furigana above it. {{Ruby|星の白金|スタープラチナ}} 星の白金(スタープラチナ)
Nihongo5 For encoding Japanese text by itself. {{Nihongo5|星の白金}} 星の白金
Nihongo6 Opposite of Nihongo. Romaji is first, then the hiragana/katakana/kanji, then English. {{Nihongo6|'''Star Platinum'''|スタープラチナ(星の白金)|Sutā Purachina}} Sutā Purachina (スタープラチナ(星の白金), Star Platinum)
Cover All of these are used in the character appearance sections for chapters and episodes. {{Cover}} (Cover only)
Mo {{Mo}} (Mentioned only)
Death {{Death}} (Death)
Flash {{Flash}} (Appears in flashback(s))
1st {{1st}} (First appearance)
Full {{Full}} (1st full appearance)
1stm {{1stm}} (First mentioned)
Corpse {{Corpse}} (Corpse only)
Photo {{Photo}} (Photo only)
S, Sm, C Inserts <small></small> to make text smaller. S creates brackets while Sm does not. C is the same as S but has a space before it, usually used in the character appearance sections for chapters / episodes. {{S|ASB}} (ASB)
{{Sm|Something}} Something
{{C|Mentioned in flashback}} (Mentioned in flashback)
XS Extra small text. {{XS|Tiny text.}} Tiny text.


Creates symbols. Dead, Resigned, UF (Unknown Fate), Lead, Lead2, and Ghost are used in character boxes. Null and * are used in Stand stats. {{Dead}} {{Resigned}} {{UF}} {{Lead}} {{Lead2}} {{Ghost}} {{Null}} {{*}} 👻
White Changes the font to white text for certain colored areas that need white text for visibility. {{White|Highlight the result.}} You can't see this.
White2 Changes linked text to white for certain colored areas that need white text for visibility. {{White2|Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan}} Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan
You can change how the link displays as well. {{White2|Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan|When's the next OVA?}} When's the next OVA?
Shadow Adds a shadow to text. {{Shadow|I am the Ultimate Lifeform}} I am the Ultimate Lifeform
! / !! Creates a pipe (|) or two (| |).

I doubt the average wiki editor would need these, but it's necessary if you're creating advanced templates using the if parser function. {{!}} has to be placed within those functions instead of regular pipes. I'm not sure why {{!!}} is needed, but including it here anyways.



| |
- Functions the same as <br style="clear:both;" />. "Clears" both margins. It is often used before a header to make sure that the header will be the full width of the page. {{-}} See the template page for examples.
ImageSize Resizes images to proper size for infoboxes (275px). [[File:JotaroProfile.png|{{ImageSize}}]] See any infobox on character pages.
Hover Changes text to something else when hovered over. {{Hover|Jotaro Kujo|Star Platinum}} Jotaro KujoStar Platinum
Hide Hides text with a "show" button. {{Hide|Hi}}
HoverCharSpoiler Hides text with a spoiler box. {{HoverCharSpoiler|Bye}}

Spoiler Bye

Quote and Q
Creates quotations.
{{Quote|Yare Yare Daze|Jotaro Kujo}}
{{Q|Yare Yare Daze|Jotaro Kujo}}


Yare Yare Daze

—Jotaro Kujo

Yare Yare Daze

—Jotaro Kujo

Makes two columns for organizing text.
{{Col|[[Toshiyuki Kato]]|加藤 敏幸}}


Toshiyuki Kato
加藤 敏幸


Template What it does Example Result
Age Calculates the age of a real life person based on the current date. {{Age|byear=1984|bmonth=4|bday=19}} 38
Convert Performs unit conversions. {{convert|2|km|mi}} 2 kilometres (1.2 mi)


Template What it does Example Result
Cite Place {{cite}} after unsourced and/or questionable text lacking citations. {{cite}} [citation needed]
Expand section Creates a link for users to edit the page for article stubs. {{Expand section}} This section requires expansion.
See also Creates a "see also" link to send readers to another page in relation. {{See also|Release Timeline}}
Spoiler Creates a spoiler notice. {{Spoiler|4}} says there will be Part 4 spoilers.
SPOILER WARNING: Part 4 Spoiler details may follow.
Canon Creates a notice for sections that describe material that may or may not be canon, as they were not written by Hirohiko Araki. {{Canon}}
The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canonW.
Hatnote Creates a small text notice, usually at the top of pages. {{Hatnote}}
This is a hatnote.
Stub Notice for articles with not much content on them. {{Stub}}
Construction Notice for articles that currently need work or are works in progress, but are not necessarily stubs. {{Construction}}
HoverSpoiler For characters with similar names. {{HoverSpoiler|8|[[Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion)]]}}
For a similar character, see Part 8 SpoilersJosuke Higashikata (JoJolion)


For these templates, click the links to see how to use them in more detail.


