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Kei Nijimura (虹村 京 Nijimura Kei) is a side character featured in JoJolion.

Kei was the Higashikata Family household's housekeeper. She is eventually revealed to be the daughter of Holy Joestar-Kira and thus Yoshikage Kira's younger sister. Kei is a Stand User who wields the autonomous, chillling Stand, Born This Way.


Kei was a visually stunning young woman with long, black hair which is normally tied in a bun with the exception of her meeting with Josuke with her hair down.

She wore a maid's uniform consisting of a black blouse and a white apron decorated with two pins that resemble lightning bolts and the letters G and U on each pin. And on her head, she wears a chin-strapped black hat also decorated with the letters G and U.

Her pantyhose are patterned with stars, and her shoes were designed with a bow-knot.

When confronted by Josuke, it is revealed that she bears a star-shaped birthmark near her left shoulder.


Kei typically performed all the duties expected of a maid and shows no emotion whatsoever. It is eventually revealed her emotionless demeanor is a facade when Josuke asks her if she attacked him on the Higashikatas' orders. Kei reacts harshly to this, calling her masters "the goddamn Higashikatas". She also threatens to kill Josuke if he approaches Holy, apparently out of more personal reasons, shedding tears and becoming more emotional.[3]

After Josuke finally gives into her demands, she breaks down and reveals that they knew each other in the past, and she is surprised that he has really lost all of his memories. She also points out the seams in his halved eyeballs and tongue.[4]

Her demeanor is later shown further when during the Endless Calamity arc she ignores the events occurring at the Higashikata household to take care of Holy Joestar.


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Nijimura's Stand Born This Way was an automatic Stand that activates when the person she has targetted opens something. It manifests as a humanoid Stand riding a motorcycle that produces extremely cold winds, capable of freezing water vapor in the air.


Kei is born from the union between Holy Joestar-Kira and Yoshiteru Kira, and she is Yoshikage Kira's little sister.

Although aware of her mother's illness, Kei took no part in helping Yoshikage steal and keep the Locacaca from the Locacaca Smuggling Organization. Instead, wary of the Higashikata, she infiltrated the Higashikata Family, posing as an unrelated maid and taking the name "Nijimura" to investigate their secret.

After the earthquake of March 11, Kei discovers the supernatural properties of the soil near the Wall Eyes, which can exchange parts between two buried objects.

Meeting Josuke

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Upon entering the Higashikata household, Josuke Higashikata is coerced into taking a family photo. Kei appears and attempts to remove his hat, causing Josuke to feel threatened, and ask who she is. Norisuke Higashikata IV answers for her and introduces her as the Higashikata family's housekeeper. When Norisuke shows Josuke around the house, he tells him to ask Nijimura for anything he needs. Later, as she helps Yasuho Hirose exit the premises, she relays a message from her employer that Yasuho is not allowed near the Higashikatas' house again.

Seeing that Josuke has investigated her family tree and taking him for an enemy, Kei unleashes her Stand, Born This Way, on Josuke just as he decides to go see Holy. Nonetheless, Josuke escapes Born This Way and surprises Kei standing near the hospital. After a struggle, Josuke manages to defeat her, but Kei stays aggressive and warns Josuke not to approach her mother. Josuke decides to be diplomatic and concedes, leading Kei to trust him. Examining his face, Kei notices that Josuke's eyes and tongue are in fact a blend of two organs.[4]

Kei subsequently leads Josuke to the Wall Eyes and shows him that he is a fusion of her brother Yoshikage Kira and another person.

For the rest of the story, Kei takes the backseat and only makes minor appearances in the background.

Hato's Boyfriend

When Hato brings her boyfriend Tamaki Damo home, Kei is the first to be liquefied by Damo's Vitamin C. She spends the rest of the fight in a liquefied state.


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  • Her name references the Nijimura brothers of Part 4. Beyond their family names being the same, her given name continues a pattern: the Oku of Okuyasu means 100 million (108), the Cho of Keicho means 1 trillion (1012), and Kei means 10 quadrillion (1016).
  • Being the child of Holy Joestar-Kira, the JoJolion universe Holy Kujo, she shares the same position as Jotaro Kujo in the original universe. Kei's design was created to reflect an aspect of Jotaro from each Part he appeared in, as the two could be considered counterparts. Her headwear is similar to his from Stardust Crusaders, the "GU" pin on her shirt reflects the various pins that Jotaro wears in Diamond is Unbreakable (including his cameos in Golden Wind where his appearance hadn't changed much) and finally the stars on her tights parallel with the stars on his Stone Ocean design.
  • The “GU”’s on her clothing stand for Going Underground: a song by The Jam which was the original name of Born This Way.
  • Confusion regarding Kei's first name being Kyo stemmed from the incorrect furigana given to her in manga printings, along with her being primarily referred to by her surname. The kanji used can be read as both Kei and Kyo, leading to the mixup.
    • This is similar to Noriaki Kakyoin's given name originally being Tenmei, but given an alternate reading based on the same kanji.


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