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—Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar (ジョセフ・ジョースター Josefu Jōsutā) is the main protagonist of Part 2 and an ally in Part 3 and part 4. He is the 2nd JoJo of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. He is also the second most recurring JoJo in the series after his grandson Jotaro Kujo and is one of its most well-known characters.

Joseph is a natural-born Ripple user and eventual Stand user, wielding the psychic photographic Stand, Hermit Purple. Joseph meets the fantastic threats approaching him throughout his life with initiative and impressive ingenuity, battling Vampires, the Pillar Men, and malevolent Stand users.


Battle Tendency

New Yorks Joseph

Josephs outfit while he was in new york

18 years old, Joseph is tall (195 cm/6'5"), handsome, and powerfully built, with light eyes. He has short, dark, and unkempt hair, parts of his bangs shooting outwards in spikes, apart from which he closely resembles his grandfather Jonathan Joestar.

Joseph's primary outfit is relatively minimal and pragmatic. He wears a tank top cut above the navel, gloves studded at the knuckles, fitting pants with a leather belt, and knee-high leather boots. In Switzerland he dons a long, broad, striped scarf; and later, as a gift from Caesar, a long, thin headband patterned with a row of tessellated triangles. He possesses the Star Birthmark on his shoulder.

Stardust Crusaders

Joseph retains most of his health and muscularity, though his face displays his age. His hair is short and gray, and he sports a thick, well-trimmed beard.

During the group's journey to Egypt, he wears an outfit comparable to Indiana JonesW' basic outfit: a fedora; a light, short-sleeved, buttonless shirt; khaki pants; dress shoes; and white gloves with dark wristbands concealing his prosthetic hand (a result of his fight with Kars).[9] At his introduction he also wears a trenchcoat and a turtleneck sweater.

Diamond is Unbreakable

At age 79, Joseph suffers from senility, having been deterred from longevity through Ripple due to a lack of motivation.[10] While his stature is still apparent, he is hunched over and uses a cane to move.[11] He wears a diminutive pair of pince-nezW spectacles, and a spotted, brimmed woolen hat with ear flaps reminiscent of a ushankaW. He wears a thick trench coat, a collared shirt and tie, and baggy pants.


Battle Tendency


Joseph fighting with a Taxi driver.

I got tequila boys!

Joseph showing his goofy side.

In Battle Tendency, Joseph is a hotheaded, impetuous, and confrontational young man. Quick to violently respond to the slightest provocation, Joseph would often get into brawls growing up; prior to the events of the story, he had been imprisoned seven times and expelled once from school for fighting.[1] Having no respect for authority except for his grandmother's, and later Lisa Lisa's, Joseph has antagonized policemen[12] and mafiosi[13] alike. Furthermore, Joseph is a foul-mouthed individual and regularly taunts his enemies, enjoying aggravating them. His signature taunt is predicting his enemy's next line, which is shown to be correct all the time. He notably taunted Kars when he launched him into space, claiming to have again planned everything from the beginning just to annoy him.[14]

Joseph is a playful man and prefers fooling around over having any responsibility. By his own admission, his most hated sentences are "hard work" and "work hard",[15] and still had to be pushed to train his Ripple talent in spite of facing certain death if he didn't meet and fight Wamuu again. Joseph has a fairly goofy side and spends half of his fights enjoying having outsmarted his current enemy with incredibly zany schemes, which take his opponents by surprise by how silly his plans are at first sight. He also often incorporates his taunts into fights, to distract his enemies into otherwise obvious traps. A show-off, Joseph likes being the center of attention and couldn't stand that his rival Caesar had a special technique.[16] With his prestidigitation talent, Joseph mixed his boastful nature and his love of pranks into a dangerous tool in battle.

Despite his nature, Joseph truly cares for his friends and comrades and wants to protect them at all costs. This is showcased many times as Joseph repeatedly saves his family and friends from danger again and again. He also does not tolerate disrespect towards his friends, shown as he beat up a man because he called Smokey a pig. Besides this, Joseph has a special bond with his grandma Erina.

Stardust Crusaders

Oh my god (Higher Quality)


In Stardust Crusaders, Joseph has considerably mellowed out, having lost much of his aggression and laziness. Still irascible towards the Japanese in general, due to a Japanese man marrying his beloved daughter Holy[17] and finding the living quarters of their architecture too small to his liking but Joseph admires their technology as well as being able to get along well with his grandson and Noriaki Kakyoin, and for some unknown reason, has an affair with Tomoko Higashikata which led to the birth of their lovechild, Josuke. His penchant for befriending people is still present, notably with the appearance of his new friend Muhammad Avdol, and his tendency to approach the locals first and communicate with them,[18] overall being the one to deal business with them. For instance, he takes it upon himself to order food in Hong Kong,[19] gladly approaches an Indian barman to try sugar cane juice,[20] tries to salute a hotel owner in Pakistan[21] as well as order shish kebab in Karachi.[22]

Joseph's goofy side is also still present, and Joseph's somewhat frequent failures at blending with the local culture and his struggle at battling Stands are a constant source of humor. Moreover, his boastful nature leads him to occasional goofs, such as misreading Mandarin so much he orders dishes completely different from what he figured,[18] or pretending to know how to ride camels only to ridicule himself.[23] At the end of the saga, he demonstrates again his love for pranks, briefly making Jotaro believe that he was DIO resurrected upon being saved via a transfusion.[24]



Main article: Ripple

Joseph inherited the Ripple and its capabilities from his grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, as well as his mother, Lisa Lisa. In addition, he uses techniques commonly present in stage magic to confuse his foes. After his Ripple training, Joseph frequently combines his Ripple with other objects to perform complex and creative attacks. Later in Part 3, he shows that he is able to pass the Ripple through his Stand, Hermit Purple. However, as he grew older, due to neglecting his Ripple training, he became unable to do the same things he was capable of when he was younger and ended up aging at a relatively normal pace. Aside from his intelligence and sleight of hand, Joseph also possessed arguably superhuman physicality. His build and physique undoubtedly contributed to this, but it is more likely that the bulk of his physicality came from his natural affinity for the Ripple, and later his extensive training in its use. He demonstrated humanly impossible strength and speed on a number of occasions. During his fight with Straizo, he was able to dodge a point-blank blast from the vampire's Space Ripper Stingy Eye attack, and on several occasions was able to hold his own in hand-to-hand combat with the Pillar Men. His strength, while enhanced with the Ripple, was enough to overpower Kars and shatter one of his arm blades, and stop Esidisi's hand with one finger.


During his battle with the Pillar Men, Joseph demonstrated several techniques similar to his grandfather's.

Claker volly gif

Clacker volley Manga
Clacker Volley

American Clackers

In order to come up with a special attack, Joseph invented a fighting style that involved infusing the Ripple into a pair of normal American ClackersW. Once infused, the Clackers become a lethal weapon, as the user is able to rip through an opponent's skin using them, and from there the Ripple can enter the body, thus inflicting massive damage. Because of their shape and aerodynamic design, someone who is trained in the Clackers' use is able to easily maneuver them around their body, even having the ability to make them seemingly disappear by hiding them behind their back.[25]

  • Clacker Volley (クラッカーヴォレイ Kurakkā Vorei): Joseph chucks the Clackers into his opponent's direction. This can be done a number of ways, but to produce the best and most surprising effect, he can hide them behind his back. From there, Joseph can slingshot them from behind his back at the enemy in all directions.
  • Clacker Boomerang (クラッカーブーメラン Kurakkā Būmeran): Joseph throws both pairs of Clackers into a beam or pillar behind the opponent. This is in order to fool them into assuming he missed. One is thrown into the partition, causing one side of it to be lodged in place. The other side grabs onto the second pair of Clackers, and essentially flings them back towards the opponent from behind, much like how a boomerang works.

Other Equipment

Other than his Clackers, Joseph has used a number of other weapons and tools in conjunction with the Ripple and his strategic wit.

  • He used Ripple to pop the cap off of a cola bottle at a corrupt police officer and two tequila bottles' corks against a pair of Nazi soldiers, in the form of high-speed projectiles.
  • He used a Tommy gun to shoot Straizo and then strike him with the stock charged with the Ripple. This was followed by secretively attaching a grenade to Straizo's scarf, the pin of which was attached by strings to the pins of several other grenades Joseph had managed to plant on Straizo's back.
  • He used the yarn of a wool hat (which is highly conductive of the Ripple) to form a net underneath the spike-filled arena to use against Esidisi.
  • He wielded a large sledgehammer in the chariot race against Wamuu, which he slathered in oil to improve its conduction of the Ripple. Joseph also used a heavy crossbow to fire a Ripple-charged iron ball at the wall of the arena, where it rode around the entire wall before launching off and hitting Wamuu from behind.

Joseph's Stand


Main article: Hermit Purple

Joseph's Stand, Hermit Purple, manifests itself as a tangle of thorny vines, which Joseph can wield as both a weapon and a hazardous defense. Furthermore, it has been shown to conduct the Ripple, which makes Hermit Purple one of the more effective Stands against those weak to it such as Vampires. Joseph develops the Stand after DIO pierces Jonathan's body with the Arrow, upon which it responded to DIO and Enya awakening The World, at the same time influencing the whole Joestar family, which also granted them Stand.‎

One of its special abilities (shared with Jonathan's Stand) is to use cameras, televisions, and other things to perform a form of fortune telling referred to as spirit photography. When introduced, it was demonstrated that he had to smash an expensive Polaroid camera to do this, and the camera would dispense a picture of DIO. Later on, he is seen using televisions for this ability without having to damage them.

