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Malèna (マレーナ Marēna) is a minor character featured in Stardust Crusaders.

A kind young woman, she nurtures a de-aged Jean Pierre Polnareff after he's injured from his fight against Alessi.


Malèna is a fairly beautiful Egyptian woman with long hair kept in a ponytail. Her attire consists of a polka-dotted cloak covering a thin undergarment dress. She also wears large metallic earrings and wristbands.


Malèna is portrayed as a kind young woman who seems good with children based on how well she took care of Polnareff, despite his commotions. She seemed genuinely distressed about his disappearance after she is freed from Sethan's de-aging ability.


Stardust Crusaders

She encounters a young Polnareff on the street after he sustains injuries from Alessi. Worried about him, she took him to her home to help him recover from his injuries. She bathed Polnareff, which made him feel "lucky", despite not being the age to understand such desires.

She was turned into a fetus by Sethan, forcing Polnareff to defeat Alessi before she died. He managed to beat him in time but lost one of his earrings in her house in the process. After returning to normal, she went to search for the child and saw Polnareff, whom she did not recognize. She asked him if he saw the boy. In an out of character moment, rather than using the opportunity to flirt with her as he had done with other women in the past, Polnareff instead denied seeing the boy, showing that he was not just a womanizer, and that her kindness towards him, an unknown person, caused him to really care for her. He then turned away and asked Jotaro to not tell anyone about his actions. The woman felt that this man could have been the child, as they had the same earring.

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  • She's called "Onee-san" in the Japanese artbooks, which roughly translates to "older sister." In Japan, this term can be used to refer to a young woman older than oneself, regardless of familial relationship.

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