Limp Bizkit, the one who emerges from the dark, who indulges in the dark...

—Sports Maxx, SO Chapter 52

Limp Bizkit (リンプ・ビズキット Rinpu Bizukitto) is the Stand of Sports Maxx, featured in Stone Ocean.


Limp Bizkit does not have a physical appearance. Victims of its ability will appear invisible, though they can be seen when coated in a material.


Limp Bizkit is an unusual ability Stand as it allows Sports Maxx to control it while dead. However, once he expires, Sports Maxx's control over corpses makes him very deadly and difficult to defend against.

Invisible Reincarnation

Limp Bizkit enables Sports Maxx to bring the dead back to life as invisible "zombies".[1]

When Sports Maxx activates Limp Bizkit, all corpses nearby generate invisible wraiths, including Sports Maxx himself should he die.[1][2][3] These "corpses" manifest as tangible yet invisible spirits that climb out of their corporeal bodies and attack anyone nearby upon Maxx's command. The ability works on anything considered deceased and regardless of the species or the date of death, as a stuffed bird and alligator used for taxidermy and recent deceased prisoners alike were affected and attacked the Joestar Group.[2][3] Sports Maxx seems to be able to revive even body parts, as he did with DIO's Bone.[4]

As an added bonus, the zombies all have enhanced strength, the ability to walk on walls[5] and permanent invisibility.[1][3] However, they can be killed a second time through conventional attacks. When a zombie is attacked, its original body receives the damage.[2][5] According to Sports Maxx, the wraiths suffer an intense craving for blood and brains, explaining their aggressiveness.[5]


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  • Limp Bizkit's power and design were based off of the film, Hollow ManW.[6]


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