Chapters And Episodes

Manga Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance

  • Chapter 114: "Jotaro Kujo, Part 1" (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 115: "Jotaro Kujo, Part 2"
  • Chapter 116: "Jotaro Kujo, Part 3"
  • Chapter 117: "The Man with the Star Birthmark"
  • Chapter 119: "Noriaki Kakyoin, Part 2" (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 120: "Noriaki Kakyoin, Part 3"
  • Chapter 121: "The Power Called a 'Stand'"
  • Chapter 122: "Head To Egypt"
  • Chapter 123: "Tower of Gray"
  • Chapter 124: "Silver Chariot, Part 1"
  • Chapter 125: "Silver Chariot, Part 2"
  • Chapter 126: "Silver Chariot, Part 3"
  • Chapter 127: "Dark Blue Moon, Part 1"
  • Chapter 128: "Dark Blue Moon, Part 2"
  • Chapter 129: "Dark Blue Moon, Part 3"
  • Chapter 130: "Strength, Part 1"
  • Chapter 131: "Strength, Part 2"
  • Chapter 132: "Strength, Part 3"
  • Chapter 133: "The Devil, Part 1"
  • Chapter 134: "The Devil, Part 2"
  • Chapter 135: "The Devil, Part 3"
  • Chapter 136: "Yellow Temperance, Part 1"
  • Chapter 137: "Yellow Temperance, Part 2" (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 138: "Yellow Temperance, Part 3"
  • Chapter 139: "Yellow Temperance, Part 4"
  • Chapter 140: "Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 1"
  • Chapter 141: "Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 2"
  • Chapter 146: "Empress, Part 1"
  • Chapter 147: "Empress, Part 2"
  • Chapter 148: "Empress, Part 3"
  • Chapter 149: "Empress, Part 4"
  • Chapter 150: "Wheel of Fortune, Part 1"
  • Chapter 151: "Wheel of Fortune, Part 2"
  • Chapter 152: "Wheel of Fortune, Part 3"
  • Chapter 153: "Wheel of Fortune, Part 4"
  • Chapter 154: "Justice, Part 1"
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  • Chapter 156: "Justice, Part 3"
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  • Chapter 158: "Justice, Part 5" (Mentioned only)
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  • Chapter 160: "Lovers, Part 1"
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  • Chapter 164: "Lovers, Part 5"
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  • Chapter 166: "Sun, Part 1"
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  • Chapter 168: "Death Thirteen, Part 1"
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  • Chapter 171: "Death Thirteen, Part 4"
  • Chapter 172: "Death Thirteen, Part 5"
  • Chapter 173: "Death Thirteen, Part 6"
  • Chapter 174: "Judgement, Part 1"
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  • Chapter 177: "Judgement, Part 4" (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 179: "High Priestess, Part 1"
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  • Chapter 182: "High Priestess, Part 4"
  • Chapter 183: "'The Fool' Iggy and 'God Geb' N'Doul, Part 1"
  • Chapter 184: "'The Fool' Iggy and 'God Geb' N'Doul, Part 2"
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  • Chapter 187: "'The Fool' Iggy and 'God Geb' N'Doul, Part 5"
  • Chapter 188: "'The Fool' Iggy and 'God Geb' N'Doul, Part 6" (Cameo)
  • Chapter 189: "'God Khnum' Oingo and 'God Tohth' Boingo, Part 1"
  • Chapter 190: "'God Khnum' Oingo and 'God Tohth' Boingo, Part 2"
  • Chapter 191: "'God Khnum' Oingo and 'God Tohth' Boingo, Part 3"
  • Chapter 192: "'God Khnum' Oingo and 'God Tohth' Boingo, Part 4"
  • Chapter 193: "'God Anubis', Part 1"
  • Chapter 195: "'God Anubis', Part 3"
  • Chapter 198: "'God Anubis', Part 6"
  • Chapter 199: "'Goddess Bastet' Mariah, Part 1"
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  • Chapter 201: "'Goddess Bastet' Mariah, Part 3"
  • Chapter 202: "'Goddess Bastet' Mariah, Part 4"
  • Chapter 203: "'Goddess Bastet' Mariah, Part 5"
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  • Chapter 236: "D'Arby the Player, Part 10"
  • Chapter 237: "D'Arby the Player, Part 11"
  • Chapter 238: "The Mist of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice, Part 1"
  • Chapter 239: "The Mist of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice, Part 2" (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 240: "The Mist of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice, Part 3"
  • Chapter 241: "The Mist of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice, Part 4"
  • Chapter 243: "The Mist of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice, Part 6" (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 244: "The Mist of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice, Part 7"
  • Chapter 246: "Suzi Q Joestar Visits Her Daughter"
  • Chapter 247: "DIO's World, Part 1"
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  • Chapter 265: "The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends" (Revived)

  • Chapter 266: "Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata, Part 1" (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 267: "Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata, Part 2" (Mentioned only)
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  • Chapter 347: "People of Morioh Town"
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  • Chapter 349: "Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella, Part 2" (Mentioned only)
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  • SBR Extra Chapter 3: "Untitled Stand Chapter" (Mentioned only)

  • Anime Appearances
    Episodes in order of appearance

  • SC Episode 1: "A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit"
  • SC Episode 2: "Who Will Be the Judge?!"
  • SC Episode 3: "DIO's Curse"
  • SC Episode 4: "Tower of Gray"
  • SC Episode 5: "Silver Chariot"
  • SC Episode 6: "Dark Blue Moon"
  • SC Episode 7: "Strength"
  • SC Episode 8: "The Devil"
  • SC Episode 9: "Yellow Temperance"
  • SC Episode 10: "Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 11: "Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 12: "Empress"
  • SC Episode 13: "Wheel of Fortune"
  • SC Episode 14: "Justice, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 15: "Justice, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 16: "Lovers, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 17: "Lovers, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 18: "Sun"
  • SC Episode 19: "Death Thirteen, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 20: "Death Thirteen, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 21: "Judgement, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 22: "Judgement, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 23: "High Priestess, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 24: "High Priestess, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 25: "'The Fool' Iggy and 'God Geb' N'Doul, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 26: "'The Fool' Iggy and 'God Geb' N'Doul, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 27: "'God Khnum' Oingo and 'God Tohth' Boingo"
  • SC Episode 28: "'God Anubis', Part 1"
  • SC Episode 29: "'God Anubis', Part 2"
  • SC Episode 30: "'Goddess Bastet' Mariah, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 31: "'Goddess Bastet' Mariah, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 32: "'God Sethan' Alessi, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 33: "'God Sethan' Alessi, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 34: "D'Arby the Gambler, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 35: "D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 36: "Hol Horse and Boingo, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 37: "Hol Horse and Boingo, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 38: "The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 39: "The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 40: "D'Arby the Player, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 41: "D'Arby the Player, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 42: "The Mist of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 43: "The Mist of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice, Part 2"
  • SC Episode 44: "The Mist of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice, Part 3"
  • SC Episode 45: "DIO's World, Part 1"
  • SC Episode 46: "DIO's World, Part 2" (Temporary death)
  • SC Episode 47: "DIO's World, Part 3" (Corpse only)
  • SC Episode 48: "The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends" (Revived)

  • DU Episode 1: "Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata" (Mentioned only)
  • DU Episode 3: "The Nijimura Brothers, Part 1" (Mentioned only)
  • DU Episode 10: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food"
  • DU Episode 11: "Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 1"
  • DU Episode 12: "Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 2"
  • DU Episode 13: "Picked Up Something Bad!"
  • DU Episode 15: "Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House, Part 2" (Appears in flashback(s))
  • DU Episode 17: "Rohan Kishibe's Adventure" (Mentioned only)
  • DU Episode 18: "Shigechi's Harvest, Part 1" (Mentioned only)
  • DU Episode 20: "Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella"
  • DU Episode 22: "Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly, Part 2"
  • DU Episode 26: "Janken Boy Is Coming!"
  • DU Episode 31: "July 15th (Thursday), Part 1"
  • DU Episode 33: "July 15th (Thursday), Part 3"
  • DU Episode 39: "Goodbye, Morioh Town - The Golden Heart"

  • GW Episode 1: "Gold Experience" (Photo only)
  • GW Episode 4: "Joining the Gang" (Appears in flashback(s))
  • GW Episode 29: "Destination: Rome! The Colosseum" (Silhouette/Photo only)
  • GW Episode 32: "Green Day and Oasis, Part 3" (Appears in flashback(s))
  • GW Episode 33: "His Name Is Diavolo" (Appears in flashback(s))

  • Gallery


    Part 2: Battle Tendency

    Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

    Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable





    Early life

    Josef young

    Joseph as a child

    Joseph was born the son of George Joestar II and Elizabeth, establishing him as the grandson of Jonathan Joestar. When his mother was forced to go into hiding after killing his father's murderer, one of Dio Brando's surviving zombies, his grandmother Erina Joestar decided it would be best if he assumed his parents died, out of fear he might get caught up in the same fatal situation his father and grandfather suffered. It was then both Erina and Robert E. O. Speedwagon who took care of Joseph. The young Joseph developed early an ability to use the Ripple inherited from his grandfather, first displaying it when Speedwagon was being kidnapped.

    Battle Tendency (1938-39)

    Joseph Anime Faceshot

    Joseph (age 18) as seen in Battle Tendency, introducing himself after saving Smokey Brown

    Visiting New York with Erina, Joseph encounters Smokey Brown, an African-American youth who steals his wallet. Nonetheless, Joseph befriends the pickpocket after giving a beating to two corrupt policemen who brutalized Smokey. Both he and Erina acquaint themselves with Smokey. While dining in a restaurant, Joseph personally publicly humiliates a racist mafioso who kept insulting Smokey; that mafioso's companion then suddenly informs him that Speedwagon is reported dead in Mexico. Later that night, Joseph is attacked in New York City by Straizo, an old companion of his grandfather Jonathan turned-Vampire. After being led on a wild chase, Joseph manages to defeat Straizo, who destroys himself with his stored Ripple while warning the youth of the Pillar Men.[26]

    Joseph goes to Mexico in search of Speedwagon, revealed to be alive in a secret underground Nazi facility where the Nazis are trying to revive a man who seems to have been trapped in a stone pillar for 2,000 years. Here Joseph meets the Nazi Rudol von Stroheim. Unfortunately, the Nazis are successful in awakening the man, who is christened "Santana" before he kills most of them. Joseph battles Santana and manage to defeat him with Stroheim's help before he seemingly died.[27] Before Stroheim dies, the nazi reveals that three more "sleeping pillar men" have been discovered underneath the Colosseum in Rome and that Joseph must stop them and meet with an ally.


    The Wedding Rings implanted in Joseph's body after his first encounter with the Pillar Men

    In Rome, Joseph meets Caesar, a trained Ripple user near his age who is supposed to show Joseph the ropes. At first, they are unable to do anything but argue; Caesar blames Jonathan Joestar for causing the death of his grandfather Will Anthonio Zeppeli through his incompetence. Caesar brings a Nazi named Mark to drive them to the Colosseum, where they find the three pillar men, Wamuu, Esidisi, and Kars, awakened. Mark is casually killed by Wamuu, enraging Caesar and causing the pair to fight him.[28] Unfortunately, even with his American Ripple-Infused Clackers, the untrained Joseph is unable to stand a chance. Luckily, he manages to talk them out of killing him promising to train for a whole month for a rematch.

    To ensure that Joseph does not chicken out, Wamuu and Esidisi both end up inserting a "wedding ring" inside Joseph's heart and throat. They explain that the rings are internal time bombs set to release poison into his blood if he does not defeat them and retrieve the antidote they carry within a month.[29] Joseph realizes that he will have to train or die, and Caesar introduces Joseph to his master Lisa Lisa, who also reveals that the motives of the pillar men are to seize the Red Stone of Aja to become perfect life forms.

    Ripple Training

    Along with Caesar, Joseph begins his training under Lisa Lisa. She immediately forces Joseph to use a modified mask to alter his breathing, enough for him to be able to keep it in control when using the ripple. She then puts both students in the 'Hell Climb Pillar', a pillar covered with oil that requires expert control of the Ripple to climb. Without experience in the use of the Ripple, Joseph has trouble climbing, but finally manages to do so thanks to Caesar's help. In the next weeks, Joseph trains under the harsh Loggins, who teaches him how to breathe in for 10 minutes straight and how to breathe 10 times in one second. As his last test, with only a week left before the poison takes effect, Joseph needs to defeat Loggins in a battle to earn the right to be recognized as a proper Ripple user.


    Joseph fights Esidisi

    Joseph finds Loggins murdered by Esidisi, who learned of the Super Aja in Lisa Lisa's possession. Denied his chance to pay back his teacher for the hell he went through, Joseph finds himself nearly outwitted by Esidisi before managing to defeat him with both his new skills and a sleight of hand strategy involving his wool hat. Joseph ingests the antidote in his opponent's nose ring, but doesn't realize that his attack only reduced Esidisi to a disembodied nervous system. Esidisi then takes over Suzi Q's body to mail the Red Stone to Kars in Switzerland while taking a last stand to deal with Joseph and the Ripple Users. Joseph and Caesar manage to safely force Esidisi out of Suzi Q by using opposing ripples and then watch as the Pillar Man is dissolved by the sunlight. Joseph mentions being impressed by Esidisi's resolve and loyalty, having gone so far to help Kars succeed.[30] Lisa Lisa discovers that Esidisi sent the Aja to Switzerland, and the Joestar Group leaves Venice for the Alps.

