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It has, truly, been a roundabout path...

—Johnny Joestar, SBR Chapter 85

Johnny Joestar (ジョニィ・ジョースター Joni Jōsutā), born Jonathan Joestar (ジョナサン・ジョースター Jonasan Jōsutā) is one of the main protagonists of Steel Ball Run and a minor character in JoJolion. He is the seventh JoJo of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.

A former horse-racingW prodigy turned paraplegicW, Johnny joins the Steel Ball Run race to uncover the secret behind Gyro Zeppeli's Steel Balls as they're the only thing capable of restoring his legs.

Over the course of the race, Johnny becomes a Spin User as well as a Stand User when he acquires Tusk.


Johnny Joestar infobox

Johnny is a young man of below-average height and slim to medium build. He has light eyes, and light, shoulder-length hair curling upwards at its ends.

Johnny always wears a knit capW, which is printed with many small five-pointed stars. His hair sticks out of holes on either side of the top, taking a shape like short horns. A horseshoe hangs from the front, framing an image of the dark silhouette of the profile of a horse's reared head.

Johnny wears similarly star-patterned pants, of a piece with footwear bearing spursW. He commonly wears a light-colored, hooded, short-sleeved top; printed with thick lines in the approximate formation of a harness (later, with patches in the shape of hearts adorning both shoulders). A long feather (bordered by black with one black spot at its tip) emerges from under the back of his collar; and he wears wrist cuffs patterned with stars and stripes. During the course of the series, Johnny gradually changes into a more realistic appearance, with slightly wavier hair and a slightly fuller build. While not physically seen, Johnny possesses the Star Birthmark, due to Lucy Steel being aware of it.[8] In cold weather, Johnny wears a longer-sleeved top of a similar design. His collar is outlined with fur, and he keeps several feathers at his back.

As a paraplegic, he is seen using a wheelchair before the beginning of the race; but during, he is usually mounted on his horse, Slow Dancer.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin (Fair)
Hair (Blond)
Eyes (Blue)
(Light Blue shirt, pants, wristbands, and hat with light pink stars and purple undershirt.)

Hair (Ginger)
Eyes (Cyan)
(White shirt and hat with blue stars, blue pants and undershirt with pink stars, and blue wristbands with white stars.)

Hair (Ginger)
Eyes (Cyan)
(Green shirt, wristbands, and hat with red stars, and lime green undershirt and pants with red stars.)


I don't care about 'living' or 'dying' or who's 'just' and who's 'evil'!! I don't even give a shit about the 'Corpse' being a Saint or whatever!! I'm still 'negative'! I want to get up to 'zero'! If I can get the 'Corpse' I can get my 'negative' back to 'zero'!

—Johnny Joestar

Johnny Joestar is a depressive ex-jockey, who clings to his hope of regaining the use of his legs through the Spin and then the Corpse Part throughout Steel Ball Run.

Johnny is introduced as a distant paraplegic man whose career was ruined when he was shot in the spine after conceitedly antagonizing a passerby.

Johnny witnesses Gyro's Steel Balls and Spin, and how they enabled him to stand up on his feet for a moment, he becomes determined to follow him and make him teach the Spin,[9] then after discovering the Corpse Part making his legs twitch, to acquire them.

Johnny Darkness

Johnny Joestar's Dark Determination.

As the race goes on, Johnny is shown to have incredible determination and single mindedness to achieving his goal; this is known as Dark Determination.

Johnny stubbornly follows his intentions of following Gyro then track the Corpse. Disregarding the risks or the consequences, Johnny focuses on his goal and puts it above anything else. Several times Johnny endured severe wounds in order to reach his goals, notably trying to get on his horse Slow Dancer which earned him many bruises as well as a wooden shard through the leg;[10] despite his repeated failures his determination at participating in the race didn't waver. Inversely, Johnny has no qualm being violent or killing his opponents to get the Corpse Parts. Ringo Roadagain has mentioned that Johnny had "dark determination" in his eyes indicating a ruthlessness which would make Johnny able to kill in cold-blood.[11] This amoral selfishness still extends to the interest of his loved ones and followed him during his whole life, demonstrated years after the Steel Ball Run, as when his wife Rina Higashikata was struck with the Rock Disease, Johnny then stole the Corpse to beg it to transfer the disease away from her, not caring who would receive it and suffer in her stead.[12] Yet Johnny isn't completely amoral, for instance objecting to involve the defenseless Lucy Steel in their struggle for the Corpse[13] and ultimately taking the Rock Disease for himself to save his son.[14]

During the course of the story, Johnny is burdened by depression and a subsequent lack of confidence. Notably calling himself a useless person, Johnny's bleak outlook of life stemmed from his youth. During his childhood, Johnny was a timid yet kind child, adopting a wild mouse and calling it Danny. Though he was afraid of his harsh father George Joestar, he would try to live up to his expectations. Johnny idolized his older brother Nicholas but when he died, falling from a horse which was seemingly startled by Danny, Johnny became guilt-ridden, believing that his brother's death was his own fault and that he should have died instead. He then believed throughout the years that Fate itself was taking revenge on him for his crime and that every misfortune he received was in fact deserved.[2] It resulted in his obsession with the blessing of the Corpse which would reset his karma to a neutral state of "zero" as opposed to the "negative" state of his curse. It also explains Johnny's rampant lack of confidence and near constant bouts of panic[15][16] as he thought that Fate could at any moment take away his hope of acquiring the Corpse. In addition, when his father disowned him, Johnny, shocked, shut himself off, creating a facade of conceitedness to hide the sadness this rejection caused him.[2]

Johnny's perspective improved greatly upon meeting Gyro Zeppeli. Having met someone who gave him hope and was genuinely nice to him, Johnny felt grateful[17] for meeting the Italian executioner and treasured this relationship, at one point being willing to abandon the Corpse Parts he had to save his friend.[18] Gyro repeatedly knocked Johnny out of his lack of confidence and helped him get the Corpse Parts, giving him assurance and optimism in life. As reflected in the multiple ACTs of his Stand Tusk, the improvement was gradual, the key steps of his progress being Johnny discovering the Corpse (ACT 1),[19] then standing up for himself against Soundman (ACT 2),[20] symbolically cleansing himself of his guilts against Axl Ro and being blessed by Jesus Christ's apparition (ACT 3)[21] and finally acquiring the Corpse and regaining the use of his legs (ACT 4).[22] Although Gyro died, Johnny kept a good memory of everything that happened. If during the race, Johnny was uncaring of everyone else save himself and Gyro, only maintaining a polite but cold demeanor at best toward the people he met, Gyro's influence made Johnny slightly more friendly toward people, culminating in his marriage with Rina.[23].In JoJolion, a flashback shows that Johnny maintained that happiness during his life with Rina.


