Joy Division (ジョイ・ディヴィジョン Joi Divijon) is the Stand of Sogliola Lopez, featured in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure 2: Golden Heart, Golden Ring.


Spatial Shifting: Joy Division is able to swap an object touched by the right hand with one touched by the left. They can be switched any number of times and there is no limit to the number of objects. If one hand is empty, the object from the other will simply switch hands. If one hand is touching the user and the other is touching an object like a bed, the user will be shifted onto the bed. If one hand is touching an immobile object (such as a roof rafter), it will not change position but the object in the other hand will instead be moved on top of it.

Through practice, Sogliola has learned to swap objects in time too: after having touched two different objects, he can decide whether to activate his swap power immediately or activate it in a determinate moment in the future. Joy Division has shown to be able to delay its power activation for at least three hours.


  • No image of the Stand exists, but it's implied that the Stand possesses its own arms. It might therefore have a humanoid appearance.[citation needed]
  • Joy Division's apparently harmless power was the reason why Sogliola was mocked by the other members of Passione.



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