    In Switzerland


    Joseph and Lisa Lisa cry over the death of Caesar

    While pursuing the Super Aja, Joseph and his companions see a platoon of German soldiers confiscating the Red Stone of Aja and are invited to a chalet, where Joseph is reunited with the supposedly-deceased Stroheim, who has been rebuilt as a powerful cyborg by Nazi science. But at the same time, Kars has infiltrated the Nazi chalet in search for the Aja. Stroheim's machine body is quickly cut in half by Kars, who instinctively knows Joseph killed Esidisi and expresses hidden hatred towards who he initially considered a source of amusement. During the struggle, the Red Stone of Aja slips and falls into a ravine where Joseph and Kars battle to seize it. After a difficult fight, Joseph manages to keep the Stone while Kars disappears at the bottom of the ravine.

    The next day, the group discovers a likely hideout for the Pillar Men and Caesar is eager to go fight them. Joseph voiced being against going after Kars in daylight, sensing a trap. This result in Joseph saying words that drive Caesar off the edge as he leaves to do the job himself, Joseph learning his friend's story and changing his mind. However, by the time he and Lisa Lisa arrive, they see Caesar had already died fighting Wamuu and used the last of his strength to get the Pillar Man's lip ring. Out of respect for Caesar, Joseph decides to not take the antidote until he defeats Wamuu.[31] Joseph and Lisa Lisa decide to pursue the likely wounded Wamuu inside the mansion.


    Joseph against Wamuu in the Chariot Race

    Joseph and Lisa Lisa find Kars and Wamuu but also find themselves outnumbered by Kars´s vampires. Lisa Lisa bluffs destroying the Super Aja unless the Pillar Men accept her terms to settle things in two one-on-one showdowns at the Skeleton Heel Stone arena. Sent to retrieve the stone, Joseph notices the photo of an infant with Erina, Speedwagon, and Straizo and confronts Lisa Lisa about it. She tells only half of the photo's significance before Joseph engages Wamuu in a deadly Roman chariot race-battle. Wamuu initially gets the upper hand, but Joseph still manages to counter his dangerous attacks and destroys Wamuu´s body with only his dissolving head. Joseph, in a sign of honor to the warrior, gave Wamuu some of his own blood to ease his pain before drinking the antidote to give his opponent peace of mind.[32]

    Kars proves to be less honorable than Wamuu and breaks his promise to fight Lisa Lisa one-on-one and sacrifices one of his weaker vampires in order to defeat her. Angered by Kars' treachery, Joseph then challenges Kars, who looks upon him as a weak Ripple user and not even worth fighting seriously. All seems to be over in this fight against Kars until a newly rebuilt Stroheim and his Nazi soldiers, Speedwagon, and Smokey arrive to help. As the two fought on, Joseph is eventually given the decision to choose between his life or Lisa Lisa's, but is able to counter the whole situation and send Kars flying into the spike pit below. Stroheim and his Nazi soldiers blast Kars with ultraviolet light, but unknowingly gave him the light necessary for his Super Aja-embedded stone mask to trigger and transform him into the ultimate life form.[33]

    Kars final blow

    Joseph about to be killed by Kars

    Taking the Super Aja while running off, Joseph steals one of the Germans' airplanes to lead Kars away while devising a strategy to defeat him. Joseph then assumed he could kill Kars using the planet: namely crashing the plane with Kars on it into a volcano. Though it appears Kars is dead while sinking into the magma, the Pillar Man evolved a continuous and inorganic porous material to protect himself while digging his way out and slicing Joseph's arm off. When all seemed lost, Joseph unconsciously defends himself from Kars' enhanced Ripple by having the Super Aja redirect the attack into the ground. This causes an eruption that blasts the land the two fighters are on into the air, with Joseph distracting Kars long enough to be knocked out of Earth's orbit by debris. But gravity runs its course and Stroheim assumes Joseph dead at sea near Italy.[34]

    Back Home


    Joseph shows up to his own "funeral"


    Joseph and his new wife Suzi Q

    Weeks later, a funeral is held for the presumably-dead Joseph, but Joseph himself crashes the event and reveals that after he fell back down from the sky, he ended up in Italy where he was helped by some local fisherman and nursed back to health by Suzi Q and later marries her. Joseph then returned to America to find his friends bewildered and shocked; he comes to the realization that Suzi Q had evidently forgotten to telegram them reassuring his survival.

    Pre-Stardust Crusaders (1942-88)

    In 1942, after learning of his ties to Lisa Lisa and moving to New York, Joseph and Suzi Q started a family with their daughter Holy. Eight years later, Joseph was at Erina's bedside in her final living moments. When Holy married Sadao Kujo and moved to Japan in 1967, Joseph developed an intolerance towards the Japanese. But in 1983, he ended up cheating on Suzi Q with a Japanese college student named Tomoko Higashikata.[35]

    Manifesting his Stand Hermit Purple at the age 65, Joseph would learn that Dio Brando resurfaced after being last heard of in 1889. Joseph is further livid to learn that his Stand manifested because of DIO, who succeeded in taking the body of Jonathan Joestar. Joined by Muhammad Avdol who helped him understand the nature of the Stands, Joseph spent the next few years attempting to track down DIO to no avail.

    Joseph Anime Walkman

    Joseph, age 67, heading for Japan

    In 1988, Joseph is called by Holy who needs his expertise in an "evil spirit" that his possessing her son Jotaro Kujo. Joseph arrives to the JFK Airport where he bumps into a Japanese man. While he initially apologized for bumping into him, Joseph realized the man's nationality and kicks him. Joseph then subsequently explains his hatred of the Japanese due to one marrying his daughter and convincing her to move to Japan. In contrast, Joseph is content with his Japanese-made Sony Walkman and after putting his headphones on, he boards the plane to Japan.[36]

    Stardust Crusaders (1988-89)

    Oh! My! God!

    —Joseph Joestar's catchphrase for the majority of Part III


    Joseph (Age 67) visiting his grandson in prison.

    Once arriving to Japan, having a reunion with his daughter, Joseph is lead to the police station where Jotaro had confined himself in. When Jotaro refuses to leave his cell as his "evil spirit" snapped off a pinkie from the old man's prosthetic hand, seeing his grandson is a Stand User, Joseph has Avdol force his grandson out of his cell while explaining Stands to Jotaro. Jotaro admits his loss after being tricked into walking out of his cell, Joseph explaining manifestation of their Stands while attempting to convince Jotaro to help him track DIO. Soon after, voicing his refusal in attempting to the culture, Joseph moves into the Kujo residence where he helps in dispatching the Flesh Bud controlling Noriaki Kakyoin.

    Let's go!

    Joseph and company making for the airport

    A few days later, to Joseph's horror, Holy's own Stand manifest and begins to slowly kill her due to lack of fighting spirit. The only means to save Holy within the next fifty days is to find and kill DIO to break his link to the Joestar line. Jotaro's Stand, later named Star Platinum, deduces a fly in the background of one Hermit Purple's photographs depicting DIO. Joseph contacts the Speedwagon Foundation to care for Holy after Avdol confirmed the fly to be native to Egypt as the group are joined by Kakyoin as they leave the airport.

    An in-flight encounter with DIO's homicidal assassin Gray Fly results in the deaths of the pilots as Joseph is forced to take the wheel. He manages to successfully land it 35 km off the coast of Hong Kong. The group later enters the city and they discuss their status over a meal. With Joseph's suggestion to ensure a path where there be less risks for civilians, the group decides to take a sea route through the Indian Sea that should get them to Egypt within 50 days. After ordering the group delicacies by mistake due to his inability to read Kanji, they find the French tourist Jean Pierre Polnareff who joined their meal, to be another of DIO's assassins. Following the duel between Avdol and Polnareff, the latter is revealed to be controlled by a Flesh Bud. The Frenchman confronts Joseph at the dock about his prosthetic hand before joining the group in both their quest and his own agenda.

    At sea

    The Joestar Group takes a private boat manned by men from the Speedwagon Foundation, however although Captain Tennille, who commands the ship, is discovered as an impostor and working for DIO, the impostor manages to sabotage the boat, forcing Joseph, his companions and the crew to evacuate. They then encounter a deserted ship on which they go aboard, but the ship begins to attack them all, disabling Joseph and the rest of the Joestar Group save Jotaro who defeats the user of the ship Stand, an orangutan.


    The group is eventually rescued and arrives in Singapore, where they go rest at a luxurious hotel. In his room, Joseph receives a phone call from Polnareff who warns him about a Stand user which Avdol explains could be Rubber Soul, a mercenary working for DIO. Although Joseph tries to gather everyone to stay safe, the threat is dealt with before everyone can meet. Joseph takes the opportunity of using the television set in his room to gather more information about their enemies, he only manages to receives a warning against Kakyoin and briefly spies on DIO before DIO psychically spots him and shoos him away.

    Terror In India

    Joseph and his companions arrive in Calcutta, India, where Joseph discovers that his preconceptions are actually true, as he is swarmed by beggars and the dirty street are full of the diseased and the homeless. Polnareff separates from the group in search for his sister's murderer. Joseph and Jotaro search for him across the town, but when they learn that Avdol was wounded, decides to keep his survival a secret in order to operate more freely. Joseph and Jotaro then stumble upon a fleeing Hol Horse, one of DIO's henchmen. Although Hol Horse is surrounded, the timely intervention of a girl named Nena who pins Polnareff down allows Hol Horse to escape. Joseph is splattered with a drop of Nena's blood on his arm during the struggle. However, a strange swelling appears where his arm was splattered. In Varanasi, Joseph's swelling grew so much that he decides to have it treated. However, the swelling is revealed to be the Stand Empress which grows into a miniature humanoid attached to its arm. Empress kills a doctor and makes Joseph appear as the culprit, forcing him to run throughout the town. However, Joseph manages to dispose of Empress with his Hermit Purple and kills Nena.[37] The Joestar Group then buy a car in order to travel to Pakistan. On their way, they are attacked by a car, revealed as the Stand Wheel of Fortune, but Jotaro manages to defeat the enemy Stand and its user. He then takes ZZ's passport so he can't follow them again.


    In Pakistan, the Joestar Group enters a foggy village where everyone is unwelcoming and unsuspicious. Joseph, trying to jump on his car in order to drive away, finds himself falling on the spikes of a barrier and nearly impales himself. However Enya the Hag, disguising as a gentle hotel owner, welcomes the group in their hotel. Enya eventually reveals herself but is swiftly defeated. However, Joseph decides to keep Enya in order to interrogate her later. The group eventually arrives in Karachi, where Steely Dan kills Enya before she can reveal anything and subdues Joseph by having his Stand Lovers infiltrate his brain. Thus Joseph perceives tenfold whatever pain Steely Dan feels, and the group cannot harm Steely Dan. Joseph flees alongside Polnareff and Kakyoin while Jotaro is humiliated by Steely Dan, but Kakyoin and Polnareff shrink their Stands in order to fight Lovers directly inside Joseph's brain while Hermit Purple allows them to see inside it. Lovers and Steely Dan are eventually defeated.[38]


    In Arabia, Joseph decides to cross the desert with camels. However, their attempt to cross it is thwarted when they are attacked by the Sun Stand. Jotaro manages to make a shelter against the Sun, but everyone is trapped. Joseph, trying to find a solution, sees his companions laugh maniacally and thinks that they are suffering from a psychotic break. It turns out that Joseph was the last to spot their enemy's ridiculous hiding spot. Arabia Fats is swiftly defeated. He complains about how easy Arabia was defeated and how they didn't even learn his name.