Early Years

Baby joestar

A young Johnny.

Jonathan "JoJo, Joe Kid" Joestar was born in 1872 to a family of former aristocrats in Danville, KentuckyW – his father George Joestar, then a wealthy owner of several farms and an acclaimed horse trainer who had won the Triple CrownW seven times. He was successful enough for the family to live comfortably in England for several years.[2]

Johnny was five when he first rode a horse. His father, upon seeing Johnny observe the motions of the horse, considered him "a horse riding genius", which Johnny himself would also believe.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; invalid names, e.g. too many However, George was strict towards Johnny and always seemed to favor his older brother Nicholas.

When young Johnny took out his pet mouse Danny and secretly fed it under the table during dinner, his father, upon discovering it, ordered Johnny to drown the animal as punishment. Heartbroken, Johnny was unable to bring himself to do the deed and followed Nicholas' suggestion to set Danny free into the woods instead.

Years later, Nicholas grew into a promising jockey-to-be, much admired by Johnny. One day, Nicholas' horse stumbled from something on the ground, costing Nicholas his life. It was claimed to be a white mouse by young aid, Diego Brando, and from then on Johnny believed that mouse to be Danny.[2]

Seven years later, it was Johnny who rose to fame as a racing prodigy. He was pampered greatly: people would bring him riches, politicians and royalty would watch him perform, and rich girls would sleep with him. His father still did not acknowledge him and his feats, possibly because Johnny never managed to beat Diego Brando at racing. Still, this did not deter Johnny, and he would go on to win the Kentucky Derby at a tender age of sixteen.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; invalid names, e.g. too many In a violent fight between them, Johnny's father uttered that "God had taken the wrong son" before finally throwing Johnny out of the household.

At one point, instead of waiting in line for a play, the girl he was with convinced him to cut to the front of the line and bribed the bouncers to throw out the youth in the front of the line - who had been waiting through the night. The youth shot Johnny in the spine, paralyzing him from the waist down and sending him to a hospital where he was physically abused. Having lost all the friends and respect he had earned as a jockey, no one visited him during his stay in the hospital.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; invalid names, e.g. too many


Johnny first appears among the crowd who witness the confrontation between Gyro Zeppeli and a pickpocket who had stolen money from him. Afterward, when Johnny follows and touches the Steel Ball Gyro had used, which was still spinning, his legs moved enough to allow him to stand. Johnny chases after Gyro, who compliments his upper body strength, but denies that the Steel Ball can allow him to walk again. However, Johnny is not deterred; he decides to chase down Gyro by entering the race to learn more about the Steel Balls and starts by trying to ride a horse.

Johnny's initial attempts are unsuccessful, the experienced horse dragging him by the saddle in the dirt, causing his leg to be pierced by a piece of wood, and even trampling him through an entire day's attempt at trying to tame it. Johnny also made sure not to be interrupted in his attempts to tame him, threatening the men who introduced him to the horse that he would set himself on fire and commit suicide if he is forced out of the pen.

Johnny enters the race, Slow Dancer dragging him along the stirrup. However, it becomes evident that Johnny has tamed the horse, as it is seen licking his cheek and obeying Johnny's command to lick him again. Johnny, after taking Gyro's hint to use the spin, rolls back over Slow Dancer's neck and onto the saddle, right as the Steel Ball Run starts.[24]

First Stage

During the first stage, Johnny steadily follows Gyro, determined to impress him during this stage. When Gyro decides to cross a dense forest to take shortcut, he decides to dash in too, clashing with Pocoloco briefly. While Johnny has superior skill, Pocoloco's luck sends him to the second position, nonetheless.

Until the final 1,000 meters, Johnny remains unchallenged until Diego comes behind him. Nonetheless, Johnny finishes at the fifth place. Still determined to follow the mysterious rider, Johnny impresses Gyro enough for him to give him a second lesson in the Spin. Telling him that the secret resides in the rotation, Gyro gives Johnny a rock to rotate and forms a partnership with him.[25]

Second Stage

At the beginning of the second stage, Johnny counsels Gyro to follow the advised route linking all the possible wells during the crossing of the desert. However, when Gyro decides to cut through 150 km of desert, Johnny has no choice but to follow him.

Johnny and Gyro are attacked by one fellow competitor, Mrs. Robinson, who manages to blind and unhorse Johnny, but Gyro manages to save him and defeat Mrs. Robinson.

At night, they are again attacked, this time by the Boom Boom Family, whose magnetic power disable Gyro's Steel Balls and Johnny's pistol. The duo opt to flee, but Benjamin Boom Boom the patriarch lures bounty hunter Mountain Tim toward thinking Johnny has been assassinating his competitors. When Mountain Tim, Johnny and Gyro meet, the magnetic power of Tomb of the Boom immobilizes the three of them. When Benjamin moves to kill Johnny, the later acquire the ability to rotate his fingernails. He shoots the nails, killing Benjamin and crippling L.A. with his newfound power, which Mountain Tim explains as a Stand. Since the true assassins were dealt with, Johnny and Gyro resume their race, but L.A. grimly warns Gyro that he will never finish the race as other people are after his head.[26][27]

Johnny pushes Gyro to reveal his past as a Neapolitan executioner, whose effort to win the Steel Ball Run are undermined by enemies of his kingdom. One such enemies reveals himself as another Stand user. Oyecomova, a Neapolitan terrorist, battles Gyro and Johnny but both cooperate in order to take him down.

Even as he has to deal with the threat of terrorists, Johnny discovers that a mummified Left Arm has entered his own body. Another enemy different from the terrorists makes his entry. The Pork Pie Hat Kid, a Stand user at the service of the President of the United States disables Gyro and tries to kill Johnny. During the fight, Johnny witnesses his Stand making his legs move, and realizes how precious those Corpse Parts can be to him. Johnny and Gyro's concerted efforts manage to prevail against the Pork Pie Hat Kid; Gyro though interested in the Corpse Parts, has nothing to do with them.[28]

Johnny and Gyro peacefully finish the second stage, Johnny ending up in second place as he spots in the newspaper a clue to the next Corpse Part.

Third Stage

In the Rocky Mountains, Johnny and Gyro meet with an unhorsed and visibly hurt Diego. Johnny advocates leaving Diego, but the British jockey soon regains his vitality and acts strange. The three of them decide to spend the night in a village to avoid the cougars, but Johnny and Gyro soon have to deal with Diego, who transformed into a feral dinosaur.

