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Araki's workspace featured on the right; Assistants on the left.

Araki's wall of reference material

Music collection in Studio's backroom

Lucky Land Communications refers to Hirohiko Araki's personal manga studio and company from which he and his assistants work on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Based in Tokyo, Japan, the studio is usually listed as the copyright holder on any published works, media, and merchandise relating to the series.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

As creators of the source material, Hirohiko Araki & LUCKY LAND COMMUNICATIONS own the rights to the series and will often negotiate with other companies, such as Shueisha to mass produce and publicly distribute the manga, as well as various other merchandise. Other companies and organizations will often collaborate with Shueisha or directly with Araki's team to produce a wide variety of goods ranging from clothing lines, videogames, and printed material, including their localized versions in other countries.


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  • The name "Lucky Land Communications" and it's logo are often brought up randomly in the series as Easter eggs.
    • Lucky Land can be seen on several of the tarot cards drawn by Araki, such as The Hermit.
    • Lucky Land Milk is the name of Morioh's milk delivery service.
    • When Koichi is kidnapped in the Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love (story arc), his shirt features the Lucky Land brand and logo.
    • Lucky Land can be spotted on a billboard when Jotaro is playing Oh That's A Baseball!" against Telence T. D'Arby.
    • In the opening for STAND PROUD, a globe with Lucky Land on it can be seen in the background during a scene where the crusaders are attacking.
    • A crop circle of Lucky Land can be seen in the opening of Great Days.
  • The logo for Lucky Land Communications strongly resembles the symbol on one of the badges that can be seen on several of Jotaro Kujo's hats.
  • Tamaki Damo's Stand, Vitamin C, has a hand spread across it's face resembling the Lucky Land logo.

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