    Joseph and his companions stop by a village and buy a Cessna in order to fly across the desert, with a baby. However, Kakyoin has a nightmare in the middle of the flight and becomes so agitated Joseph crashes. Although everyone survives, they are stranded in the desert. Kakyoin, suspicious of the baby, is knocked down and everyone goes to sleep, where they are attacked by Death Thirteen. Fortunately, Kakyoin manages to defeat the Stand as he summoned Hierophant Green. He does not remember due to Death 13's powers and feeds Mannish Boy food, which unbeknownst to him has poop in it.

    The Red Sea

    Joseph and his companions reach the Red Sea, where they go meet Avdol's father, in fact, Avdol who was secretly disguised in order to buy a submarine. The Joestar Group now reunited use the submarine to cross the sea. They are attacked by High Priestess and forced to evacuate the sinking submarine, but High Priestess fuses with the bedrock and transforms into a gigantic face which swallows everyone. However, Jotaro destroys High Priestess and everyone reaches Egypt.


    In Egypt, Joseph and the Joestar Group meets with men from the Speedwagon Foundation who provide supplies, give them the Stand user dog Iggy, and inform them of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods, nine other henchmen DIO kept up his sleeves. The first of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods, N'Doul, manages to injure Kakyoin and Avdol. However the combined efforts of Jotaro and Iggy manages to prevail.

    Kakyoin and Avdol are given to the care of local doctors, and although Jotaro is acting strange, nothing unusual happens.

    Joseph is attacked by Mariah and her Stand Bastet and becomes magnetized alongside Avdol. Having every metallic object attracted to them is a huge handicap, but Joseph manages to surround Mariah with Avdol and uses her power to his advantage by having himself and Avdol collide with each other, crushing Mariah.

    After receiving a call from the Speedwagon Foundation, Joseph informs everyone that Holy had only four or five days left to live. In order to speed things up, they then take a train from Luxor to Cairo.[39]

    The Genesis of Universe

    (The information in this section derives from a Light Novel not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.)
    Joseph appears in the Genesis of Universe novel in both chapters, where he is kept captive in Satanic Coupler with Avdol, but when he is rescued by the rest of the group, Joseph helps defeat the locomotive Stand. He throws his metallic hand in Satanic Coupler's way, stopping it on its tracks. He also saves Jotaro from The Scribe Ani, damaging his Stand, Ptah.

    Egypt: Cairo

    In Cairo, Joseph has taken a photograph of DIO's Mansion, but everyone he interrogates doesn't recognize it. One man named Daniel J. D'Arby lures the Joestar Group into a gambling session, where he steals Polnareff's soul. Determined to save Polnareff, Joseph challenges D'Arby to a game where each have to put coins into a glass nearly full of liquor and whoever makes the glass spill loses. Although Joseph tries to cheat, he is outsmarted by Daniel, and loses his souls. Fortunately, Jotaro manages to win everyone back.[40]

    During several days, Joseph's search continues, but it is Iggy who guides everyone toward DIO's Mansion.

    Battle in DIO's Mansion

    The Joestar Group is welcomed by Telence T. D'Arby, the butler of the mansion, who forcibly drags Jotaro, Joseph and Kakyoin into a void. The trio finds themselves on an island in the middle of the sea where Telence challenges them to video games. Kakyoin loses the game and his soul, but Jotaro and Joseph cheat together in order to win the second round. When Jotaro pummels Telence, Telence is propelled through the fake sky of the underground room.[41]

    Not out of the cellar yet, Joseph, Kakyoin and Jotaro notice that another battle is taking place as they try to escape.

    Joseph, Jotaro and Kakyoin meet Nukesaku, a vampire, and bully him into indicating where DIO is. They decide to flank DIO from the outside of the building, breaking through a wall to enter a second time, and interrupt Polnareff and DIO's clash. Joseph alongside everyone follows Nukesaku to the room where DIO sleeps, but Nukesaku somehow is teleported inside a the coffin in the middle of the room, and Joseph, sniffing an ambush, flees through a window with the rest of the party. As the sun sets, Joseph decides that they flee because fighting the vampire without the slightest hint of his power is suicidal. He and Kakyoin flee first whereas Polnareff and Jotaro wait in ambush in order to follow DIO.[42]

    DIO High Anime

    Joseph, after having his blood drained by Dio

    The Final Battle

    DIO pursues Joseph and Kakyoin, who have bought a truck and are trying to drive away from him. At the same time, Kakyoin tries to attack DIO, without results, but notices that DIO's Stand The World is similar to Jotaro's. DIO sends a bystander crash into the truck, forcing Joseph to stop driving and instead hop across the roofs of Cairo.

    However Kakyoin devises a plan to force DIO to use his power openly. DIO stops time, taking everyone by surprises and punches through Kakyoin. However Kakyoin manages to tip off Joseph about the true nature of The World. Joseph manages to decipher the cryptic message Kakyoin leaves in regards to DIO's power and even figures out some of The World's weaknesses, but DIO is too strong anyway.

    Joseph is stabbed through the throat and taken out as he meets with Jotaro and warns him against The World. Later DIO sucks the entirety of Joseph's blood to power himself up, and Joseph seemingly dies, his specter talking one last time to Jotaro, who manages to kill DIO.[42]

    The Long Journey Ends

    DIO Joseph

    Joseph jokingly imitates DIO after being revived with his blood

    Jotaro and Polnareff's injuries were dealt with by the Speedwagon Foundation. Since DIO had taken much of Joseph's blood, Jotaro asked for a blood transfusion from DIO's body to Joseph's. After using Star Platinum to restart Joseph's heartbeat, the transfusion began. The shriveled-up body that Joseph had after losing so much blood began returning to his normal muscular figure and Joseph fully revived. Joseph uses the opportunity and plays a joke on Jotaro, claiming to be DIO possessing Joseph's body which nearly causes Jotaro to attack him. Luckily Joseph is spared a beating by claiming it was a joke.

    Later, Jotaro and Joseph took the remainder DIO's body outside, where it evaporated with the rising sun. They then gave one final moment of thought for Kakyoin, Iggy, and Avdol.[43]

    At the airport, Joseph and Jotaro gave a final goodbye to Polnareff, who was finally ready to return to his home country of France. Joseph asks Polnareff to come with him to America, knowing that the latter had no one waiting for him back home. Polnareff refused the offer, stating that despite being alone, France was his homeland. The trio gave their final goodbyes and left, promising to see one another again someday. In Japan, Holy awoke fully healed and freed from the curse. Even miles away, she knew her son and father were coming home.[44] During the next 10 years Joseph became a shadow of his former self. He had gallstone surgery, suffered cataracts, wore dentures, needed a cane to walk, and had gone a little senile.

    During this time he gained a great-granddaughter named Jolyne Cujoh, but it is unknown if they have interacted with each other.

    Joseph also learns of the illegitimate son from his fling with Tomoko Higashikata, who kept the child's existence a secret until he was 16 years of age. As Suzi Q got upset that he was unfaithful to her, Joseph added Josuke to his will. When Joseph attempted to use his Stand to get a picture of Josuke, he discovers an ominous figure in the photos instead, prompting Jotaro to go to Morioh to investigate.

    Diamond is Unbreakable (1999)


    Joseph (age 79)

    Joseph ultimately travels to Morioh to help localize Akira Otoishi. He is revealed to have aged terribly, no longer being able to walk without a cane, wears spectacles, is hard of hearing, and isn't nearly as athletic as he used to be. On the boat, he is targeted by Akira after the latter had learnt of his ability to discover his location. After Akira is defeated, Joseph arrives safely on the dock, where he is escorted by Josuke.

    On the way to Josuke's house, Joseph and Josuke discover an "invisible baby" which turns out to be a Stand User. As the two are unable to see it, they decide to travel to a baby store and purchase clothing and supplies (unbeknownst to Josuke, Joseph spends most of his money). There's a brief bonding period between the two before the baby begins to cry and go out of control from a lack of mother. When the baby's carriage becomes invisible as well and rolls down a hill into a pond, Josuke panics about not being able to locate the baby in the water and blames Joseph for the situation. Joseph, however, cuts himself to stain the water with his blood, thus allowing Josuke to find the baby. He says he did it because he wanted to make Josuke proud.[45]

    Throughout the rest of the part, Joseph is seen taking care of the baby and travelling with Josuke to places around town. At one point, he comes across a sulking Yukako and gives her advice on how to get Koichi to be interested in her, particularly by visiting Aya's Salon.[46] Later that day, Joseph and Josuke decide to head to Kameyu department store, where they eventually meet up with Yukako, Rohan and Koichi and his family. At the store, a flash from Rohan's camera causes the baby to cry, forcing Joseph to run out of the building, but not before bumping Koichi into Yukako's arms.

    Screenshot 1

    Joseph and Jotaro bid farewell to Morioh

    By the end, Joseph adopts the baby and names her Shizuka - this, however, leads to further conflict with his wife Suzi Q, who believes the baby to be another "secret child". When he and Jotaro leave Morioh, Joseph assures the latter that the people of the town have "hearts of gold", and that Josuke and his friends will be able to handle any future threat. Josuke himself sees Joseph off, though he ends up stealing his wallet using Crazy Diamond's power.

    Stone Ocean (2012)

    In an interview with Eiichiro Funakoshi, Araki describes Joseph to be "likely still alive, albeit a little dumber."[8] Though he does not appear in Part 6, this would put him at the age of 91 during its events.