Both escape but have been scratched by the dinosaur and slowly begin their own transformation. Noticing that Johnny's metamorphosis into a dinosaur is slowed by the Corpse Part, the duo tries to reach the new Corpse Part on a nearby peak. However, both are stopped at the last moment by Diego and the horde of dinosaurs, which was commanded by Dr. Ferdinand, another US agent. Johnny, immobilized, relinquishes his Left Arm in order to transform and use his newfound mobility to give Gyro one of the Eyes. Gyro, now immune to Dr. Ferdinand's power, manages to defeat the doctor while Diego flees with the other eye.[29]

Johnny and Gyro then ride safely toward the end of the third stage. As every competitor races to finish first, Gyro uses yet another dangerous shortcut, but Johnny admonishes him, criticizing his lack of real, selfish drive he needs to come out on top. At first, Gyro is angry at Johnny and criticizes him, but after being defeated in the race by Diego, decides to listen to Johnny's words.

Fourth Stage

The fourth stage begins for Johnny and Gyro. They ride peacefully for about 600km.

In a forest, Johnny and Gyro meet Hot Pants, the competitor who won the previous stage. Hot Pants attacks them both with his Stand Cream Starter, believing they stole one of his stash of food. Fortunately, Johnny defuses the fight by demonstrating they couldn't have stolen it. Johnny, Gyro and Hot Pants are still on bad terms but have to cooperate as a gunslinger named Ringo Roadagain blocks their way out of the woods.

Hot Pants and Johnny are wounded, Johnny receiving a bullet to the head, making him unconscious but still alive. Gyro comes challenging Ringo to a gunfight and prevails. Gyro heals Johnny using Cream Starter. Also checking on Hot Pants, Johnny sees that Hot Pants is secretly a woman. Deeming her gender irrelevant, Johnny chooses not to disclose this to his partner.[30]

Near Kansas City, Johnny and Gyro meet Sandman who warns them of an incoming tempest. Yet, when Sandman informs them of Diego's route, they decide to run after him. Johnny remembers the empty bird cage in Ringo Roadagain's cabin, and they understand the government knows what next corpse's part is, making them hurry after Diego Brando. After a tough battle, Johnny and Gyro manage to outpace him, and Diego's Silver Bullet is injured, putting him temporarily out of the race.[31] However they are surprised to meet Lucy Steel, who had discovered Valentine's schemes and is now pursued by Blackmore. After Blackmore is killed, Lucy gives them the Spine and asks for their protection. Instead, Gyro wants Lucy to go steal the Heart from Valentine, exploiting that Lucy's involvement was known only by Blackmore. Despite Johnny's protests at sending her, she accepts.[32]

Johnny and Gyro finish the fourth stage in Kansas City, then see Diego crossing the line, sure that he will get back at them eventually.

Fifth Stage

En route for Chicago, the next finish line, Johnny and Gyro ride peacefully for around 300 km.

Near the Mississippi, they are attacked by two unknown opponents. Johnny's nails are too weak while Gyro's Steel Balls are destroyed, thus they opt to flee to the river. They soon discover that Diego and Sandman are cooperating, and while Diego has gone, Sandman has cornered them in the middle of the river. As they fight, Johnny reminisces how life was harsh to him, and is driven to despair. However, Gyro refuses to give in and teaches Johnny about the Golden Scale. Showing Johnny his belt buckle as a scale, Gyro nonetheless refuses to give it to him. In the middle of the Mississippi, as Gyro's leg is chopped off, and Johnny is on the brink of despair, the latter finally understand that the Golden Scale is omnipresent in the surrounding nature. Tusk evolves into a new ACT, which enables him to create enduring holes. Although it isn't enough to kill Sandman, Johnny uses Gyro's belt buckle as an extra projectile to kill him. Johnny is victorious, but in his weakened state, he cannot stop Hot Pants from stealing the Corpse Parts; still Hot Pants left him a Vertebrae, heals Gyro and helped the duo cross the Mississippi.[33]

Sixth Stage

At the beginning of the sixth stage, Johnny and Gyro meet with Sugar Mountain, a young girl acting as the guardian of a giant tree in a forest. Soon the duo has to face strange propositions between two versions of various objects they dumped in the nearby ponds, the real items and a much more precious version of them. They answer honestly and get both, until Gyro manage to obtain the Ears and the Right Arm for both of them. However, Sugar Mountain also tells them to trade everything they have by sunset fairly otherwise they will be absorbed into the tree.

Arriving in Milwaukee, Johnny and Gyro have trouble spending everything they have, moreover Eleven Men stalk them in order to assassinate them both. Gyro decides to go to an underground casino in which they try to gamble away the money. They are interrupted by the Eleven Men, and a shootout ensues. Overwhelmed by numbers, Gyro manage to convince the gangsters present to kill the Eleven Men in exchange for all their cash and goods. All but one die, the last having fled.[34]

As the sun sets, Gyro suddenly transforms into a tree, to Johnny's surprise. He realizes with horror that he must trade the Corpse Parts, but as Gyro transforms and begs Johnny to trade them away. Johnny clings to the Corpse Parts who means the potential use of his legs. Still, at the last moment, Johnny trades the Ears and the Right Arm with the last of the Eleven Men, crying as he asks for a half empty bottle of wine in exchange for the Corpse Parts. Having saved Gyro, Johnny shares the bottle with him and has a toast to the next Corpse Part and the goal.

When Johnny and Gyro attempt to cross the Michigan Lake via a frozen strait, they notice a wolf following them, but also two other agents of the government: Wekapipo and Magent Magent. Wekapipo's expertise in the Spin proves problematic, but Johnny and Gyro manage to prevail. When Gyro reveals that his family is taking care of Wekapipo's blind sister, the latter allies with them and accepts to go look for Lucy. Moreover, Johnny obtains the Legs from the wolf.[35]

Being in a victorious stroke, Johnny and Gyro finish the stage at the second and first place respectively.

Seventh Stage

Johnny and Gyro ride undisturbed for 12 days, until they are 145 km for Philadelphia.

Johnny and Gyro spot Hot Pants and follow her in order to get the Corpse Parts she stole back. When she enters a garbage dump, Johnny and Gyro separate themselves to surround her. They met a nun which is Hot Pants in disguised, which Johnny keep quiet in front of Gyro. Hot Pants manages to warn Johnny about the new enemy's power, who lured Johnny and Gyro into his Stand. Civil War summoning copies of whatever and whoever the victims left behind, but is weak to water, Johnny manages to escape it and goes back into the dump to save Gyro. Seeing visions of Jesus, Johnny's Stand evolves further into ACT 3, and though Axl RO takes all the Corpse Parts, Johnny manages to return his power against him.[36]

However, Funny Valentine, who has been observing the fight, intervenes at the last moment and successfully steals all the Corpse Parts.[37]

Defeated, Johnny and Gyro finish the seventh stage at the sixth and seventh place.

