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This is the story of me becoming filthy rich.

—Jodio Joestar, TJL Chapter 1

Jodio Joestar (ジョディオ・ジョースター Jodio Jōsutā) is the main protagonist of The JOJOLands, and the ninth JoJo of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. He is the user of the close-ranged Stand November Rain, and is the younger brother of Dragona Joestar.


Jodio appears with short light grey hair with long bangs and a braid on the right side of his face, which appears to have a star-shaped pin on it. On his hair rests a zigzagged shape similar to Abbacchio's headpiece (currently unclear if this is part of Jodio's hair, or a hat). His hair also bears a slight resemblance to Risotto Nero.

His outfit appears to be made up of a dark blue hooded vest attached to pants (of the same color) by strips of fabric (though replaced by suspenders in one panel), overtop of a grey shirt with rolled up sleeves, accompanied by dark fingerless gloves, dark footwear bearing some resemblance to cowboy boots (mostly hidden by the long pantlegs), and a hoop earring with a 'J' shape hanging from it in his left ear. Additional decals on his clothing include a winged heart in the center of his chest, a belt strap over that (similar to what life jackets have), rows of studs down the sides of his pants, pink shoulder pads and bowtie-shaped armbands matching a similar bowtie-shape on the heart chest decal. While not yet seen, as a member of the Joestar Family, Jodio possesses the Star Birthmark.


Jodio seems to have an intense 'fighting spirit', quickly jumping at opportunities to brawl (such as when Usagi Alohaoe approached him on the bus). He seems to enjoy testing people's 'passion'; choosing to respond to a new face with aggression, before becoming more agreeable after seeing their response. His trigger-happy demeanor goes hand-in-hand with a sense of fearlessness, not holding back even against police officers after they harassed his brother (beating them "half to death" before Dragona could stop him). Sharing a trait with some past JoJos, he shouts the phrase "ORA!" when throwing fists. He knows how to 'not leave evidence behind' (e.g. police body cameras), showing an extensive degree of street smarts. After taking a psychological exam, his school's psychotherapist told Jodio there's a likely chance he has antisocial personality disorderW, having 18 of the 20 criteria on the exam apply to him. More specifically, two of these criteria so far have been shown, being "cannot control [his] actions" and "A lack of a guilty conscience or feelings of remorse."[2]

Having little regard for the local laws, he and his brother both are willing to commit crimes (e.g. smuggling) in order to support their mother's social status and safety from 'behind the scenes.' However, Jodio also is interested in personal gain, with JoJolands being claimed to be the story of how he became "filthy rich." Showing not much of an interest in learning or making friends, his focus at school is more towards something he refers to as the "Mechanism". Mechanisms, as he believes, are invisible forces of 'trust' operating above the law; doing favor's earns trust, and that trust brings a person power and benefits. Thus, his smuggling helps him earn the trust of those he runs jobs for, with those people in turn treating his mother more kindly. Making a comparison between himself and a smarter, more good-looking student, Jodio believes the other student is treated more poorly due to not being trusted as much by the people of their town.

He seeks to become rich by reaching the 'pinnacle of mechanisms' (something he states he's not able to 'see' yet).



Jodio Joestar is the second son of Barbara Ann Joestar and an Unnamed Father as well as the younger brother of Dragona Joestar and grandson of Joseph Joestar and Suzie Q. His family initially lived in Atlantic CityW but they moved to HonoluluW when he was eleven. Some time after moving, Jodio spotted Dragona being bullied and assaulted with an eye curler stopping the attempt from going any further with two raindrop's, with one piercing the bully's eyelid. Jodio walked back home with Dragona questioning Dragona how long the bullying went on, Dragona downplayed it as a joke going to far. In truth the pain from the eye curler caused Dragona to writhe in pain throughout the night with Jodio hearing it. The next day Jodio decided to take matters into his own hands and started a fire on the school bus the bullies boarded and uses his rain ability to lock the door, attempting to incinerate those onboard.

Ultimately upon spotting a parrot onboard the bus he cancelled the attempt and put out the fire with his rain. The day after, Barabra talked to her husband about the arson incident causing Dragona to realize what Jodio did, Dragona despite finding what he did disturbing was thankful that Jodio went to these lengths as they could finally sleep well promising Jodio they would keep this a secret while also naming his rain ability November Rain. Months later Barabara explains to Jodio and Dragona that their father was forced into paying ten times the normal insurance for the bus company and was subsequently fired from it for agreeing, forcing him to leave Honolulu. Over time the family situation worsened as Barbara was forced to work two jobs with bills piling up, at the same Jodio and Dragona noticed gangs forming around their neighborhood. However one day, Meryl Mei Qi,aware of their financial situation offered to drive them to their mother, making a "win win" deal with the siblings that they join her gang.[3]

Around the same time, someone from Meryl's gang asked Jodi oto be their 'gofer' - transporting things from one place to another while keeping his quiet. He carried out these jobs diligently, earning some pocket money, praise, recognition and trust from those he worked for. He goes on to work for his boss/ school's principal, Meryl Mei Qi. He tended to remain a drug dealer in the schoolyard, though he sometimes was sent to college campuses to deal for older students.

