I'm gonna carve your fucking epitaph on your pretty white skin !!

—Lang Rangler to Jolyne Cujoh

Lang Rangler (ラング·ラングラー Rangu Rangurā) is a minor antagonist featured in Stone Ocean.

Lang Rangler is an inmate of Green Dolphin Street Prison sent by Enrico Pucci to assassinate Jolyne Cujoh and Weather Report on their way to the prison courtyard in order to stop them from delivering Jotaro Kujo's Stand DISC to the Speedwagon Foundation. He is a Stand User and wields Jumpin' Jack Flash.


Lang is a man of average to above-average height and medium build.

Very little can be seen of his face, as he is clad in an assortment of makeshift gear designed to insulate him from the effects of his Stand. This includes a flat-topped hat covering his face to below his eyes with a serrated bottom edge, and goggles. As such, nothing of his hair or even eyes can be distinguished, leaving his actual face enigmatic.


Lang Rangler was imprisoned for hijacking and murder, stabbing a female professor sixty-nine times.

A calculating individual, he evidences some arrogance; thinking that he is stronger than Whitesnake, and could or might take him out along with allies.


Main article: Jumpin' Jack Flash

Lang's Stand is Jumpin' Jack Flash, enabling him to effect targets with weightlessness; and with centrifuges at its wrists with which it controls improvised bullets.

Lang also possesses suction cup-like fingertips as a natural ability of his own; affording him further advantage in weightlessness.


Lang generates a zero-gravity environment in a small area of the prison in order to disable and attack Jolyne Cujoh and Weather Report as they travel to the prison courtyard. He is defeated when Weather Report condenses atmosphere to form protective suits for himself and Jolyne, before they both retaliate.


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