Eighth Stage

In Philadelphia, Johnny and Gyro have no Corpse Parts anymore and decide to steal the Right Eye from Diego, following him up to a park.

However, Valentine manages to shoot Johnny, forcing him to escape into the sewers while his Stand, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, causes confusion among Gyro, Diego and Wekapipo. Valentine manages to escape with Diego's Eye, but Johnny now knows Valentine's power.[38]

Despite Gyro's reluctance at continuing a seemingly lost fight, Johnny briefly stands up, showing that he's this close to regaining the use of his legs. Thus Gyro accepts to follow Johnny, mentioning another level of Spin which could defeat Valentine.

Johnny and Gyro follow Diego and Hot Pants who have allied themselves and observe the two racers battle Valentine on board a train from afar. When Diego dies, they decide to intervene and stop the train from the locomotive. However, they also notice that the landscape is converging toward the train. A brief shootout ensues between Valentine and Johnny, but Valentine discovers the blessing of the Corpse, a pocket dimension on which "harm" itself bounces away. Valentine almost kills Johnny, but Gyro throws a Steel Ball at the wall, making the President retreat momentarily while Johnny and Gyro manage to stop the train and take a respite. Gyro's Ball has managed to momentarily cross the wall; the Golden Spin, a level of Spin reached only when a horse rider manages to ride within the Golden Scale, seems to be able to cross over dimensions. The duo now charges at the President with the intent of using the Golden Spin, and Valentine dashes between them, forcing Johnny to separate from Gyro. Although he momentarily manages to reach the Golden Scale, Johnny hits a tree branch, giving Valentine the occasion of cutting off his left hand. However, a combination of Gyro throwing one of his Steel Balls and Steven Steel entrusting Lucy with the Neapolitan distracts Valentine away from beheading Johnny.

Johnny Cavalry spin

Johnny uses the Golden Spin

While Gyro and Valentine duel, Johnny recomposes himself. As he tries to join the fight, Gyro shouts to Johnny his last lesson: "The shortest route was a detour; it was the detour that was our shortest path". Gyro then dies by Valentine's hands. Heartbroken and enraged, Johnny charges Valentine, but the President manages to slit Slow Dancer's throat and unhorse Johnny. As Valentine approaches him to deal the last blow, Johnny understands Gyro's message, and uses the Steel Ball on Slow Dancer's hind leg. Kicked into the air, Johnny absorbs the Golden Scale into himself and unlocks Tusk ACT 4 and shoots his last nail toward Valentine. Valentine is hit and disappears momentarily.

When Valentine does come back, he tries to sway Johnny into releasing him from the infinite rotation caused by Tusk, promising to bring back Gyro and leave them be, also making an elaborate speech about his goals and giving an alternate Cream Starter as insurance for Johnny to heal his injured horse, dying Lucy Steel and for him to grow his hand back. Almost convinced, Johnny nonetheless tosses Valentine's old revolver his double discarded earlier, exposing Valentine as treacherous. A small duel ensues, during which Johnny kills Valentine, and sees Gyro's spirit giving him a last goodbye.

Ninth Stage and Final Duel against Dio

Diego's World

Johnny sees Diego's new Stand.

After Johnny finally kills Valentine, he is surprised to see that the Corpse Parts have gone missing again. He pursues the thief, only to discover it is none other than Diego Brando (or rather, a Diego from an alternate world). Johnny is at first surprised by the appearance of Diego's new Stand The World, but still manages to discover the nature of its power after a few attacks. This time, however, Diego has the advantage of already knowing Tusk's powers and the Golden Spin technique, predicting Johnny's actions and using his own fangirls as human shields. In his final attack, Diego uses his "5 seconds time stop" to create a pincer move: he fires a gun from the front while THE WORLD attacks Johnny's back. Johnny is badly hurt again and falls from his horse, unable to use his new attack.

However, he had accumulated enough Spin to make one final attack, sending Tusk Act 4 climbing up Diego's leg. Diego then remembers what Valentine had told him about the Golden Spin technique and how to overcome it. Cutting his leg off and throwing it at Johnny, Diego manages to beat the Spin User with his own technique. He then remounts his horse and leaves Johnny to die. Having lost the race, the corpse and now dying as a result of his own attack, Johnny nearly sinks into despair. However, before his life can come to an end, Steven Steel appears. With Steven's help (riding his horse to do the spin), Johnny performs Tusk Act 4's infinite spin power on himself to reverse its effects. Johnny is never seen completing the ninth and final stage of the race and ends with a total of 295 points.

Steel Ball Run Race Statistics
Stage Placement Points
First 5th 30
Second 2nd 50
Third 2nd 50
Fourth 4th 35
Fifth 5th 30
Sixth 2nd 50
Seventh 7th 20
Eighth 5th 30

Post Steel Ball Run

After the race, Johnny travels by ship to Naples in order to return Gyro's corpse to his family, intending to honor him one last time. On the ship, he meets Norisuke Higashikata and his daughter Rina, beginning a romantic relationship with her. It is revealed in the aftermath that the monarchy is overthrown and Marco is granted amnesty, though he dies of a cold later.[39]

Last years in Japan


Johnny at 29.

According to family tree left in the 1989 edition of Norisuke Higashikata's record of the Steel Ball Run race, Johnny had married Norisuke's daughter, Rina Higashikata, in 1892 and had a daughter and son with her.[40] Their family lived on a farm, though Johnny would travel to Japan by request of the Japanese government to teach horsemanship, and also contributed to the importation of foreign fruits.[41] According to the old man on Shakedown Road, about nine years after the marriage, Rina was stricken with an incurable disease that gave her on-and-off amnesia and origami-like folded skin. Johnny thus brought Rina back to Morioh, so that she could live in her native town.

Johnny Joestar (JoJolion Chapter 22)

Johnny pierces his son's head with the Golden Spin.

After agonizing over his wife's condition, Johnny turned to stealing the Corpse from the vault and brought it back to Morioh to cure her. The American government reacted from having the Corpse taken and pursued Johnny, but by taking advantage of a certain privilege and sneaking aboard a ship crossing the Atlantic and Indian oceans, he narrowly evaded them into the Pacific.