At some point Barbara went to Jodio's school's psychological counseling, where she had to pay for a psychological test with the results revealing he had 18 out of the 20 traits of a psychopath. While she was outraged and demanded her money back, Jodio simply responded that he would "be careful".[4]

The JOJOLands[]

Jodio occupies the passenger seat of the pickup truck while Dragona drives, playing Dua Lipa's music loudly. Suddenly, they are pulled over by police officers in Honolulu. One of the officers becomes irritated when Dragona questions him and forcefully removes Dragona from the vehicle. Under the guise of a search, the officer inappropriately touches Dragona until Jodio steps in. Stepping out of the car, Jodio confronts the officer, demanding that he release his older brother and threatens him with harm. The officers respond by aiming their guns at Jodio, but he summons his Stand, causing rain droplets to immobilize and flatten one of the officers. Just before the other officer can shoot Jodio, Dragona uses their Stand to disorient the officer's vision, throwing off his aim. Taking action, Jodio attacks the officer with raindrops, crushing him. He continues to physically assault the officer until Dragona intervenes, calming Jodio down to prevent him from killing the man.

To eliminate any evidence and prevent the officers from pursuing them, Jodio burns their body cameras, dashboard camera, and the police car. Dragona utilizes their Stand to alter the license plate number of the truck and removes their fake license. With these precautions taken, they proceed to their gang's meeting spot. Although praised for their performance, they are reprimanded for their tardiness by a gang member. The gang member also inquires if they have heard about a police car being burned, but Jodio and Dragona feign ignorance. Eventually, they reach a major road and call an Uber to return home.

Meanwhile, during Jodio's bus ride to school, his upperclassman, Usagi Alohaoe, asks if he brought the requested items. Jodio suddenly reacts by pushing Usagi off the seat, causing a scene and accusing him of messing with him. Confused, Usagi follows Jodio as they disembark the bus, where Jodio apologizes and takes money from Usagi's pocket. He provides directions on where to obtain the drugs before parting ways.

Later that day, Jodio, Dragona, and Paco Laburantes receive a summons from their boss, Meryl Mei Qi, to a fashion boutique called Iko Iko. Meryl instructs everyone to turn off their phones and reveals a picture of a valuable 24-carat blue diamond on her own phone. The diamond belongs to a Japanese tourist residing in a villa on Hawaii Island, with a plan to stay for another 12 days. The group will split 2% of the proceeds, while Meryl retains an 18% share after selling it on the black market. Meryl also informs them that they will operate as a team of four, with the student they sold drugs to in the morning Usagi, joining as the fourth member, as Meryl guarantees his usefulness to the group.[5]

Before the heist, Jodio and Paco decide to complete another drug sale, meeting a college student at a park. Jodio grows suspicious of the student, suspecting her to be an undercover DEA agent. The student dismisses his concerns, claiming she would have to confirm if she were a police officer. Jodio tests her by asking the question, and she lies. Once the transaction concludes, she reveals her true identity as an undercover DEA agent and proceeds to arrest Jodio, while other officers apprehend Paco. Gloating, the agent explains that she only needs the drugs as physical evidence for the arrest. Jodio is confronted by the officers who previously assaulted Dragona, and one of them threatens to molest him. Enraged, Jodio employs his Stand, November Rain, to destroy the bag of drugs, forcing the police to release him due to the lack of evidence.

On the day of the heist, Jodio, Dragona, and Paco travel to Hawaii Island together and await Usagi's arrival at the airport. Usagi arrives late but casually brushes off his tardiness. However, he fulfills his assigned role by leading the group to a car rental company that doesn't track renters' activities through cameras or GPS. The group drives around Hawaii, ultimately reaching the villa of the Japanese tourist. Jodio volunteers to scout the area first and notices that the tourist is present but also observes drinks and a towel on the balcony, suggesting the tourist plans to swim in the pool momentarily. This presents an opportunity for the group to sneak in and quickly steal the diamond. During this time, Usagi reveals his Stand, The Matte Kudasai, which transforms into a second security camera, allowing the group to create a modified recording with disguised faces as they trespass. While Jodio keeps watch near the pool, he unexpectedly recognizes the renowned manga artist Rohan Kishibe.[6] In an attempt to conceal his presence, Jodio retrieves Rohan's iPad and admires the Pink Dark Boy drawings. However, he also questions why Rohan would carry a $6 million diamond during a vacation. Dragona successfully picks the lock of the front door, and Jodio alerts them that staying away from the poolside windows is crucial. The trio proceeds inside the mansion.[7]