    Major Battles

    Part 2

    Part 3



    • Jonathan Joestar: Joseph had no real knowledge of his grandfather prior to his battle with Straizo because of Speedwagon keeping the events of Phantom Blood secret. However, he holds great respect towards him due to his relationship with Erina Joestar and friendship with Speedwagon. When Caesar insulted Jonathan, it enraged Joseph. His respect for his grandfather is even more apparent in his later years, as he's shown to be angry that a returned Dio Brando (now DIO) is now using Jonathan's body as his own.
    • Erina Joestar: Joseph and Erina are very close due to Erina having raised Joseph all his youth in the absence of his parents. Erina loves Joseph dearly but is quite severe with him because of his indiscipline. Prior to meeting Lisa Lisa, Joseph only respects her authority and is very attached to her, being angry and becoming physically violent that one would ruin a coat she gave him or that someone would even make her distraught.
    • Lisa Lisa: Joseph never knew his mother and thought she died in an accident. He meets Lisa Lisa thinking she is an unrelated Ripple user and her severity and prowess in the Ripple quickly shut Joseph's arrogance and belligerence. Joseph respects Lisa Lisa's authority and becomes close to her, getting angry when Kars humiliates Lisa Lisa to get at him. Joseph also finds Lisa Lisa attractive and has opportunistically peeped on her, (unaware of their relation); he is notably dismayed to find that she is 50 years old and makes fun of her for it.
    • Suzi Q: Joseph expresses some attraction towards Suzi Q upon meeting her early on in Battle Tendency, though does show some degree of exasperation at her air-headedness, notably when he realizes that she had not sent a telegram bearing news that he was alive to his family and friends. Both eventually marry and presumably live a happy life. It is shown that they enjoy teasing each other. Fifty years later into the marriage, Suzi Q is shown to trust her husband completely and believes that he had never failed her once. However, in Part 4, she is said to have been enraged when Joseph had an affair with Tomoko Higashikata. Her anger is mentioned again when Joseph brings home an adopted Shizuka, who Suzi Q initially believed to be another illegitimate child. However, it seems they made up as Suzi Q became delighted upon Joseph bringing Shizuka into the family.
    • Holy Kujo: Joseph is incredibly attached to his daughter and is shown to be very close to her. Both are comfortable enough to tickle each other in public, and Joseph developed a hatred toward Japanese people in general because of Sadao Kujo taking Holy to live in Japan, where he couldn't meet her or his grandson Jotaro very often. Being her father, he naturally cares for her, becoming angry at Jotaro for disrespecting her (despite the latter's good intentions for doing so) and immediately becoming worried for his daughter's health after seeing her affected harmfully by her own Stand.
    • Sadao Kujo: While there is no on-screen interaction between them since he is the man who made his daughter move to Japan, Joseph presumably greatly disliked his son-in-law. As evidence of this, Joseph basically stated that Sadao was responsible for his hatred for the Japanese (with a few exceptions).
    • Jotaro Kujo: Joseph is close to his grandson. Although Jotaro's aloofness makes their relationship difficult, Joseph's friendly nature makes it so they ultimately appreciate each other as family members, and Joseph trusts Jotaro's ability. Throughout the course of the series, he and Jotaro are able to get along more easily and eventually work together to defeat Telence T. D'Arby in DIO's mansion without even a need for words to understand the same plan of action. Joseph's apparent death and desecration by DIO notably enraged Jotaro. By the time of Part 4, Jotaro isn't as cold with Joseph, and Joseph confides more in Jotaro, sharing with him his observation of the spirit and will of the residents of Morioh.
    • Josuke Higashikata: While his relationship with his illegitimate son got off to a difficult start, Joseph understands his son's concerns and follows through with them. He refrains from seeing Tomoko and understands his son's frustrations in keeping him from getting lost in town. Joseph does, however, earn Josuke's respect after risking his life to save Shizuka, and the two are regularly seen hanging out together during the rest of Part 4. Joseph respects his son's sense of justice and trusts that Josuke will protect Morioh. It doesn't stop Josuke from stealing Joseph's wallet.
    • Shizuka Joestar: Joseph initially found Shizuka as a baby abandoned by her parents and decided to adopt her. When issues with Shizuka began to manifest and when Shizuka found her own life threatened by her powers, Joseph took up ways to calm those issues with makeup and slit his wrist to use the blood to find her respectively. Later, he is seen carrying her around as his own child and by the end of Part 4, brings her back to America to raise her as his own child.


    • Robert E. O. Speedwagon: Despite his cheeky attitude, Joseph cared for Speedwagon, and viewed him as an uncle. When Joseph received news of Speedwagon's supposed death, he becomes enraged and attacks Straizo without a second thought. Similarly, when he receives news that Speedwagon was still alive, he is seen happily tearing up before rushing to the Nazi base in order to break him out.
    • Smokey Brown: Despite having his wallet stolen by Smokey, Joseph bears him no ill will and actually helps bail him from the discriminating actions of the policemen who accost him, in the same manner, that his great-grandfather George Joestar did with Dario Brando. In a time when African Americans faced racial prejudice, Joseph backs up Smokey's rights to sit in a restaurant and beats up the man who insulted him. Smokey becomes grateful to Joseph for saving him and accompanies him throughout New York, and later with Speedwagon at Joseph's showdown with Kars.
    • Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli: Due to their conflicting personalities, the two did not get along at all during their first encounter. It wasn't until their climb to the top of the pillar where Joseph began to respect Caesar's skills and gradually saw him as a fairly proficient partner during their 26-day training session. Their trust in each other grew to a point where Joseph expected Caesar to finish the missing link to the icicle chain after having fallen off the cliff during their first encounter with Kars. After Caesar's death by the hands of Wamuu, Joseph openly cried out in sorrow and promised to avenge him. After the announcement of the chariot race, Joseph donned Caesar's headband and during the final showdown used it to defeat Wamuu, claiming his reason for victory being that Caesar was with him the whole time.
    • Rudol von Stroheim: Joseph's personality makes it so he judges other people based on their individual actions and "soul". Because of this, he was never prejudiced towards Rudol's occupation as a Nazi. During the battle against Santana, Joseph is shocked by Stroheim's selfless act of self-destruction and briefly mourns his supposed death. He teams up with Stroheim during the final battle with Kars, when Joseph kamikazes a plane into an active volcano. Having jumped out of the plane before then, Stroheim grabs hold of Joseph and sacrifices his own cybernetic legs to cushion the fall, thus saving both their lives. As a final gift to Joseph, he replaces his severed left hand with a mechanical one.
    • Loggins: While the 2 have had limited onscreen interaction Loggins personally trained Joseph in Ripple. While Joseph admitted to hating Loggins for putting him through a hellish training. One of the reasons Joseph tried to kill Esidisi was to avenge Loggins. After the battle, Joseph thanks Loggins for 'torturing' him.
    • Wamuu: Though he already admires the Pillar Man's skill and cunning as a warrior, he truly comes to respect his nobility upon finding Caesar's blood bubble of antidote left intact by Wamuu to honor his opponent's bravery; and graciously returned the respect the ancient warrior afforded Caesar by easing the pain of his death with his own blood. The two men parted in warm friendship, and Joseph notably regards Wamuu as a friend enough to be enraged by Kars' ambush of Lisa Lisa, the sheer cowardice of which spat in the face of everything the proud and honorable warrior stood for in life.
    • Muhammad Avdol: Out of the group, Joseph presumably knew Avdol the longest, having met him in Egypt prior to the events of Part 3. Since then, Joseph has formed a good friendship with the Egyptian and had even trusted him to help Jotaro unlock the full potential of his Stand through force. During their later journey to Egypt, the two fought alongside each other on several occasions, one of the more memorable instances being their battle against Mariah. At the end of the series, alongside Polnareff and Jotaro, he mourns the death of his companion.
    • Noriaki Kakyoin: Having joined them on their journey to Egypt, Kakyoin got along well with the rest of the group. While his interactions with Joseph specifically were minor, Joseph usually went to him to crack jokes and express his comedic nature (due to Kakyoin being able to tolerate it the most). Towards the end of the series, Kakyoin's last act before dying was shooting the clock tower with his Emerald Splash, in order to help Joseph discover the secret behind The World's ability to stop time. Joseph, whilst hiding his grief, responds by treating the message with upmost importance and swearing that Kakyoin's death would not be in vain.
    • Jean Pierre Polnareff:

      A strong Friendship

      Meeting as enemies, Polnareff joins the group during their journey to Egypt and gradually becomes good friends with everyone. At the end of Part 3, Joseph and Polnareff along with Jotaro mourn the loss of their friends. Joseph knew that Polnareff had no one in France, so he offered for him to come with him to America. Polnareff refused the offer, stating that despite being alone, France was his homeland. Joseph also mentions that it'd be lonely if Polnareff didn't come with him. Before leaving, the group embraces one last time, throwing out friendly insults, and promising to meet each other again sometime in the future.
    • Iggy: When first introduced, Iggy acted much like a stray and initially hated everyone in the group. After the fight with N'Doul, he would willingly tag along with them, but during fights, he'd usually disappear. It wasn't until his fight with Pet Shop where his inner thoughts came to light; at this point, he seemed to understand Joseph was the leader of the group. While the interaction between the two was fairly minor, after sacrificing himself for Polnareff to defeat Vanilla Ice, Joseph and the group acknowledged his heroism and mourned his death along with the others.
    • Tomoko Higashikata: In particular contrast with Joseph's dislike of the Japanese in his late 60's due to his daughter marrying one despite his wishes, Joseph had an affair with Tomoko a few years before he went to Japan to resolve Jotaro's issues with his Stand. However, given that Joseph had written Josuke into his will, he had not forgotten about Tomoko and continues to remember her, and takes her possible perspective of him into regard when he listens to Josuke's initial demands.


    • Straizo: Due to him claiming to have killed Speedwagon himself as well as trying to kill him and his grandmother, Joseph bore a great hatred toward Straizo. Straizo underestimated Joseph as a warrior, but at the end respected him enough to warn him about the incoming danger of the Pillar Men and reveal that Speedwagon was alive.
    • Santana: The first of the Pillar Man Joseph encountered. It was him that allowed Joseph to prepare for the other three's defeat. Santana thought little of Joseph, but was intrigued by his Ripple ability and annoyed by his general demeanor. For his part, Joseph wanted to leave Santana alone, while teasing him and even entertaining the idea that he was neutral if not for the Nazis actions against him. However, Joseph's indifference transformed into belligerence when Santana attacked Speedwagon, using everything in his power at that time to defeat the Pillar Man.
    • Donovan: While there is little interaction between the two, the fact that Donovan attacked Joseph made the two enemies. During their fight Joseph filled Donovan with cactus prickles and tied him to a cactus, but not before interrogating him and having him confirm Speedwagon's status.
    • Esidisi: Initially, Joseph viewed him as an enemy for implanting a Wedding Ring of Death in his neck. After killing one of his masters, Esidisi was engaged in a duel by Joseph and fought him. Esidisi thought little of him and more than anyone else, proved a match for his wits. In the end, Joseph successfully outsmarted Esidisi and destroyed his body. Joseph became enraged when he possessed Suzi Q, and with help from Caesar, destroyed him. He eventually came to respect the Pillar Man for the extremes he went to in order to procure success for his comrades.
    • Kars: Kars was initially just one of the Pillar Men to defeat in Joseph's eyes. Likewise, Joseph merely was a Ripple user to kill to Kars' own. The former was annoyed by the latter's tendency to use unpredictable tactics until the former cheated in his duel with Lisa Lisa, dishonoring the pride of his comrades in the process. Joseph then came to intensely hate him for his underhanded methods and once he became the Ultimate Life Form, Joseph made great efforts in order to defeat him, including trying to send him into a volcano at the cost of his own life. Kars responded by cutting off Joseph's left arm and their fight ended in Joseph unintentionally sending Kars out into space, but not before mocking him one last time.
    • Nena: Nena is one of many Stand Users sent by DIO to kill him, Nena would constantly mock Joseph for his age and was shocked when he outsmarted her, allowing him to once again use his trick of predicting an opponent's next line.
    • Steely Dan: Dan and Joseph first met in a haggling contest (which Dan won), but after Dan's identity is revealed, he infected Joseph with his Stand and used him as a hostage so the others wouldn't attack him. Through his Stand, Dan unknowingly though not unintentionally embarrasses Joseph in public, forcing him to attract a crowd. After Kakyoin and Polnareff free Joseph of his control, Jotaro gets revenge for him.
    • Mariah: Mariah is one of many Stand Users sent by DIO to kill him, during their confrontation, Mariah magnetized Joseph and Avdol using her Stand ability, then tried to kill them using their resulting handicap. Despite their antagonism, Mariah finds the older Joseph attractive and states she might've become his lover if she didn't find DIO more attractive.
    • DIO: At first, unaware of his existence due to Speedwagon making sure to keep the secret of the Vampire's existence. He eventually learned the whole truth and came to despise the villain for using his grandfather, Jonathan's body as well as causing his daughter Holy to become deathly ill due to his presence. He embarked on a mission alongside his grandson, Jotaro to find DIO and kill him in order to save Holy.

    Relationships in Eyes of Heaven

    (The information below derives from a Video Game not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.)