Death of Johnny

Johnny's Death.

With the government pursuers still following, Johnny took the Corpse and hid it at the roots of the Meditation Pine by the coast of Morioh and then fetched Rina and their infant son, George, by carriage. Using the Holy Corpse's power to cure disease (more accurately described as a power to remove), the curse was removed from Rina, but was unfortunately forced upon George instead. Having promised not to use the Corpse anymore, but willing to use it again to cure his son, Johnny mounted his horse and placed his child atop the case containing the Corpse. After gaining a certain amount of velocity, Johnny activated the Golden Spin and shot his son using Tusk Act 4 to transfer the curse upon himself as the bullet shot him the head. After falling to the ground, the Stand, Les Feuilles, manifests itself, at which point causes a large boulder to land on Johnny's head, crushing his skull. Thus, Johnny Joestar's life ends at the age of 29, in the evening of November 12, 1901. However, these details remain a rumor.[42]

His body is discovered the next morning by Rina, next to George and the case containing the Corpse. Due to the lack of witnesses, everyone believed Johnny had been murdered and the prime suspect was his wife, Rina Higashikata, who was released later when the incident was classified as an accident. Six months later, a Jizou statue was erected in memory of Johnny Joestar and he was buried in Morioh.


Spin / Tusk

Main article: Tusk
See also: Spin

Johnny with Tusk ACT 3.

Johnny first seeks Gyro Zeppeli's tutelage in the ways of the Spin in order to regain the use of his legs. Most often, Johnny channels the Spin by the use of his Stand, Tusk; developed first with the power of the Corpse's left hand, and further with Gyro's help. Its form varies, depending on the sort or style of Spin Johnny chooses to employ.

  • ACT1 is awakened in the Devil's Palm when the corpse part combines itself with Johnny's left hand, manifesting his Stand with the ability to spin his nails and fire them akin to bullets, and regrowing his nails in seconds.
  • ACT2 manifests when Johnny shoots a nail whilst incorporating the Spin's Golden RectangleW in a fight against Sandman. Despite the longer regrow time, the nails possess more power and a new ability that lets the holes of the bullets follow the target for a small amount of time.
  • ACT3 is the final "base" form for Tusk and manifests when Johnny shoots himself with a Golden Rectangle-empowered nail, enabling him to transfer parts of his body through the holes to shoot from different directions. It was awakened by an advice from Jesus in a fight against Axl RO.
  • ACT4 manifests itself as a result of Johnny utilizing Slow Dancer's power combined with the golden rectangle, which enables Johnny to fire Golden Spin nail-bullets that have infinite rotation. ACT4 possesses the power to force open D4C Love Train's dimensional wall, and trap anyone hit by it to a single spot indefinitely.


  • Horseriding: Johnny Joestar has been described as a genius jockey, being one of the favorites of the Steel Ball Run race. His skill allows him to ride across many types of terrain, and challenge even fellow genius jockey Diego Brando. Johnny possesses great knowledge of his horse Slow Dancer, notably its abilities and limits, being able to gauge what Slow Dancer will be capable of at any moment.
  • Intelligence: Johnny Joestar proves himself a competent Stand User, being able to use Tusk's abilities to the fullest. Johnny Joestar has occasionally used the terrain and his enemy's own power against them and was perceptive enough to quickly deduce Alternate Diego's time stopping power.
  • Marksmanship: When using Tusk, Johnny proves to possess great marksmanship, being able to hit little and/or moving targets, even if firing from odd angles and perspectives, such as when Tusk ACT3 separates his hand from his arm.

Major Battles



  • George Joestar II: Johnny had a complex relationship with his father. In one hand Johnny always sought his father's affection and approval. On the other hand, when George wondered if "God had taken the wrong son", Johnny was deeply saddened and chose to abandon his love for his father, shutting his heart. Johnny confessed to Valentine that he could not think of his own father in the same admiring way Valentine thought of his. Towards the end of the Steel Ball Run race, however, George shows up in the crowd and shows Johnny Nicholas' boots, reconciling with his son at last. Johnny named his son after George.
  • Nicholas Joestar: As his elder brother, Nicholas was a model to follow. Johnny admired him since his childhood and feels excessively guilty over his death, thinking that the Universe cursed him for it.
  • Danny: While Jonathan and Danny the dog had a shared childhood, this mouse was only a temporary pet for Johnny. When Nicholas died, Johnny believed that Danny and thus him, were responsible for frightening the horse Nicholas was riding and causing his death. Johnny retains good memories of the mouse but also haunting ones, even summoning it when Civil War affects him.
  • Rina Higashikata: Johnny and Rina's relationship began after the race and persisted for several years. Both fell in love with each other soon after meeting and they became married, living a happy life for a while. After she becomes ill, Johnny goes searching for the corpse parts as a cure. His love for Rina is so deep, he ends up sacrificing himself to save her and their son.
  • George Joestar III: Johnny loved his son deeply. When the Rock Disease bounced into him, Part 8 SpoilerJohnny sacrificed himself to save George and confided that he was happy to have him in his life.
  • His daughter: Daughter he had with Rina. Only listed in the Joestar Family Tree.


  • Gyro Zeppeli: Johnny and Gyro are friends, partners in the Steel Ball Run and also apprentice and master in the art of the Spin. At first, Johnny's determination got Gyro's interest, leading Gyro to assist Johnny in mounting Slow Dancer before the race. After the first stage, Johnny wins the respect of Gyro, leading to Gyro making him his apprentice in the Spin. Over the course of the Steel Ball Run, this apprenticeship grows into a partnerhood, and then a deep friendship. Despite their opposing personalities causing regular clashes as to how to take on a difficult situation, Gyro and Johnny ultimately get along well and share many moments of friendship. Gyro notably likes to jest with Johnny and tells him bad jokes or miscellaneous songs that Johnny usually appreciates. Due to their regular battles, Johnny and Gyro fight well together, and see each other as valuable allies. Their friendship is such that either one is willing to put himself in danger for the other, and Johnny notably abandoned his Corpse Parts to save Gyro's life. In turn, Gyro often uses life-or-death situations as opportunities to help Johnny master the fundamentals of the Spin and evolve his Stand, Tusk. After Gyro's death, Johnny was devastated, a fact Valentine attempts to use to goad him into sparing him and giving up the Holy Corpse. Gyro stands by Johnny in spirit even after his death, as Johnny returns his corpse to the Zeppeli family in Italy. Gyro's continuous support helped Johnny get out of his depression and enabled him to begin anew. The relationship of the two has similarities to Jonathan's relationship with Will or Joseph's relationship with Caesar.
  • Lucy Steel: Johnny and Lucy are allies against Valentine, but do not interact with each other much. Despite being Jonathan and Erina's counterparts, they never develop a relationship, unlike their namesakes.
  • Mountain Tim: Mountain Tim was first suspicious of Johnny as Benjamin Boom Boom tricked him into believing Johnny was killing competitors in the race, but both later became allies in the fight against the Boom Boom Family and Oyecomova. Tim notably taught Johnny about the Devil's Palm and Stands.


