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Any Stand that Avdol hits head-on... finds itself melted in the crossfire!

Joseph Joestar, Chapter 126

Magician's Red (マジシャンズレッド(魔術師の赤) Majishanzu Reddo) is the Stand of Muhammad Avdol, featured in Stardust Crusaders.


The Magician

Magician's Red appears as a humanoid figure with a bird-like head. It has a muscular upper body and its feathered legs are sometimes covered in burning flames. Its arms have claws instead of nails and it wears dark bracelets on both of its wrists. Originally, the Stand was barefooted, but during Avdol's return, it wore Arabian shoes.

Its design is inspired by the renegade god Horus, from Enki Bilal's Nikopol TrilogyW.[1]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Magician's Red is generally depicted as having a red body, befitting its name. The particular shade changing between media, going from bright red to orange. Its feathered body parts are also generally depicted as red, but in ASB, they are blue.


This Stand is based on the first card in the Major ArcanaW tarot deck, The MagicianW; which represents beginnings, creation, and willpower. It does not show any personality, having a constant aggressive demeanor while listening without fail to its user. Avdol also claims that his Stand does not forgive anyone, even enemy Stand Users.


Muhammad Avdol was naturally born with this Stand. It has full loyalty to his user, having served him its whole life.


Magician's Red is an extremely powerful close-range Stand that while limited in versatility, more than makes up for it with its devastatingly powerful arsenal of capabilities specifically developed for combat. Beyond its great physical superiority over most Stands, it also overcomes its notable lack of physical range from its master by utilizing its unique and powerful array of fire and heat based abilities, extending great distances and inflicting extraordinary damage. Most creatively used by Avdol.

  • Super Strength: While Magician’s Red’s physical attacks are limited to a short distance from Avdol himself, and generally preferring ranged fire attacks, the Stand remains quite physically powerful compared to most. A single one of its kicks being able to shatter Judgement's armor, whereas Silver Chariot couldn't, via its ability to enhance its strength by wrapping fire around its limbs.
  • Super Speed: Magician’s Red has been shown to be much faster than its bulky appearance suggests. Such as the time it was able to consistently dodge a barrage of sword thrusts from Silver Chariot, even with the tremendous boost of speed that the already extremely fast Stand gained from removing its armor.
  • Precision: While not the most precise of Stands, Magician’s Red has masterful efficiency and fluidity over the exact movement and arrangement of the flames that it produces. Being able to manipulate the orientation of a statue with heat so convincingly that Polnareff believed that it was the real Magician's Red.


Magician's Red generates and controls Red Binds to restrain Jotaro

Magician's Red is capable of generating flames intense enough to evaporate metal projectiles in mid-air and melt railroad tracks in seconds. Moreover, Magician's Red's fire is not ordinary, but can be freely manipulated by Avdol. With a thought, the seer can redirect his flames mid-air, give them any shape, control how intense their destructive power is, and even give them other supernatural properties. As the flames are the product of a Stand, they are invisible to non-Stand users despite still having the same properties as normal flames; non-Stand users merely feel the heat and see the generated heat waves.[2] It was also shown that Magician's Red flames are vulnerable to water and can be extinguished with them.[3] Furthermore, the flames can be instantly removed by Avdol, as shown when they dissipated from Polnareff's body on command. Avdol uses several different techniques with his flames in order to maximize versatility in various scenarios, manifesting as being almost "magical" in both appearance and physical nature.

Magician's Red launches Crossfire Hurricane

Cross Fire Hurricane (クロスファイヤーハリケーン Kurosu Faiyā Harikēn): Magician's Red can fire a few salvos of the Crossfire Hurricane, a spectacular signature move that sends forth ankhsW of flame from its mouth in a great storm.[4] They have shown to be powerful enough to melt off the armor of Silver Chariot as it was being removed.

  • There is a variation simply called "Crossfire" in the Capcom fighting game, where a single flame ankh is shot out as a projectile.
  • Cross Fire Hurricane Variation (C・F・H(クロスファイヤーハリケーン)・バリエーション Kurosu Faiyā Harikēn Bariēshon): Enables Avdol to be able to manipulate the direction/trajectory of his flame ankhs.
  • Cross Fire Hurricane Special (C・F・H・S(クロスファイヤーハリケーンスペシャル) Kurosu Faiyā Harikēn Supesharu): One variation of the Crossfire Hurricane, which splits the ankhs to cover a wider area.[5]

Red Bind (赤い荒縄(レッドバインド) Reddo Baindo, lit. "Red Rough Rope"): Magician's Red can use his flame to tie his opponent, like a rope. With this, Avdol is even capable of imprisoning his enemy's arms and legs to the wall, as well as their neck. By putting a flame too close to the opponent's face, it eventually burns the oxygen around them to the point of suffocating them.[2] Such as when they were used to firmly restrain Jotaro against a wall, and left him gasping for air after a few seconds of exposure to the flames around him.

Life Detector (生物探知機 Seibutsu Tanchi-ki): Magician's Red can produce a "heat radar", a cruciform mass of psychic flame pointing in six directions: up and down, left and right, forward and backward. Flickering in response to an enemy’s presence, specifically their heat signature, indicating the location of their heat source based on a compass rose. However, this technique is useless against those traversing alternate dimensions, due to them being out of sync with reality, which ultimately resulted in Avdol's defeat to Vanilla Ice.[6]

Chapters / Episodes

Manga Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance
Anime Appearances
Episodes in order of appearance

  • GW Episode 29: "Destination: Rome! The Colosseum" (Silhouette/Photo only)

  • Episode 1 (OVA): "The Evil Spirit"
  • Episode 3 (OVA): "Silver Chariot and Strength"
  • Episode 7 (OVA): "Justice"
  • Episode 8 (OVA): "Iggy the Fool and N'Doul the Geb (Pt. I)"
  • Episode 9 (OVA): "Iggy the Fool and N'Doul the Geb (Pt. II)"
  • Episode 11 (OVA): "DIO's World: The Warrior of the Void: Vanilla Ice"

  • Trivia

    • Magician's Red is the very first Stand fully revealed in the series, its face being shown before even Star Platinum's. Coincidentally, Magician is the first card of the Tarot deck. (If The Fool is counted as number 22 instead of 0)
    • The name of Magician's Red's attack, Crossfire Hurricane, comes from the opening line of the Rolling Stones' song "Jumpin' Jack FlashW", which is also the name of Lang Rangler's stand in Stone Ocean.



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