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Going beyond regeneration, it will bring about an exchange for safe health!

Satoru Akefu, JJL Chapter 92 - Dangerous Pursuit, Part 4

Locacaca 6251 is the name of an experimental Locacaca-based drug produced by the higher-ups of the Locacaca Organization operating within TG University Hospital.

Effects and applications


Locacaca 6251 is an orally-administered liquid drug that yields a scientifically modified version of the Locacaca's natural equivalent exchange property. Regeneration begins briefly after ingesting a 150 gram dosage of the drug.

Refined equivalent exchange

Josuke's side effects from use of the drug

The equivalent exchange ability of Locacaca 6251 is noticeably more potent then that of the raw Locacaca fruit— just one dose was able to heal a multitude of Josuke Higashikata's injuries, some of which were life-threatening. In addition to this, the parts of Josuke's body lost in the exchange were all relatively benign. With the exception of his left eye the only matter that was taken in the regeneration process were small patches of skin around his face and neck. This implies that Locacaca 6251 has been engineered to produce greater results with minimized risk of ​​​​​​life-threatening side effects of the fruit. However, as stated by developer Satoru Akefu, the drug is incomplete, as evidenced by Josuke's aforementioned loss of vision in one eye after having a dose of the substance.

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