  • Diego Brando: Johnny considers Diego a rival in his quest for the Corpse Parts. Due to Diego's own ruthlessness, Johnny won't hesitate to kill him if he gets in his way. At one point, Diego allies with Valentine to kill Johnny and Gyro, but it doesn't last. While their relationship is more positive than that of their counterparts, Jonathan and Dio, they are enemies all the same.
  • Hot Pants: Johnny considers Hot Pants a rival in his quest for the Corpse Parts. He realizes that she is a woman after Gyro kills Ringo Roadagain, but doesn't reveal her true gender to Gyro out of respect for her privacy. After Hot Pants steals Johnny's Corpse Part yet leaves him a small part of the Spine, he is curious about Hot Pants motivations for acquiring it.
  • Sandman: Because Sandman didn't go after the Saint's Corpse and acted friendly with the duo, Johnny didn't see him as an enemy. Ultimately, Sandman allied with Valentine and tried to kill Johnny with Gyro and take the Corpse Parts, they thus became enemies. Still, Sandman was indifferent to Johnny, only seeing an internal struggle among the white men he considered enemies that he could exploit.


  • Funny Valentine: As both tried to gather the Saint's Corpse, Johnny and Valentine were enemies, but didn't interact much until their single fight. Because of his selfish motive, Valentine saw Johnny as unworthy of the Corpse and tried to kill him, though he treaded carefully with Johnny since Tusk was partly immune to his Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.
  • Diego Brando from Another Universe: As this version of Diego was recruited by Funny Valentine to take the Saint's Corpse from Johnny, it was only natural that the two were enemies. Diego was wary of Tusk, which could move partially in his stopped time, and likewise, Johnny learned of THE WORLD's power and also was wary of it.
  • Dr. Ferdinand: Dr. Ferdinand was an assassin and Stand-user hired by President Funny Valentine to murder Johnny and Gyro and gather the Corpse Parts. Using his Stand, Scary Monsters, Ferdinand attempts to transform Johnny and Gyro into dinosaurs bound to his will, and uses a similarly-transformed Diego Brando as a means to that end.
  • The Boom Boom Family: A family group of three Stand-users, Andre, Benjamin, and L. A. Boom Boom, who use their talents to murder competitors in the Steel Ball Run, eventually targeting Johnny and Gyro as well. After a failed attempt to frame Johnny for the murder of several other competitors, they attempt to assassinate Johnny, Gyro, and Mountain Tim directly, failing when Johnny first develops his Stand, Tusk.
  • Oyecomova: Oyecomova is a NeapolitanW assassin and terrorist who once encountered Gyro Zeppeli before he developed his Stand, Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure. He attempted to use this ability to assassinate Gyro, and Johnny in the process, but proved no match for their combined skills in the Spin.
  • Ringo Roadagain: A duelist working for Funny Valentine, Ringo Roadagain holds the philosophy that a true man must gamble his life against others in order to prove his worth. He notes that Johnny has the "dark determination" to kill if need be and thus would have a chance against him. Nevertheless, after incapacitating Johnny, he is defeated by Gyro.


Manga Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance

  • JJL Chapter 21: "'Shakedown Road', Part 4" (Appears in flashback(s)) (Death)
  • JJL Chapter 22: "Morioh Town: Year 1901" (Appears in flashback(s)) (Death)
  • JJL Chapter 64: "Mother and Child" (Mentioned only)
  • JJL Chapter 99: "Endless Calamity, Part 5" (Appears in flashback(s))
  • JJL Chapter 109: "The Radio Gaga Incident, Part 2" (Appears in flashback(s))
  • JJL Chapter 110: "Higashikata Fruit Parlor" (Appears in flashback(s))

  • Gallery


    Part 7: Steel Ball Run

    Part 8: JoJolion

    Chapter Covers




    Video Games

    Jump Super Stars (DS)

    Johnny appears in the Steel Ball Run themed stage, along with Gyro Zeppeli and Diego Brando, where Diego can be seen ahead both of them (likely a reference to the end of the competition's 3rd stage).

    Jump Ultimate Stars (DS)

    >Johnny appears as a support character. His help Koma provides immunity from the Speed Down status effect. He and Gyro are the only Part 7 representatives in the game as Part 7 was still ongoing at the time. Due to the game's release date coinciding with the release of SBR's first volume, Gyro appears as an actual Koma support (characters that appear on the screen to perform an action and disappear) whilst Johnny is merely a help Koma, due to Gyro being the original protagonist of Part 7.

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (PS3)

    Johnny makes his first playable appearance in the PS3 game. He was confirmed alongside Jonathan Joestar and Will Anthonio Zeppeli. As a Part 7 character, three parts of the Holy Corpse appear scattered on stages when he, Gyro, or Valentine are used, which they can pick up to receive blessings that boost their performance in combat. Along with Gyro, Johnny is one of the only two characters in the game who uses the "Mounted" Style. This Style allows him to get on and off his horse, Slow Dancer, slightly changing the moves available to him. Johnny must be unmounted in order to pick up the Corpse Parts but is slowed to a sluggish crawl due to his paraplegia. Exclusive to Johnny is a "Tusk's Growth" icon that appears above the Heart Heat Gauge, which displays Tusk's current ACT.

    Along with Enrico Pucci, Kosaku-Kira, Hol Horse, Koichi Hirose and Giorno Giovanna, Johnny is a character who can utilize more than one Stand during a match as part of his move set, being the character with the most Stands; All four Tusk ACTs.

    Available to Johnny at all times, regardless of Tusk's current ACT:

    • I have to get there!: This skill can only be used when unmounted. Johnny spins his nails and forces his lower body into the air, temporarily 'wheeling' himself forward or backwards. If used with the opponent at point-blank range, they will take small damage.
    • I can make it!: This skill can only be used when mounted. Slow Dancer lunges forward, and if the opponent is hit, rams them into the air. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
    • Throw - My body... it stood!: The Throw can only be used when unmounted. Spinning his nails without firing them to use in melee attacks, Johnny attacks the opponent's lower body with his nails, before he spontaneously leaps into the air and fires them.