    • Lisa Lisa: When encountering her as Part 3 Joseph, she will not recognize him at first. Later, Joseph will mention how weird it is to be older than his own mother.
    • Rudol von Stroheim: Old Joseph will be surprised to see Stroheim alive, since he supposedly died in Stalingrad. Joseph asked Stroheim to make modifications to his mechanical arm.
    • Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli: Old Joseph is glad to see Caesar alive. He tells Caesar to not treat everyone like a hick.
    • Iggy: While their relationship is essentially the same as in the manga, Young Joseph will complain about having to team up with Iggy and state that he has evil eyes, but later states he is not bad for a mutt. Iggy will also complain about teaming up with Young Joseph and notes that his scent is similar to the Joseph he knows and wonders why.
    • Jonathan Joestar: Jonathan is impressed by Joseph's tactics and Ripple. He states that Old Joseph reminds him of his father.
    • Akira Otoishi: Joseph mistakes him for one of DIO's assassins.
    • Yukako Yamagishi: He encounters her while she is looking for Koichi. He comments that he can't communicate with her and considers her scary.
    • Jotaro Kujo: Upon encountering Joseph, Part 4 Jotaro will inform Joseph of the tragedies that await him in the next ten years until Joseph stops him. He also berates Joseph for cheating on his wife at 62 years old. In hidden files for an unrealized Part 6 Jotaro, he mentioned that he wants to see how Joseph fights like he does in spite of his age.
    • Kars: Old Joseph responds with shock to see that Kars is alive and seeks vengeance for what Kars did to his left arm.
    • Esidisi: Old Joseph is impressed when Esidisi is somehow able to sense his Stand. He considers Esidisi inferior to Avdol.
    • Wamuu: He is shocked to see Wamuu alive. He tells Wamuu to return to his eternal rest.

    Video Games

    Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden (NES)

    Joseph makes his gaming debut as playable character on the NES title as his young self (during Battle Tendency), along with other Jump Heroes (such as Goku from Dragonball, Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star and Seiya from Saint Seiya).

    Famicom Jump II: Saikyo no Shichinin (NES)

    Joseph returns as his older appearance (Stardust Crusaders) in the sequel. Though takes on a lesser role as a non-playable character (Jotaro is the representative hero from JJBA franchise instead). Appearing only as support character, where the player can talk to him in order to obtain information.

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (SNES)

    Joseph is one of the 6 main characters to appear in the SNES RPG game, along with Jotaro, Kakyoin, Polnareff, Avdol and Iggy, they must fight all the enemies and situations they faced in the manga story to find and terminate DIO.

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future

    Old Joseph

    Older Joseph's Part 3 incarnation is a playable character in the fighting game created by Capcom, titled "Joseph Joestar". Joseph uses both his Stand and Ripple as part of his moveset, such as the Overdrive. Most of Joseph's moves allow him to use Hermit Purple to grab the opponent from afar and send his Ripple through it to damage the enemy. Joseph's classic running away animation appears as his backward running and his special move is an uppercut that goes into an Ripple combo punch where Joseph whispers Lisa Lisa's name (with the background adding in various panels of her). His other special move involves grabbing the opponent with Hermit Purple and transferring all of his Ripple energy to damage the opponent heavily. Hermit Purple is also utilized in a counter attack (much like he did against DIO in the final battle of Part 3).

    Many of his movesets also give him the role of a grappler, complete with 360 and 720 joystick grapple moves, whether upclose or afar, but these are overshadowed by his attack versatility and melee range with his Stand on. Another noteworthy thing is that if the AI does the 360 or 720 grapple moves, they deal double damage, while the playable version deals only half of that.

    Joseph "JoJo" Joestar

    Joseph also has his Part 2 incarnation as an unlockable secret character (simply called "JoJo"). In this form, Joseph's main attack is his Clacker Volleys, where he uses it as a pair of nuchakos and boomerangs. His first special move is similar to his Part 3 counterpart though instead of whispering Lisa Lisa's name he screams Caesar's.

    His other special move uses the Red Stone of Aja; by charging it with his Ripple the stone will shoot a powerful Ripple beam (similar to what Kars and Lisa Lisa did it during the events of Part 2) that will set opponents on fire. Some characters can duck under the beam, while characters like DIO and Joseph himself will still be hit while crouching.

    "JoJo" can also use a crossbow to shoot an iron pellet across the screen to hit the enemy from the other side as well as a bottle cap from a coke bottle as a projectile, all of which are attacks that originated from the manga.

    "JoJo" can also be 'activated' if Old Joseph is hit with Alessi's Stand, though temporarily, and missing a majority of his moveset other than kicks and punches. If "JoJo" is hit by Alessi, he will appear as his 13-year old self from the flashback with Speedwagon, and uses a weaker Ripple attack while flipping through a comic book.

    His Story Mode in JoJo's Venture has him simply face off enemies until reaching Shadow Dio, with no storyline involved. In Heritage for the Future, it becomes a what-if sidestory if Joseph encounters Alessy, turning into his Battle Tendency incarnation, and fighting some allies in the process, before facing off Alessy himself and reverting to his normal form, albeit with a little regret of becoming old again.

    GioGio's Bizarre Adventure (PS2)

    Joseph makes a brief appearance in the game's introduction as an image behind Giorno (along with Jotaro, Josuke and Jonathan), after Koichi says that Giorno had a similar kindness to the Joestar bloodline and seeing Giorno eager to avenge the janitor killed by Black Sabbath.

    However, the manga uses Joseph's Part IV appearance, while the game uses Joseph's Part 3 appearance instead.

    Jump Super Stars (Nintendo DS)

    Joseph appears as Jotaro's 3-block support koma. He uses Hermit Purple to draw an enemy towards him, creating a opening for attack.

    Jump Ultimate Stars (Nintendo DS)

    Although he's not playable he can be used as a support and help character in the game. In his 2 Koma support, Joseph Part 2 uses his special ability to predict the opponents line, inflicting paralysis effect on the enemy .

    His 3 Koma support, now in his Part 3 appearance, he uses his stand, Hermit Purple, to grab the opponent and bring him near the player, creating a chance to attack. His help Koma gives the character the ability to see invisible characters.

    Joseph also serves as an ally boost to Yoh (from Shaman King), by asking if he's a new stand user (since Shaman King character's can also use "spirits" to fight) and Franky (from One Piece), by asking if he doesn't burp after so much cola (a reference to Joseph's first appearance, where he used a cola soda to shoot an officer).

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

    Joseph was one of the first confirmed characters to be in the game (along with Jotaro, Wamuu and Gyro), and appears as two different characters. This marks him as one of the only three characters with two incarnations, the others being Dio and Yoshikage Kira.

    Joseph Joestar

    As a "Ripple"-user character (along with Jonathan, Will, Caesar, Lisa Lisa, and his Part 3 self), Joseph can recharge his Heart Heat Gauge through "Ripple Breath" by holding down the Style button, performing a famous JoJo pose, as well as deliver enhanced versions of skills if Style is inputted in place of normal attack buttons.

    During a fight, Joseph can use several different attacks that were featured in Battle Tendency.

    • I'm so outta here!: A skill shared with his older self, Joseph runs away from the opponent, marking him one of the only three characters in the game capable of running in the opposite direction; The others being Iggy and Hol Horse.
    • Now you've pissed me off!: Joseph moves forward and unleashes a downward elbow, downing the opponent on hit. This move is a middle attack that cannot be blocked if the opponent is crouching, and cannot be Puttsun Cancelled.
    • How 'bout a cold one?: Joseph uses the Ripple to pop a bottle of cola open, hitting the opponent with the cap and knocking them into the air. This move doubles as an anti-air. If Ripple-enhanced, the cola bottle is replaced with a tequila bottle that hits with the cork, knocking the opponent higher into the air. When they hit the ground, a coconut will then fall out of nowhere onto the opponent as a middle attack. The coconut will fall earlier and hit the opponent in mid-air if the move is Puttsun Cancelled. (Ripple-enhanced Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
    • Clacker Boomerang: Joseph throws a spinning pair of Clackers as a projectile. If the button inputted is held long enough, the Clackers will return to hit the opponent twice, even if Joseph is in the middle of being attacked. If Ripple-enhanced, Joseph will throw two. (Comboable)
    • Clacker Volley: Joseph brings out a pair of Clackers and spins it, hitting the opponent multiple times. If Ripple-enhanced, the attack does more damage. This move alone has three follow-up attacks. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
      • Now who's laughing!: Joseph takes out a second Clacker and proceeds to beat the opponent with the two rapidly spinning. He then delivers a finishing blow that sends them flying. If Ripple-enhanced, the attack does more damage. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
      • I'll smash you good!: Joseph charges his Clacker before swinging it downward, hitting the opponent for heavy damage. Despite having a delay, this move is a middle attack that cannot be blocked if the opponent is crouching. If Ripple-enhanced, the attack does more damage and grounds the opponent hard enough for them to bounce. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
      • Don't you get it?: A counter that increases Joseph's Trick level upon success. Joseph spins around and reveals two pairs Clackers interlocked behind his back. Should the opponent hit him in that moment with a non-Throw/HHA/GHA, Joseph retaliates with both pairs striking at the same time, exerting enough force to propel them far back. This move is able to automatically correct Joseph's orientation if Clacker Volley is dodged. If Ripple-enhanced, the attack does more damage.
    • Time to bring down the hammer!: Joseph pulls out a sledgehammer to smash the opponent with it in a large overhead swing. The move is a middle attack that cannot be blocked if the opponent is not crouching, can hit them when they're down, and can be charged to eventually increase its damage drastically and make it unblockable, but leaves Joseph open to attack. If Ripple-enhanced, the attack does more damage.
    • Guess I did it again!: A counter that increases Joseph's Trick level upon success. Spending a 1/4th of a bar of his Heart Heat Gauge, Joseph braces himself with the Ripple for a short instance. If the opponent triggers it, Joseph blasts the guard's entire Ripple into them for heavy damage, stunning them and leaving them vulnerable. (Comboable)
    • Your next line is-: A counter that increases Joseph's Trick level upon success. Joseph momentarily exits his battle stance to put his hands on his hips and slyly chuckle. Should the opponent trigger the counter, the battle is halted as Joseph correctly predicts the opponent's next line, usually taking the line from one of their taunts (even going so far as to imitate DIO's "WRYYYYY!", Funny Valentine's "DOJYAAA~N!", Iggy's loud gum chewing sounds, etc). This has the added effect of replenishing half a bar of Joseph's HHG, while simultaneously draining a half of his opponent's own. This ability can only be use once the entire battle. Notably, in a mirror match against himself, Joseph's prediction against the other uses the quote "I'm going to wipe that smirk off your face!"; The same line that Esidisi predicted Joseph himself to say in canon, though is one of Joseph's default taunt lines regardless.
    • Rebuff Overdrive: Spending a 1/4th of the HHG, Joseph fortifies himself with the Ripple and jumps as he hits the opponent with both his elbows, knocking them high into the air. Joseph can only be interrupted by Throws and HHA/GHA. This move doubles as an anti-air, and all of Joseph's abilities can be performed instantly following it. (Comboable through Puttstun Cancel)
    • Ripple Guard: Joseph uses the Ripple to instantly block all non-Throw attacks using the Heart Heat Gauge in place of the Guard Gauge. The skill will last as long as the inputted button is held, or until the HHG empties.
    • Throw - Hah! Moron!: The resulting attack changes depending on the direction.
      • If forward, Joseph holds the opponent in a reverse headlock, and reverse kicks them in the face three times before spinning around and kicking them once more in the torso to send them off.
      • If backward, Joseph swings around to the opponent's other side to catch them in a headlock. He proceeds to give them a rough noogie before throwing them.

