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JoJonium (ジョジョニウム Jojoniumu) is a large-format special release (commonly referred to as Kanzenhan in Japan) of the first 3 parts of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga (Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders), stylized as a "Favorite Edition" (愛蔵版) and "Boxed Edition" (函装版) in the package.

This re-release comes with extra content such as character redesigns, new cover illustrations and color pages not included in the tankōbon release. The end of each volume includes notes from Araki discussing the creation of the characters.

Each volume is printed in A5 size format (148.5 × 210 mm or 5.83 × 8.27 in) on high quality paper.

The release of this edition started with two volumes on December 4, 2013 and was periodically released through 17 volumes with a release span of one volume per month.

An English edition of the first volume was released digitally by VIZ Media on September 12, 2014 and was physically released on February 24, 2015.

Volumes Title

Chapters Release Date ISBN Cover

Volume 1

Featuring: Jonathan Joestar & Dio Brando (carrying Danny)

Slogan: これがジョジョッ!!これが序章ッ!!
(This is JoJo!! This is the prelude!!)

(JP) December 4, 2013[1]
(US) February 24, 2015[2]
(JP) ISBN 978-4-08-782832-0
(US) ISBN 978-1421578798

Japanese release

English release

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Volume 2

Featuring: Will A. Zeppeli & Bruford

Slogan: 君は知る。勇気とは何か。
(You must remember. What is bravery?)

(JP) December 4, 2013

(US) May 5, 2015[3]

(JP) ISBN 978-4-087-82833-7
(US) ISBN 978-1421578804

Japanese release

English release

List obi2.jpg

Volume 3

Featuring: Dio Brando & Jonathan Joestar

Slogan: 1889年2月7日 その船の名は『運命』━━━━!
(February 7, 1889. That steamship's name is 『Destiny』!)

(JP) January 4, 2014[4]

(US) August 4, 2015[5]

(JP) ISBN 978-4-08-782834-4
(US) ISBN 978-4421578811

Japanese release

English release

List obi3.jpg

Volume 4

Featuring: Joseph Joestar & Santana

Slogan: 二代目JOJO!性格に少々難ありッ!

(Second generation JOJO! Just a little more hot-blooded!)

(JP) February 4, 2014[6]

(US) November 3, 2015 [7]

(JP) ISBN 978-4-08-782835-1
(US) ISBN 978-1421578828

Japanese release

English release

List obi4.jpg

Volume 5

Featuring: Lisa Lisa & Esidisi

Slogan: 謎の女教師!?授業教科は波紋ッッ!!

(A mysterious teacher!? Today's lesson is The Ripple!!)

(JP) March 4, 2014[8]
(US) February 2, 2016[9]
(JP) 978-4-08-782836-8
(US) 978-14221578835

Japanese release

List obi5.jpg

Volume 6

Featuring: Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli & Wamuu

Slogan: 魂は、置いてゆく

(The spirit is what lives on)

(JP) April 4, 2014[10]

(US) May 3, 2016[11]

(JP) 978-4-08-782837-5
(US) 978-1421578842

Japanese release

English release

List obi6.jpg

Volume 7

Featuring: Kars & Joseph Joestar

Slogan: それは『神』すら予期せぬ結末

(That's an unexpected conclusion, even for a 『God』)

(JP) May 2, 2014[12]

(US) August 2, 2016[13]

(JP) 978-4-08-782838-2
(US) 978-1421578859

Japanese release

English release

List obi7.jpg

Volume 8

Featuring: Jotaro Kujo & Star Platinum

Slogan: 奇妙な冒険RE”STAR”T

(Bizarre Adventure RE"STAR"T)

(JP) June 4, 2014[14]

(US) November 1, 2016[1]

(JP) 978-4-08-782839-9
(US) 978-1421590653

Japanese release

English release

List obi8.jpg

Volume 9

Featuring: Joseph Joestar & Hermit Purple

Slogan: 老いたJOJOにはトゲがある

(Even when aging, JOJO still has a few thorns)

(JP) July 4, 2014[15]

(US) February 7, 2017[16]

(JP) 978-4-08-782840-5
(US) 978-14215915753

Japanese release

English release

List obi9.jpg

Volume 10

Featuring: Hol Horse and Emperor & The Hanged Man

Slogan: 『皇帝』の弾丸は決して外れない

(『Emperor』's bullets will never miss a target)

(JP) August 5, 2014[17]
(US) May 2, 2017[18]
(JP) 978-4-08-782841-2
(US) 978-1421591698

Japanese release

English release

List obi10.jpg

Volume 11

Featuring: Enya the Hag & Justice

Slogan: 復讐、即ち正義(ジャスティス)!!

(Revenge, that's what Justice is)!!)

(JP) September 4, 2014[19]
(US) August 1, 2017[20]
(JP) 978-4-08-782842-9
(US) 978-1421591704

Japanese release

English release

List obi11.jpg

Volume 12

Featuring: Noriaki Kakyoin & Hierophant Green

Slogan: 仲間のために、誇りのために

(For the sake of my comrades, for the sake of my pride)

(JP) October 3, 2014[21]
(US) November 7, 2017[22]

(JP) 978-4-08-782843-6
(US) 978-1421591711

Japanese release

English release

List obi12.jpg

Volume 13

Featuring: Muhammad Avdol & Magician's Red

Slogan: 熱砂の国へ、魔術師の凱旋

(The Magician's triumphant return, toward the Country of burning sands)

(JP) November 4, 2014[23]
(US) February 6, 2018[24]
(JP) 978-4-08-782844-3
(US) 978-1421591728

English release

List obi13.jpg

Volume 14

Featuring: Daniel J. D'Arby & Osiris' Soul Coins

Slogan: さぁ、旅の運命を賭けたまえ

(Hey, let's wage the destiny of your journey)

(JP) December 4, 2014[25]
(US) May 1, 2018[26]
(JP) 978-4-08-782845-0
(US) 978-1421591735

English release

List obi14.jpg

Volume 15

Featuring: Iggy & The Fool

Slogan: 血統書付き、性格最悪。

(Certified pedigree, shitty personality.)

(JP) December 26, 2014[27]
(US) August 7, 2018[28]
(JP) 978-4-08-782846-7
(US) 978-1421591742

English release

List obi15.jpg

Volume 16

Featuring: Jean Pierre Polnareff & Silver Chariot

Slogan: 戦車は「勝利」を暗示する

(Chariot implies 「victory」)

(JP) February 4, 2015[29]
(US) November 6, 2018[30]
(JP) 978-4-08-782847-4
(US) 978-1421591759

English release

List obi16.jpg

Volume 17

Featuring: DIO & The World

Slogan: 永遠は、我が命。一瞬は、我が力。

(The eternity, is my Life. The moment, is my power.)

(JP) March 4, 2015[31]
(US) February 5, 2019[32]
(JP) 978-4-08-782848-1
(US) 978-1421591766

English release

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  • Each volume comes with a special slogan on the cover's promotional flap, written by the winners of a contest held on the official JoJonium website.


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