Scroll Box
Creates scroll boxes.
{{Scroll Box


  • Jo
  • Jo
  • Jo
  • Jo
  • Gio
  • Jo
  • Jo
  • Jo
This template makes it easy to change colors for each part's unique theme or for coloring text. On this wiki it is typically used for the character boxes.
{{Color|PB|Phantom Blood}}

Result: Phantom Blood

<font style="background:{{color|SBR2}}">{{color|DIU|Text with bg.}}</font>

Result: Text with bg.

This box is used a couple of times throughout this page. You can also change the background colors. It will automatically become a scrollbox if it's large enough and there are more than three rows.
|r2=Au revoir


Au revoir
Makes character boxes.
|Av1=JonathanAv.png|Name1=Jonathan Joestar|Status1=Protagonist
|Av2=BaronZepelliAv.png|Name2=Will Anthonio Zeppeli|SName2=Will Zeppeli|Status2=Ally
|Av3=JotaroAv.png|Name3=Jotaro Kujo|Status3=Protagonist|Stand3=Star Platinum}}


ProtagonistStar Platinum

Jonathan Joestar Will Zeppeli Jotaro Kujo

TOC (Custom Table of Contents)
Makes a custom table of contents like the one you see at the top of this page. Typically used on the pages with custom headers. Could also be used to shorten the table of contents for pages with lots of headers.
You can create a table with 1-6 columns and 105 rows in each.
|r4c2=[[User:Drummer le Chuck|Drummer le Chuck]]


Admins Mods

Kaiser Nabu
Vish WranglerPig
Drummer le Chuck
You can have an image overlayed onto another when hovered over. Linking to a page when clicking it is optional.


JotaroAv.png StarPlatinumAv.png

Switch and Switch2
Creates tabbers for switching pictures. Mostly used in infoboxes for characters who appear in multiple parts. The two templates just have different designs.
|Tab1 = Manga|[[File:SilverChariotMangaAv.png|120px]]
|Tab2 = Anime|[[File:SilverChariotAv.png|120px]]
|Tab1 = Manga|[[File:SilverChariotMangaAv.png|120px]]
|Tab2 = Anime|[[File:SilverChariotAv.png|120px]]


Specific Use

Unnamed and Minor
Boxes for each character in the Unnamed Characters and Minor Characters pages. They are functionally the same. Unnamed is also used on List of Unnamed Stands and Minor is also used on Minor Items.

Custom table of contents for each character:
Unnamed1TOC, Unnamed2TOC, Unnamed3TOC, Unnamed4TOC, Unnamed5TOC, Unnamed6TOC, Unnamed7TOC, Unnamed8TOC, UnnamedOSTOC
Minor1TOC, Minor2TOC, Minor3TOC, Minor4TOC, Minor5TOC, Minor6TOC, Minor7TOC, Minor8TOC, MinorOSTOC

Used in the Chapters / Episodes sections for characters and Stands.
Used in the Color Schemes sections for characters and Stands.
Used in the Quotes sections for characters, together with Q.
|{{Q|{{nihongo|What a pain...|やれやれだぜ|Yare Yare Daze}}}}


What a pain... (やれやれだぜ Yare Yare Daze)
Used in the Stats sections in the infoboxes for Stands.
|note={{*}}(Range: 2m)


Creates a customizable table used on the Music and song pages.
Timeline and SBRTimeline
Templates that can create boxes for organizing Timeline.
Similar to the character boxes but also lists the voice actors. Used for the anime pages.

Character Tables

Part 1 Character Table, Part 2 Character Table, Part 3 Character Table, Part 4 Character Table, Part 5 Character Table, Part 6 Character Table, Part 7 Character Table, Part 8 Character Table, One Shot Character Table, Novel Character Table, Misc Character Table

Stand Tables

Part 3 Stand Table, Part 4 Stand Table, Part 5 Stand Table, Part 6 Stand Table, Part 7 Stand Table, Part 8 Stand Table, Genesis of Universe Stand Table, 4th Another Day Stand Table, Golden Heart, Gold Ring Stand Table, Purple Haze Feedback Stand Table, JORGE JOESTAR Stand Table, Other Stand Table


ASBCharacters, ASB Stands, ASBGallery
EOHCharacters, EOH Stands, EOHGallery
DRCharacters, DRStats

Family Trees

Family tree, Family tree/start, Family tree/step2, Family tree/end, Joestar tree, Brando tree, Higashikata tree, Hirose tree, JJL Higashikata tree

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