    Johnny begins a match with ACT1. Most of his moves consists of him shooting his nails as projectiles. All moves related to ACT1 are lost upon Tusk evolving.

    • I'll call them Tusks!: Johnny shoots his nails like bullets. Depending on the attack button inputted, he will shoot three-to-five at a time. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
    • My nails are spinning!: Johnny spins his nails as he swings upward in a melee attack, knocking the opponent off their feet. This move doubles as an anti-air. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
    • What is this?!: This move can only be used when unmounted. Johnny sends a narrow shockwave forward along the ground, knocking the opponent down on impact. This move is a low attack and cannot be blocked if the opponent is not crouching. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)

    Johnny's HHA with ACT1 is "Even if my spin falters, I'll never die!". Imbuing the Golden Spin into a nail bullet, Johnny evolves Tusk into ACT2, before shooting said nail into the ground. The hole generated by the nail bullet moves along the ground, homing towards the opponent and knocking them into the air if it connects. The HHA is a low attack and cannot be blocked if the opponent is not crouching. It is possible for Stand Users to be hit by this HHA twice, taking double damage, but the Stand must be hit first in order for this to occur.


    Once Johnny reaches ACT2, a Tusk Icon will appear above the Heart Heat Gauge, showing the amount of Golden Spin nail bullets he has left from 10. One of the nail icons will darken every time Johnny fires one off, and they will only regenerate after all ten have been used up.

    • Care for some herbal tea?: Johnny drinks chamomile tea, temporarily boosting the speed at which his nails grow back.
    • Golden Spin Nail Bullets: Johnny shoots a single nail bullet infused with the Golden Spin, hitting the opponent for more damage than his previous "I'll call them Tusks!". Depending on the attack button inputted, he will shoot at a different angle; If Heavy, Johnny fires upward, and the attack doubles as an anti-air.
    • The hole will attack you: Johnny fires into the ground, and the hole created by the nail bullet moves along it, homing towards the opponent and knocking them into the air if it connects. This move is a low attack and cannot be blocked if the opponent is not crouching. As the hole moves slower than the nail bullets, it is possible, given enough range, for both to hit the opponent at the same time. It is also possible for Stand Users to be hit by this move twice, taking double damage, but the Stand must be hit first in order for this to occur. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)

    Johnny's HHA with ACT2 is "Now I know where to shoot!". The HHA can only be used when unmounted. Aiming a Golden Spin Nail Bullet at the side of his head, glaring eyes aflame with dark determination, Johnny evolves Tusk into ACT3 as he shoots himself. ACT3 then sends a large hole created by Johnny's nail bullet along the ground. If it hits the opponent, they will stagger on the hole as it moves behind them. Johnny's upper half will then appear out of it as he shoots the opponent five times.


    Once Johnny reaches ACT3, he unlocks two more abilities that involve transportation via the holes created by Golden Spin Nail Bullets.

    • Send me down the hole!: Johnny fires a nail bullet into the ground and sticks his forearm in. If mounted, a hole will be suspended in mid-air next to him. The hole will then move along the ground forwards or backwards, before his forearm appears from it and shoots the opponent with a stronger Golden Spin Nail Bullet, knocking them off their feet if it hits. This move uses up two Golden Spin Nail Bullets per use; One to create the hole, and a second to fire in the actual attack. The attack will not complete if Johnny has no more than a single nail left.
    • Where's the upper half?!: This move can only be used when unmounted. Johnny fires a nail bullet into the ground and sticks his entire upper body into it. Another hole will then move along the ground forwards or backwards before the rest of Johnny's body is sucked in. Johnny will then reappear on the other side. The longer the button is held, the farther the hole and by extension, Johnny, will travel. This move is useful for quick movement along the stage unmounted or simply for evasion, but has a delay in order for the hole to move, leaving Johnny's lower half open to low attacks.

    Johnny's HHA with ACT3 is "Complete Golden Spin Energy". The HHA can only be used when mounted. Johnny evolves Tusk into ACT4 as the new Stand advances forward while rapidly punching. The whole HHA does not have to hit in order for it to work; If the opponent is so much as hit by the last punch, they will be knocked to the ground as Tusk ACT4 follows up by pummeling them as they lay. This HHA will remain after Tusk evolves to ACT4, being the final and strongest HHA.


    Once Johnny reaches ACT4, he unlocks two more abilities that involve Tusk ACT4 directly attacking the opponent with a barrage of fists.

    • Who'll be the sacrifice?: Johnny fires a nail bullet imbued with ACT4 as it rapidly punches flying forward, pushing the opponent away and knocking them down with the final punch if it lands. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
    • Chumimin~: Johnny fires a nail bullet imbued with ACT4 into the ground. ACT4 will immediately reappear in front of the opponent and rapidly punch them, regardless of range or orientation. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)

    Johnny's GHA, "Pretty long for a shortcut!", will instantly evolve Tusk to ACT4 from any other ACT. The GHA can only be performed while mounted, but will automatically summon Slow Dancer when used unmounted. Johnny jumps off of Slow Dancer and fires a singular powerful nail bullet imbued with the power of the Complete Golden Spin Energy as ACT4 appears. If it lands, the nail bullet will drill into the opponent's torso, before ACT4 flies at and rapidly pummels them. ACT4 finishes by spinning and funneling itself into the hole created by the nail bullet. As its head appears from behind the opponent, the entrance of the Stand into their bodies generates a massive pink burst. Johnny calmly and quietly thanks Gyro throughout this process.

    If Valentine is falls victim to the GHA, a unique special scene plays where Valentine attempts to protect himself with D4C Love Train, only for Tusk ACT4 to forcefully rip the wall open and fly through, recreating the climactic scene from the battle in the manga. When beating Valentine, a slow-motion close-up of Tusk punching D4C in the face and the hit reflecting in Valentine is shown.

    Johnny receives a new blessing every time he picks up one of the three Holy Corpse Parts, but if knocked down, loses it as he drops the part.

    1. Johnny's attack power is boosted, increasing his damage.
    2. Any one of Johnny's moves that fire off nail bullets can only be interrupted by Throws/HHA/GHA.
    3. The rate at which the Heart Heat Gauge fills is increased.

    If Johnny is hit with "Kosaku Kawajiri's" Bites the Dust GHA while Tusk is at ACT2 or beyond, it will revert back to ACT1.

    Several of Johnny's alternate costumes mirror his appearance from the manga covers. A special edition version of the game was also available that included Johnny's outfit from "World of Stars and Stripes".

