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I shrank myself! That's my ability... Little Feet! That's a real shame... The other guys say it's worthless... heh, heh, heh... Well, whether it's worthless or worth-ful is all up to how you use it...

—Formaggio about his Stand, Chapter 471

Little Feet (リトル・フィート Ritoru Fīto) is the Stand of Formaggio, featured in Vento Aureo.


Little Feet takes on a humanoid appearance with mostly robotic features. It has dark rubbery segments covering its neck, upper arms, wrists, and torso, while its head and shoulders are armored. Bolts of varying size cover its body.

Most of its fingers are normal with pronounced knuckles, while its index finger is that of a sharp, slightly curved blade and much longer than the others.

Its face has two bulbous eyes with massive pupils (lacking irises), no visible nose, pronounced cheekbones, and a large rectangular frown with a flat panel of vertical lines representing teeth.

XB2 & Little Feet

Its design is based on XB2 from Enki BilalW's graphic novels (The Carnival of ImmortalsW)[2][3]

Litte Feet is portrayed in the colored manga as being primarily white-blue and with light purple head and shoulders. In the PS2 video game adaptation, it is primarily orange. The anime adaptation portrays it as a primarily metallic dark blue, dusty blue, and green eyes with a green index finger.


With mediocre physical capability (except for its speed and durability) with an underwhelming power of slowly shrinking people, Little Feet is an overall weak Stand that even Formaggio's companions at La Squadra Esecuzioni sneer at.[4] Its speed is nothing to ignore however, as it was able to deflect a volley of bullets shot by Aerosmith. Also, its finger blades are shown to be sharp enough to slice through tough rubber (like telephone chords and car tires) even when Formaggio and Little Feet are only a few centimeters tall, meaning that at close range, he can easily use use these weapons to slit a victim's throat (though he was ultimately out-gunned by Narancia and Aerosmith).

However, the assassin's adept manipulation of his power makes the most of it, and can even endanger a Stand user of Narancia's caliber.


Little Feet can shrink any person or object by cutting them with its long and sharp index finger.[4]

A car is shrunken to the point it fits in the hand

The cut target will gradually shrink over time, along with their clothes, any item they carry, and their Stand, if they have one.[5] The shrinking is gradual and slow,[4] and Formaggio states it would take several minutes to reduce the normally 1.70m high Narancia to around 8 cm,[6] and it occurs no matter how far away Little Feet is from the target.[7] As the victim shrinks, so does their Stand's power to the point where they become harmless to Formaggio.[8] If the victim abandons an item while shrinking, the shrinking effect on this item will cease.[4]

While Little Feet cannot speed up the shrinking, it can freely stop it or return a shrunken item to its normal size, in which case the reversal is instantaneous and violent, a pen returned to normal, growing with enough force to impale Narancia's palm.[6]

Potentially, the target could continue to shrink until they are microscopic in size.

Conversely, Little Feet can freely control Formaggio's and its own size; in this case, the shrinking and subsequent return to normal are instantaneous. It allows Formaggio to easily sneak around[9] and evade attacks aimed at him,[4] but he is obviously physically limited and very vulnerable when shrunken.[6][10]

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