    Exclusive to Joseph is a "Trick" system, otherwise named "Guess I did it again!" Level, represented by an icon of his scarf next to a number above his Heart Heat Gauge. All three of Joseph's counters increase the level upon their success. Every level he reaches will increase the damage of all Ripple-based and Ripple-enhanced skills. Joseph reaches his maximum strength at Level 3, or Level MAX, at which many of his individual abilities deal immense amounts of damage.

    Joseph's HHA, "This means war!", has him instantly pulling a Tommy Gun out from behind him to shoot the opponent with a volley of 27 bullets. At any time during the attack, but not after, Joseph may use a supplementary follow-up attack, "This'll blow you away!", to knock the opponent into the air with the butt of the gun and transfer a blast of the Ripple into them using a few more bullets (a reference to what he did to Straizo). "This'll blow you away!" deals more damage depending on Joseph's Trick level, and can correct Joseph's orientation should the opponent have sidestepped the initial Tommy Gun bullets for a surprise attack. The HHA does not require the first bullet to connect in order to work, and will not stop until it finishes or Joseph is interrupted.

    Joseph's GHA, "Lemme show you my 'tricks' of the trade!", begins with him pulling up a hidden string trap from the ground. This attack can even hit a downed opponent. If they are caught, Joseph pulls out two pairs of Clackers and delivers a lengthy attack combo, relentlessly hitting the opponent with them while exclaiming "Ripple Overdrive Beat!". Joseph then briefly stops his assault to Ripple Breathe, charging the energy into his Clackers, before hitting the opponent with all four in a finishing blast, sending them flying. The GHA deals more damage depending on Joseph's Trick level. This attack is a reference to his brief yet unsuccessful attack on Wamuu, showing the complete assault.

    Joseph also possesses several alternate costumes, most of them inspired by various manga chapter covers and other official artwork.

    Old Joseph

    Part 3 Joseph also appears in the game as a DLC character, named simply named "Old Joseph" to differentiate himself to his younger counterpart.

    Most of his attacks are similar to those from the Capcom game (Heritage for the Future). As one of the mass majority of playable characters in the game with the "Stand" Style, Old Joseph can turn Hermit Purple on/off, changing movesets, although he does not have access to the Stand Rush ability returning from the Capcom game.

    • Fighting on the run!: A skill shared with his younger self, Old Joseph runs away from the opponent.
    • Ripple Breath: A skill shared with Ripple-users. Old Joseph can charge his Heart Heat Gauge, performing a pose while doing so.
    • Throw - Now you've done it!: Old Joseph pushes the opponent off-balance before delivering a Ripple-infused horizontal chop that sends them flying.

    While Hermit Purple is off:

    • That changes everything!: Old Joseph kicks the opponent's shin in a low attack that cannot be blocked if the opponent is not crouching. Old Joseph's moves can be performed instantly following this attack.
    • Ripple Overdrive: Old Joseph slides forward to deliver a Ripple-infused overhead chop. This move is a middle attack and cannot be blocked if the opponent is crouching. This move can be Ripple-enhanced if Style is inputted in-place of normal attack buttons. If Ripple-enhanced, the attack does more damage and causes the opponent to bounce upon hitting the ground (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel).
    • Cunning Tactician: Expending a 1/4th of the HHG, Old Joseph wraps Hermit Purple charged with Ripple around his torso. While this move is in effect, the next middle/high attack dealt to Joseph by the opponent will cause Hermit Purple to burst out of Old Joseph's shirt, damaging them and causing them to flinch if they are close enough, leaving them open to counterattack. The effect can be countered by projectiles and other non-close-ranged attacks. (Comboable)
    • Coal Tar: Old Joseph summons Hermit Purple to bring out a drum of coal tar from off-screen and crush it, spilling the black liquid all over the floor. The drum can hit the opponent itself for extra damage. The coal tar puddle is a low attack that can make either Old Joseph himself or his opponent slip and fall flat if they step in it, dealing minor damage. This skill refers to his battle with Empress.

    While Hermit Purple is on:

    • Panic isn't in my vocabulary!: This skill can only be used during a vertical jump. Old Joseph uses Hermit Purple to pull him by the ceiling (regardless of whether or not the stage has a physical ceiling) a long distance away from the opponent, easily evading most attacks and creating distance.
    • Now I gotcha!: Old Joseph sends Hermit Purple out at an upward angle. This move is used exclusively as an anti-air. If it connects, Old Joseph uses Hermit Purple to slam the opponent into the ground.
    • Hermit Purple!: Old Joseph sends Hermit Purple out to strike the opponent at mid-range. This move has a follow-up attack. (Comboable through Puttun Cancel)
      • Solar Energy Ripple!: This move expends a 1/4th of the HHG. Hermit Purple wraps around the opponent as Old Joseph sends heavy Ripple pulses through it before blasting them away, dealing more damage if the attack button is rapidly pressed.
    • You gotta stand on your own!: Old Joseph swings Hermit Purple at a low angle to strike the opponent. If it connects, he pulls the opponent towards him. This is a low attack and cannot be blocked if the opponent is not crouching. It is also capable of picking up a downed opponent, leaving them open to more attacks. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
    • Take a STAND for it!: A Throw. Hermit Purple's vines are sent out in a fanning manner right in front of Old Joseph. If it connects, the opponent is bound as Old Joseph swings them in a circle before throwing them.

    Old Joseph's HHA, "Battle Apprenticeship", is a counter attack. If hit while Ripple Breathing, he will use the Ripple to blast the opponent away and onto the floor, before using Hermit Purple to launch into the air and perform a powerful downward chop (the same thing he did to a camera in the beginning of Part 3, though on a much larger scale).

    Old Joseph's GHA, "Hermit Purple and Ripple!", makes use of Hermit Purple much like a whip, sending it out at long-range. If it hits the opponent, they are bound and flung over Old Joseph in a devastating overhead slam hard enough for them to bounce. After pulling the opponent into the air again, Joseph takes a short moment to Ripple Breath, before pulling them towards him and finishing with an intense Ripple Overdrive chop to the face/neck.

    Old Joseph possesses two alternate costumes, one is based off his early appearance in Part 3 (wearing the long jacket he had on while visiting Jotaro in jail) and the second is based off one of the manga covers, where his hair is blonde and he does not wear a hat (erroneously, he still uses various animations regarding the adjustment of his hat, even though he is without it while in this costume).

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Shooters

    Joseph is one of the first 3 available characters the player must choose to be his first team leader (alongside Jonathan and Jotaro). Both young and old incarnations appear as playable Metal Strikers.

    For his FINISH moves, Part 2 Joseph uses his Clacker Volley on the defeated enemy, while his Special Level 3 Leader makes he uses his Thompson Machine Gun hitting any enemy near his target field, and his Part 3 appearance FINISH move uses Hermit Purple to capture the enemy and transfer Ripple into them.

    J-Stars Victory Vs

    Joseph Joestar (from Part 2) is one of the two playable characters, alongside Jonathan Joestar, that represent the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise in J-Stars Victory Vs..

    Joseph's moveset includes his Clacker Volley to be used in combo and ranged attacks, his Tommy Gun to be used as a projectile attack and the Red Stone of Aja appears during Joseph's Special Move, where he aims it at the opponent and charges it with a ripple before shooting a powerful solar laser beam at them, causing a huge explosion (In canon, it was Kars who does this by accident during the final events of Part 2). Several of his famous poses appear as taunts and intro and victory sequences, similar to Jonathan.

    Joseph's role during Story Mode is limited to small appearances. During Luffy's team arc, they claim to see an person walking over the water coming in their direction. That person is none other than Joseph Joestar himself, challenging the player's team claiming he's training his Ripple power (a small reference to Lisa Lisa's first appearance, where she walked over the water in Italy when first meeting Joseph). He yet appears later, this time challenging Naruto's team. After both battles, Joseph's introduces himself by saying "Joestar... Joseph Joestar, but you can call me JoJo." (the same line he uses to introduce himself to Smokey).

    Joseph's color scheme is derived from the one used in the anime series. Joseph shares a theme with the Hunter × Hunter protagonist Gon Freecs, named "Bravely and Resolutely".

    Both Joseph and Gintoki (from GINTAMA) shares the same seiyuu (Tomokazu Sugita), and this fact is alluded in their dialogues. Such as both characters predicting each other's lines, or a comment from Shinpachi saying, "Gin-san, this guy... He kind of sounds a lot like you."

    Despite not having any specific conversation or interaction with Jonathan Joestar, they both appear as rivals in one of the videos for the western version of the game, J-Stars Victory Vs +, with their battle named "WHEN GRANDFATHER MEETS HIS GRANDSON!".

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

    Joseph Joestar

    Joseph (Part 2) was one of the first characters confirmed for the game (alongside Caesar, Stroheim, Jotaro, Kakyoin, Josuke, and Diego Brando).

    As a Ripple User, Joseph has a Ripple Gauge that determines the strength of his attacks. Filling up the gauge will automatically empower his Normal and Powerful Attacks, and enhance/alter the properties of all his skills. It will also shorten the cooldown time on said skills. Using skills will drain a portion of the Ripple Gauge until there's an insufficient amount to use.

