Love Note (ラブ・ノート Rabu Nōto) is the Stand of Joe Kujo (空条 ジョー), featured in an interview[1] with Hirohiko Araki on a segment of Japanese TV Program Tameike Now, titled I Want to Receive the World's Best "JoJo's Bizarre" Lessons (「世界一受けたい!!「ジョジョの奇妙な…」授業」).

The Stand was created by Araki alongside its user, who is presented as the hypothetical son of Jotaro Kujo and Shoko NakagawaW. Its name and appearance are inspired by the Death NoteW from the series of the same name.


Love Note takes the form of a book with the head of Shoko Nakagawa's cat, Mamitas, protruding from the top. Each page has a red heart on the top outmost corner.


Till Death Do Us Part: The names of those written in Love Note are bound to be married, regardless of their true feelings. As a result, victims of the Stand will often resort to killing each other to be free of the ability, ultimately making the book's nature similar to its namesake.

The user is comparable to CupidW, but prone to causing trouble.



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