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There are some cases in which the name of a Stand power is either unclear or unknown. This page is to list all such Stands until a name for them has officially been confirmed.

Stardust Crusaders[]

Holy's StandLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 121: "The Power Called a 'Stand'"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 3: "DIO's Curse"
Holy Kujo acquired a Stand after DIO's awakening in Stardust Crusaders. Although most Stands are used for fighting, this Stand worked against Holy. Her gentle, non-violent soul made her lack the mental strength necessary to control the Stand, slowly making her ill with a harmful high fever and nearly ending her life by the end of Part 3. It takes on the form of raspberries and thorns, similar to her father's Stand Hermit Purple, growing at the center of her back. However, as time passes by, the Stand starts to grow from every part of her body to the point of covering her whole body, as if it were being eaten away.

Calling Holy's Stand an actual "Stand" is being very generous because it works against its user, barely moves at all, and so far as it is known, has no abilities or powers (other than giving Holy the ability to see other Stands), so it could just be considered a Stand-like infection. Holy's Stand also can't harm others, passing through even other Stand users who try to touch it. It's worth mentioning, however, that Holy's Stand wasn't fully formed yet, and she simply lacked the fighting spirit to control it properly; hence its self-destructive capabilities. How it would have turned out if she had the ability to properly manifest and control it is unknown. Holy's Stand is likely based on holly, a plant with thorns and berries.

Jonathan's StandLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 122: "Head To Egypt"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 3: "DIO's Curse"
He's able to use a similar clairvoyance as Joseph because his body is Jonathan's from the neck down.
(首から下はジョナサンの肉体を乗っ取っているため、ジョセフと同じ透視能力が使える。 Kubi kara shita wa Jonasan no nikutai o nottotteiru tame, Josefu to onaji tōshinōryoku ga tsukaeru.)

—JOJO A-GO! GO! Stand Dictionary p.33

Along with activating his own Stand The World, it was stated that DIO's semi-precognitive abilities that seemed to have resulted from a Hermit Purple-like Stand were due to a Stand power that awoke in the body of Jonathan Joestar.[1] Similar to Hermit Purple, it can produce a psychic photograph by striking a camera (although the camera is notably not destroyed, unlike Joseph's usage). DIO used this technique to track the Joestars and their friends' current location to send Stand users after them. This Stand is also capable of showing an image present in someone's heart through a crystal ball. DIO used it to show Polnareff one image of J. Geil, as that image represented the pain Polnareff felt in his heart.

Diamond is Unbreakable[]

Nijimuras' Father's StandLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 281: "The Nijimura Brothers, Part 8"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 5: "The Nijimura Brothers, Part 3"
Mansaku Nijimura. had a Stand, having been recruited by DIO during his Stand search. Its name, appearance, and abilities are unknown and after merging with DIO's flesh bud after his death, he seemingly lost the ability to use this stand.[2].

Vento Aureo[]

Sorbet & Gelato's StandsLink to this section

As members of La Squadra Esecuzioni, it's inferred from Pericolo's remarks in Chapter 469 and the diagram in Chapter 470 that both Sorbet and Gelato possess Stands. However, it is not confirmed they were able to use them properly.[2]

Natural Resources Worker's StandLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 552: "Pronto! On the Line, Part 2"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 29: "Destination: Rome! The Colosseum"
One of the workers mentioned by Polnareff to Team Bucciarati gained a Stand after hurting himself on Meteorite stone in a volcano.

During his coma, he made a spark with his right hand, burning a doctor's fingers.

Stone Ocean[]

Boiling Water StandLink to this section

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 90: "Whitesnake - The Pursuer, Part 2"
During his fight with F.F., Enrico Pucci used an ability disc that boils the water from a water fountain to attempt to kill F.F.

  • This stand also appears in All Star Battle R as an anti-spoilers pucci attack, causing the opponent to go up in smoke causing them to faint or jump up.

Emporio's Mother's StandLink to this section

Emporio's mother had her ability stolen by Pucci before being killed; it's implied that her ability was similar to Emporio's own Burning Down the House.[3]

Steel Ball Run[]

Emerald Searcher's StandLink to this section

Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 13: "The Sheriff's Request to Mountain Tim" (Mentioned only)
When investigating the murders of three participants of the Steel Ball Run (having been exploded by the Boom Boom Family's Tomb of the Boom), Mountain Tim recalled the story of an emerald searcher who, after entering a desert in Arizona, developed an ability which killed in a similar fashion.


Holy Joestar-Kira's StandLink to this section

Holy Joestar-Kira's Stand is an unknown Stand that was implied when Holy saw Paisley Park in the hospital room.

Joseph's StandLink to this section

Joseph jjl stand colour
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 110: "The Radio Gaga Incident, Part 2"
Joseph Joestar's Stand is made up of vines with thorns similar to Hermit Purple albeit without the Ripple, it has a humanoid head and two lines on it's cheeks. The vines come from Joseph's birthmark and can be used to move objects around.


HOWLER Cancer StandLink to this section

Enemy Stand cancer
Manga Debut: Bigmouth Strikes Again
Used by a currently unknown user, it is a small Stand which attacked a clerk, Dragona and Usagi. It and it's user is in some way associated with HOWLER.


The Gucci Bag StandLink to this section

Spin-Off Debut: Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci
This is the Stand of an unnamed genius artisan from the Gucci brand, who bound it to a Gucci bag. It is mentioned that three bags with the same ability were made by the artisan, making it possible his Stand can grant its ability to an unlimited number of bags. Anyone can use the bags, even if they are not Stand users themselves. It has the ability to vanish valuable things that the owner keeps in the bag. When the owner of the bag is in trouble, the bag will return the vanished objects in some way (the objects do not appear in the bag, but the owner will recover them in an unexpected event).

Rohan Kishibe's grandmother had one of those bags and gave it to Rohan Kishibe. Rohan, not knowing the ability was due to a Stand, made the Gucci factory fix the bag (probably the artisan unbound his Stand from it), but, after knowing the bag's true nature, the mangaka lamented for not being able to use it anymore.

Stand User's StandLink to this section

Petrified by the enemy 1
Game Debut: Famicom Jump II: Saikyo no Shichinin
This Stand is only featured in the game Famicom Jump II: Saikyo no Shichinin, where it's used by an enemy simply called Stand User. The Stand allows its user to turn the player into stone with a special punch against anyone his user defeats or is about to defeat in combat. This transformation makes the victims unable to move, however, Stand users affected by it can sense and even talk. This effect can be reverted if the user is defeated. The Stand has neither a name nor a physical shape, but the image of a rock is shown when the Stand User uses it.

Kaoru's StandLink to this section

Spin-Off Debut: The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp
The Stand of Kaoru from the The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp. Its name is unknown, but has the ability to spawn items under Kaoru's skin. In one instance, Kaoru cuts open his skin and gold coins from another country fall out. When used, an aura in the shape of a horned demon appears around Kaoru.


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