    Usually when falling victim to certain GHA moves or other finishers, Johnny is still kneeling/crawling. However, when struck by Part 4 Josuke's GHA, Johnny is briefly seen standing (Either a result of a different animation for Johnny having not been programmed or Crazy Diamond actually healing his spine and legs) before Josuke pummels him back to his old disabled self.

    Aside from Gyro and Valentine, Johnny has special dialogue with himself, as both Johnny's believe the other is a parallel version of himself made by Valentine.

    Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

    Johnny was confirmed for the game alongside Gyro, Valentine, and THE WORLD Diego. Unlike in All Star Battle, Johnny now begins battle with all of Tusk's ACTs immediately available, no longer needing to evolve his Stand in order to use his full capabilities.

    As a Mounted Fighter, Johnny is able to switch between riding atop Slow Dancer or crawling on the ground, each state with its own unique abilities. Also, as a Stand User, Johnny is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle.

    Johnny's Normal Attacks consists entirely of projectiles. He can fire singular Nail Bullets infused with the Golden Spin that send opponents flying.

    • Nail Icon: A small icon on the right side of Johnny's health gauge displays how many Nail Bullets he has available out of 10. The Nail Bullets are consumed in nearly all of his attacks and skills, and refill over time. The Nail Bullet count also resets to full upon Johnny activating a Dual Combo or DHA.
    • Style Action - Slow Dancer: Johnny switches between Mounted Mode and Ground Mode. While in Mounted Mode, Slow Dancer has above-average mobility and jump height, and Johnny can fire Nail Bullets while moving. However, Johnny's stamina gauge will slowly drain, automatically dismounting him when it empties. While in Ground Mode, Johnny crawls along the floor at a slow pace, but can cancel out of Normal Attacks, Powerful Attacks, or Takedowns by switching back to Mounted Mode when available. He may also only interact with stage objects and grab ledges while in Ground Mode.
    • Care for some herbal tea?: This ability is only available in Ground Mode. Johnny briefly drinks chamomile tea, temporarily boosting the speed at which his nails grow back. He may cancel the skill at any time during its animation with a DHA.
    • Send me down the hole!: Johnny uses Tusk ACT3's power and fires a Nail Bullet into the ground, before sticking his forearm into the hole it creates. Another hole will then move along the ground at high speed, before Johnny's forearm appears from it and shoots a stronger Golden Spin Nail Bullet, either at his lock-on target or the nearest opponent otherwise. If it connects, opponents are left crumpling. The hole is able to travel along both the ground and walls. If Johnny is in Ground Mode, the hole will travel at a slower speed but the Nail Bullet has better homing capabilities. This skill uses up two Nail Bullets per use; one to create the hole, and a second to fire in the actual Nail Bullet. This skill is unavailable if Johnny has no more than a single Nail Bullet left.
    • The hole will attack you.: Johnny uses Tusk ACT2's power and fires directly into the ground, creating a hole with the Nail Bullet that then begins moving. The hole will home in towards opponents and knock them into the air if it connects. It is also able to travel along both the ground and walls, and can even hit opponents that are down. If Johnny is in Ground Mode, the hole will travel at a slower speed but gains better homing capabilities.
    • Who'll be the sacrifice?: This skill is only available in Mounted Mode. Johnny fires a nail bullet imbued with Tusk ACT4 into the ground. If his lock-on target or an opponent is within range, ACT4 will appear directly at their feet and attempt to trip them with an unblockable strike. Upon successfully doing so, the target will be knocked to the ground as ACT4 pummels them with a downward barrage of 8 punches.
    • My body just leapt up!: Johnny's legs spontaneously move with the power of the Spin, causing him to vault high into the air with a backflip. He can cancel his ascent with a Normal Attack. Johnny also gains super armor until the height of his jump, and opponents too close to him are damaged and knocked into the air right before he takes off, where he can attack them from there. If done while in Mounted Mode, Johnny will leap from his saddles, giving him extra height and transitioning him into Ground Mode upon landing. The attack before the leap can even be canceled into a DHA, ensuring the target is hit. This skill does not require Nail Bullets to perform.
    • EX - The hole will attack you.: Johnny gains super armor until the hole begins moving, and no Nail Bullets are consumed for the attack.
    • EX - Who'll be the sacrifice?: ACT4 reappears instantly, Johnny gains super armor for the duration of the attack if ACT4 is successful, and no Nail Bullets are consumed for the attack.
    • I'll call them Tusks!: Johnny must use 20 Normal Attacks. (200 Points)
    • I need to master this Spin...: Johnny must use "My body just leapt up!" 3 times. (200 Points)
    • But I no longer have any trace of doubt in my mind!: Johnny must break 2 health gauges. (300 Points)
    • Lesson 5!: Johnny must connect "Who'll be the sacrifice?" 3 times. (500 Points)
    • Thanks. That's all I can think of to say.: Johnny must Retire an opponent with a Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)
    Dual Heat Attacks
    • Solo - It was such a long, roundabout path...: Identical to its performance in All Star Battle, though executes faster for the sake of brevity.
    • With Gyro - GO! GO! GO!: The two riding on their horses, Johnny shoots a fingernail while Gyro throws a Steel Ball, both infused with the Golden Spin. As a result, Tusk ACT4 and Ball Breaker fly side-by-side towards the opponent. After Tusk briefly pummels the target, both Stands fly through their midsection as the power of the two Golden Spins generate a massive energy explosion.

    He is paired with Josuke Higashikata in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, but was eliminated in the preliminaries by Old Joseph Joestar and Yoshikage Kira.

    Author's comments

    Araki personally liked the Jonathan–Zeppeli relationship from Phantom Blood and wanted to retell it again for a longer coming-of-age story.

    He chose to make Johnny and Gyro around the same age so they could be less formal and more friendly than their original counterparts similar to the Joseph-Caesar relationship from Battle Tendency. Gyro's random jokes and Johnny's use of his spinning nails to accomplish trivial tasks were included to reflect this concept.[43]


    • In the first chapter, his name is written in Japanese as "ジョニー", whereas from the second chapter on, it is written as "ジョニィ". Both have the same pronunciation, however.
    • According to Araki, he always wanted the protagonist of Part 7 to fight against nature itself while at the same time, having his struggles help him on a path to maturity.[44]
    • Johnny had revealed to Gyro that he had Formicophilia, a fetish for a person with bug bites.
    • Johnny's hat may be a reference to the mask worn by the character Captain USA from the movie "Cannonball Run", as the name Steel Ball Run is a reference to the movie's title.
    • Johnny's voice actor in All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven, also voices Koichi Hirose.


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