While checking through Rohan's iPad, Jodio discovers volcano and lava pictures, presumably serving as references for the manga artist, along with images of Bakin, Rohan's dog. Realizing that the cat in the mansion may not belong to Rohan, but instead be a stray, Jodio becomes aware that Rohan possesses a Stand ability. Suddenly, Rohan leaves the pool, prompting Jodio to hastily return the iPad and inform Dragona that they must leave immediately since Rohan has entered the house and deduced their intentions. However, due to a distraction caused by an unknown Stand attack, Dragona fails to receive the warning in time. Consequently, Rohan launches an assault on the group and discovers Jodio's identity by reading his bio.[8]

As Rohan is attempting to capture the others with the zip-ties that they brought with them, Jodio makes it rain inside of the house, which cuts a hole into the floor that he expertly hides. As Rohan walks about the den to find the source of the sudden downpour, he falls into the hole and Jodio captures him and begins to use the strange lava rocks he found as a way to ensure him and his friends' freedom. After smashing one, Rohan cooperates and the group leave the mansion with both the Diamond, as well as the lava rock which appears to be more valuable than they originally believed. [9]

They escape Rohan's home into the jungle and realize that the Diamond and even the drawing seem to be drawing toward the lava rock in Jodio's hands. Dragona suggests that Jodio carry it as it may stick with him so long as he has the rock. However, as he leans down to pick it up, he is caught in a wire trap, and they peg it as the stand of that cat that had been following them. In the confusion, Dragona and Paco are sewn together, and Usagi pilfers the valuables for himself and escape in the getaway car, leaving his team behind. Paco swears vengeance on him as Jodio utilizes his stand ability to deal with the wires surrounding them, which gives them some relief, but as the cats grow closer to them, the prepare for the next assault. [10]

As they are under attack, Jodio remains upside down. He attempts to utilize his stand, but comes to realize that the cats are far smarter than they appear, and that they have measured distances and ranges by observing them. Jodio manages to use his stand to take out one of the cats, but this just makes them angrier. Once Usagi returns and crashes the car into the tree and reveals the secret of the attack, that the cats are attracted to the most valuable thing, that being the Lava Rock. Jodio then remembers the words of Rohan that he shouldn't trust anyone. [11]

As they ready to fly back to Oahu, they stop by a cafe to wait for boarding when Jodio and Usagi decide to experiment with the Lava Rock where they realize that anything of value manages to find its way back to the rock. Dragona decides to take it into a luxury watch store to "Experiment" further with it. During that time, Jodio and Paco decide to have Chicken Burritos. During this time, Jodio comes to realize that they're being tracked.[12]


Nov rain close

November Rain[]

Jodio wields the close range Stand known as November Rain. It allows him to create small raindrops which are extremely dense, to the point that they puncture human flesh and pin people to the ground.


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  • Barbara Ann Joestar: The Mother of Jodio and Dragona. The two love and care about their mother very much and use their abilities to support and protect her in the background.
  • Dragona Joestar: As Jodio's elder brother. The duo share a strong bond, collaborating to generate income and safeguard their mother. When Dragona faces harassment from a law enforcement officer, Jodio fiercely attacks the policemen severely injuring him. Dragona experiences a sense of relief and gratitude towards Jodio for taking action, expressing their appreciation by embracing him afterward.


  • Paco Laburantes: As partners Paco and Jodio work well together but Jodio does not consider him a friend.
  • Usagi Alohaoe: Usagi was Jodio's senior upperclassmen before joining his heist crew, while Jodio was initially hostile and doubtful of him, Meryl assures that he will be useful to the crew
  • Charming Man

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Jodio's idea of 'Mechanisms' and how the flow of trust functions like an ecosystem can be compared to the philosopher Adam Smith's idea of the 'Invisible HandW', a concept pertaining to the free market economy that describes how self-interests will lead to mutual benefits.
    • Up until now, every third part has had a main protagonist without the surname "Joestar". Jodio is currently the first and only one to break this pattern.
    • Interestingly, every third part had a main protagonist with the surname "Kujo" or a variation of it, being Jotaro in Part 3 and Jolyne in Part 6, respectively.
  • Jodio could possibly serve as a counterpart/parallel to Giorno Giovanna for their similar roles in organized crime, their age, and feelings towards drugs.


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