    • Style Action - Ripple Breathing: Joseph performs a pose and Ripple Breathes, filling up the Ripple Gauge. He cannot move and is vulnerable to attacks while doing so.
    • Ripple!: Joseph uses the Ripple to instantly block attacks using the Stamina Gauge in place of his guard, and is capable of deflecting projectiles from the front. The skill will last as long as the inputted button is held, or until the Stamina Gauge empties. If Ripple-enhanced, the angle of the guard at which projectiles can be deflected is increased.
    • Clacker Boomerang/Clacker Volley: The attack unleashed is dependent on whether or not the activating button is held. If pressed, Joseph throws a Ripple-infused Clacker as a projectile, which returns to him after flying a set distance, doing more damage the more of the Ripple Gauge is filled. If held, Joseph pulls out two Clackers and begins a three-step combo that ends with him swinging a Clacker downward, sending opponents caught into the ground hard enough for them to bounce.
    • I'm so outta here!: Joseph performs a special dash with his signature run. If he is locked on to something when the skill is performed, Joseph will automatically run in the direction opposite to it, otherwise he will simply run forward. He is invincible until he actually starts moving. If Ripple-enhanced, the skill's invincibility length and distance is increased.
    • A Weapon with Overwhelming Advantages!: Exclusive to Joseph are a variety of special Items that he can use in combat. He can hold up to three different Items at any time, and can find more in suitcases strewn about the stage. An Item Icon displays how many and which Items are currently in Joseph's possession. The suitcases can be picked up and thrown by opponents in order to prevent him from obtaining Items.
      • Tequila: Joseph can hold 2 charges; He uses the Ripple to pop a bottle of tequila open, hitting the opponent with the cap and knocking them into the air. If an opponent is in range, a coconut will fall out of nowhere and onto their heads, leaving them crumpling and open to further attacks. Joseph is invincible up until the attack activates. If Ripple-enhanced, the length of invincibility and damage dealt is increased.
      • Tommy Gun: Joseph can hold 10 charges; He instantly pulls a Tommy Gun out from behind him to shoot opponents with volleys of bullets. Every 7 bullets consumes a charge, allowing Joseph to continuously fire anywhere from 7 up to 63 bullets in a single attack.
        • This'll Blow You Away!: If Joseph inputs the attack a second time during "Tommy Gun", or if he only has one charge left, this attack will occur and use up any remaining charges; Joseph knocks an opponent into the air with the butt of the gun and transfers a blast of the Ripple into them using a few more bullets. The damage of the attack is dependent on how many charges used to effect it. If Ripple-enhanced, the damage dealt is increased.
      • Sledgehammer: Joseph can hold 3 charges; He pulls out a sledgehammer to smash opponents with in a large overhead swing. The shockwave created spreads out and downs any opponent in range. If Ripple-enhanced, the attack becomes unblockable, and the shockwave deals more damage and spreads out even farther.
      • Hand Grenade: Joseph can hold 2 charges; He lunges forward before dashing backwards. If he connects with any opponent, he will attach a bundle of grenades onto them, The resulting explosion can occur automatically after a set amount of time or manually activated if the activating button is pressed again, damaging anyone caught in radius. It will also set the target on fire and knock them into the air. If Ripple-enhanced, Joseph gains invincibility when attaching the grenades and the damage dealt is increased.
      • Iron Ball Crossbow: Joseph can hold 3 charges; He loads a large crossbow and fires it, sending opponents flying with the heavy iron ball. If Ripple-enhanced, the ball is able to ricochet off a wall once. If Joseph is locked on, the ball will ricochet towards his target, otherwise flying towards the nearest opponent.
      • 100% Wool Hat: Joseph can hold a single charge; He runs forward, leaving a trail of Ripple-infused wool string behind as a long, narrow trap. The string will remain for a considerable amount of time until an opponent steps on it; Opponents that touch the string are stunned and left open to further attacks. However, this will damage the string and cause it to undo itself. Joseph is able to salvage it by simply standing over it and inputting the activating input once more before it completely disappears. However, with the amount of time given to him to do so, Joseph must choose between attacking opponents caught by the trap or retrieving the string. If Ripple-enhanced, the trap remains in place for longer and Joseph is able to place a longer strand.
    • EX - Clacker Boomerang/Clacker Volley: The Clacker Boomerang will receive a damage increase and guard break boost; Clacker Volley also gains a guard break boost, as well as an increase in execution speed.
    • EX - A Weapon with Overwhelming Advantages!: All Items receive an increase to damage dealt, and additional damage will be added depending on how much of the Ripple Gauge is filled.
    • Time to unleash my killer Clacker Volley!: Joseph must connect "Clacker Volley" . (200 Points)
    • You think those chintzy Ripple powers are the only thing I've got in my repertoire?: Joseph must use "A Weapon with Overwhelming Advantages!" 3 times. (200 Points)
    • I did it!: Joseph must turn a stage object into a trap 3 times. (300 Points)
    • Grazie! Loggins!: Joseph must use any Ripple-enhanced skill five times. Any skill will count as long as he lands five of that same skill. (500 Points)
    • This JoJo can predict anything!: Joseph must Retire an opponent with a Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)
    Dual Heat Attacks
    • Solo - Ain't nothing the trickster loves more than a trick!: It works the same as the one from All Star Battle.
    • With Caesar - Dual Ripple!: The two start off by attacking the opponent from opposite sides with a series of Ripple-charged punches and kicks from Joseph and an array of Ripple-infused bubbles from Caesar, before Joseph invites Caesar to initiate the Positive/Negative Overdrive they used on Suzi Q to save her from from Esidisi's control, attacking the enemy from both sides with said move and shocking them with extreme power.
    • With Lisa Lisa - This master and student's beat will cut you deep!: Running up to the opponent, Lisa Lisa strikes with multiple Ripple-powered kicks and a scarf swing, before Joseph ties up the opponent with a rope he had laid during her assault. They then channel a Ripple surge into the Red Stone of Aja, causing it to launch a deadly beam at the helpless opponent.

    If Caesar is paired with Joseph and falls in battle, a special animation will play where they recreate the scene involving Caesar's final words and creation of the blood bubble (which pops in an anti-climactic fashion shortly after conception), along with Joseph's iconic "CAESAAAR!!!" scream as tears stream down his face.

    Similar to J-Stars Victory Vs, Joseph's main color's scheme is based on his anime appearance.


    He is paired with Dio Brando (Part 1) in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Caesar and Shigekiyo Yangu in the first round, but eliminated by Kars and Pet Shop in the second.

    Old Joseph

    Part 3 Joseph (Simply called "Old Joseph") was also confirmed for the game as a non-DLC character, alongside Iggy, N'Doul and Dio Brando (Part 1).

    Old Joseph is both a Ripple User and a Stand User. He has a Ripple Gauge that determines the strength of his attacks. Filling up the gauge will automatically empower his Normal and Powerful Attacks, and enhance/alter the properties of various skills. It will also shorten the cooldown time on all skills. Using skills pertaining to Old Joseph's use of the Ripple will drain a portion of the Ripple Gauge until there's an insufficient amount to use.

    • Style Action - Hermit Purple: This Style Action is only available when Old Joseph's stamina is full. He creates a map on the ground using Hermit Purple. Doing so will power up his partner, granting them increased attack strength after they Combo Break, but will not increase the strength of a DHA. This skill also reveals otherwise hidden traps around the stage, such as a trapped object or anything that would be invisible to Old Joseph such as Kakyoin's Barriers. The skill will deactivate when Old Joseph's stamina empties, and can be manually deactivated at any time with another press of the Style Action button. While it can also be in effect at the same time as "Shrewd Old Man", having both active will drain the stamina gauge twice as fast.
    • Ripple Breathing: Old Joseph performs a pose and Ripple Breathes, filling up the Ripple Gauge. He cannot move and is vulnerable to attacks while doing so.
    • Shrewd Old Man: Old Joseph wraps Hermit Purple charged with Ripple around his torso. While this move is in effect, the next attack dealt to Joseph by an opponent will cause Hermit Purple to burst out of his shirt, damaging them and causing them to flinch if they are close enough, leaving them open to counterattack. The effect can be countered by projectiles and other non-close-ranged attacks, as well as DHA. While in effect, Joseph's stamina gauge will drain until empty, and though the skill can also be in effect at the same time as "Hermit Purple", having both active will drain the stamina gauge twice as fast. If Ripple-enhanced, this skill does more damage depending on how much the Ripple Gauge has been filled.
    • Hermit Purple!: Old Joseph sends Hermit Purple out to strike opponents from mid-range. This skill has two follow-ups that are dependent on the input entered.
      • Bet you never thought my Stand could be used like this!: The opponent is bound and pulled towards Old Joseph before he swings them in a circle and throws them in the direction the movement stick is held.
      • Solar Energy Ripple!: Hermit Purple wraps around the opponent as Old Joseph sends heavy Ripple pulses through it before blasting them away, dealing more damage if the attack button is rapidly pressed. If Ripple-enhanced, the attack can land more hits and does more damage.
    • Panic isn't in my vocabulary: Old Joseph extends Hermit Purple at specific points in the stage to pull him to, represented by anchor icons. This allows for quick escapes and inversely can be used to get closer to the opponent just as quickly. Certain types of environmental objects, such as lampposts, allow Old Joseph to stand on them, granting him the ability to recuperate from out of reach of close-ranged attacks.
    • EX - Shrewd Old Man: The rate at which the stamina gauge depletes is reduced. The skill itself will do more damage, and instead of causing opponents to flinch, it will instead leave them crumpling and open them up even further to counterattack.
    • EX - Hermit Purple!: The skill's execution and the speed of Hermit Purple's vines are faster.
    • Keep up the good fight!: Old Joseph must use his Style Action 3 times. (200 Points)
    • It's been a while, but... Overdrive!!: Old Joseph must connect and complete a Ripple-enhanced Normal attack combo. (200 Points)
    • "When your opponent starts boasting, he's already lost.": Old Joseph must successfully execute 5 Combo Breakers. (300 Points)
    • Looks like the same can be said for the both of us...: Old Joseph must connect "Shrewd Old Man"'s counter twice. (500 Points)
    • YES! YES! YES! OH MY GOD!: Old Joseph must Retire an opponent with a Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)
    Dual Heat Attacks
    • Solo - Hermit Purple and Ripple!: It works the same as the one from All Star Battle.
    • With Jotaro - It's not cheating if the secret doesn't get out!: Joseph jumps into the air and tries to snare the opponent with Hermit Purple, only to miss. Briefly shocked and emoting his iconic "OH MY GOD!" as Jotaro expresses disappointment, he drops the facade to reveal that he had tied the opponent with a rope during his previous attack. He subsequently sends a Ripple current through the rope to shock them as Jotaro and Star Platinum move in to barrage them into submission.
    • With Avdol - Double Bind!: Avdol fires an attack from Magician's Red that surrounds the opponent before Joseph strikes them with a Ripple-empowered Hermit Purple over his wrist throwing them into the air; they both capture the opponent with their respective abilities, before coming together and firing their Stands at the opponent overhead as they're burnt using a combination of the Ripple and Magician's Red's fire.
    • With Josuke - Gotta be cool, at my age.: Josuke & Crazy Diamond pummel the target, with the final punch sending them high into the air. Old Joseph then comes from behind Josuke and uses Hermit Purple to bind the airborne opponent. Yanking on his Stand and pulling them in, Old Joseph then charges and delivers a forceful Ripple-infused downward chop to blast the target away once more, leaving Josuke impressed.

    Unlike the previous game, Old Joseph's color scheme is now based on his anime appearance.


    He is paired with Yoshikage Kira in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Johnny Joestar and Josuke Higashikata in the first round. They were eliminated by Bruno Bucciarati and Trish Una in the second round, whom beforehand, won the F Block series of battles that allowed them to be matched against Old Joseph and Kira within the main tournament.

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records

    Joseph is a playable character in the game, both young and old.


    • As an Englishman, he is famous for often saying various phrases in English. His catchphrases include "OH! NO!" (Used in both Part 2 and Part 3) and "Oh! My! God!" (used in Part 3 and Part 4) as a few examples.
    • In part 3, Joseph is mistakenly called American by some characters, despite being British. This is due to the fact that Joseph was traveling through countries in Asia, and it is common that most people who do not speak English do not know the accent differences of the different dialects of the English language.
    • A running gag in Part 3 has Joseph lose parts of his prosthetic hand, or even the hand itself, when enemies attack him, but later appearing with it intact without any definite explanation.
    • Coincidentally, Joseph had his wallet stolen both in his first appearance (when Smokey steals it in New York at the age of 18 in Battle Tendency) and his last appearance (when Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to repair a piece of the photo he had in his wallet, causing it to go into his hands, when he was leaving Morioh at the age of 79 in Diamond is Unbreakable).
    • Joseph is a name of Hebrew origin (the original version of the name is Yosef) that can mean "He will add", "Taken away" or "Praise, Fame taken away". The name can be translitered in katakana as ジョセフ (Josefu).
    • Joseph has survived four plane crashes (two in Part 2 and two in Part 3); this was brought up twice throughout Part 3.
    • Joseph is the only person to be able to use both Ripple and have a Stand of his own.
    • According to Straizo, non-organic objects can only conduct Ripple if the user is touching them. Despite this, Joseph managed to maintain non-organic objects imbued with Ripple after they left his hands on two separate occasions: during his initial fight with Wamuu, with his clackers, and during his final fight with Wamuu, with the metal ball ammunition for his crossbow.
    • Joseph, out of all the JoJos, had lived the longest life to date.
      • Araki said once that he thinks Joseph is "a little dumber but still alive" when Part 6 takes place, bringing his oldest confirmed age to ~91.[8]


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