My Stand Khnum is a transforming Stand! I can alter my height, weight and scent!

—Oingo, Chapter 191

Khnum (クヌム神 Kunumu-shin) is the Stand of Oingo, featured in Stardust Crusaders.


Khnum is a Stand that confers the ability to change shape to its user, Oingo. Thus, it doesn't have an appearance or a personality.

The Stand represents the Egyptian God KhnumW, the god of rebirth and creation, alluding to Oingo's ability to reshape his body in any way he sees fit.


Khnum is a Stand with no combative ability, whatsoever, but is useful for approaching people multiple times without them becoming suspicious. Thus Oingo manages to nearly assassinate the Joestar Group[1] and was foiled only by bad luck.


Khnum changeface

Oingo can change appearance

Khnum enables Oingo to alter his appearance,[2] height, weight, scent and presumably voice[3] at will.

To do so, Oingo can mold his face as if it were clay to modify it.[2] He cannot change his clothes but can alter his own hair, doing so to match Jotaro's hat at one point.[3] Oingo claims he can freely undo his alterations, although he is never seen doing so.[4]

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