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Loccobarocco (ロッコバロッコ Rokkobarokko) is the lead overseer of Green Dolphin Street Prison in Stone Ocean. He uses an alligator puppet to communicate in tandem with people.


Loccobarocco is a short and stubby man who prefers lecturing criminals via his alligator puppet, Charlotte. When Loccobarocco is interrupted, Charlotte will angrily yell at whoever interrupted him.


Loccobarocco is first seen conversing with Jolyne Cujoh's lawyer, praising him for his selfless efforts. He hands the lawyer a letter from Jolyne, the contents of which portray Jolyne's urge to seek revenge. After Jolyne dons her prison outfit, she is grouped with other inmates as Loccobarocco explains the rules of the prison.[2]

Later on, two prisoners working out in the fields are murdered by Foo Fighters. With the guards too busy to search for the missing convicts, Loccobarocco gathers the rest of the prisoners together and asks for volunteers to help search for them. He ends up picking Jolyne and 4 other women and sends them on their way.[3]


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  • The French Tonkam edition oddly states that this character is female.


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