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The Joestar Mansion (ジョースター邸 Jōsutā-tei) was the residence of the eponymous Joestar Family and Dio Brando during the events of Phantom Blood.

The mansion had been the residence of British aristocrats for generations, but was burned down as a consequence of the fight between Jonathan Joestar and Dio.


The Joestar Mansion is a three-story building made out of bricks in typical VictorianW fashion, resembling manors in the Queen Anne styleW. It is flanked by two lesser buildings of unknown use. The residence is surrounded by a brick wall.

The main entrance is led up to by parallel sets of stairs. The doors open to a great hall with a recognizable chessboard-pattern tiling from which one set of stairs leads to the upper levels. The rooms include a bedroom for each resident, a dining room and a library.

The mansion is luxuriously decorated with carpets and sets of weapons and suits of armor. Its most distinctive decoration is a Statue of the Goddess of Love in the main hall, which served to impale Dio and imprison him in the burning mansion. The anime added a fountain to the exterior.

In the back of the mansion an incinerator is situated, which was notoriously used to kill Jonathan's dog, Danny.

The Joestar Mansion was subsequently burned to the ground due to Jonathan starting a fire in hopes that it would kill a vampirized Dio.


Mary Joestar Av.png.png

George Joestar I Mary Joestar Jonathan Joestar

Joestar Butler.png

Dio Brando Danny Joestar Butler


Video Games

The Joestar Mansion is a stage that can be battled on in Eyes of Heaven.

  • Stage Gimmick 1: When players are close to broken windows, Zombies can grab and hurt them and leave them open to attacks.
  • Stage Gimmick 2: Throughout the match, the raging fires will grow in intensity and cause harm.
  • Situation Finish: Loser is thrown onto the Love Goddess's statue, recreating Dio's first defeat.



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