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Mark (マルク Maruku) is a minor character featured in Battle Tendency. Mark is a Nazi and a friend of Caesar Zeppeli who participated in the effort for stopping the Pillar Men's awakening.


Mark is a young man of athletic build serving in the Wehrmacht, thus having a soldier uniform plus an assorted cap. He also bears the Iron Cross medal.


He expresses full enthusiasm for his role as a soldier and being able to serve his country. He was planning to marry his girlfriend before the war, despite his young age, displaying happiness whenever it was mentioned.


Battle Tendency[]

Mark was a German Nazi assigned to deliver Joseph and his crew to where the Pillar Men were being kept. According to Caesar, the Nazis had been interested in studying the Ripple, and Mark seemed genuinely eager for Speedwagon to lend his information to the Nazis so that they could find a way to annihilate the Pillar Men before they awakened. He had been good friends with Caesar for a long time; Caesar had introduced him to a girl back in Germany, and she and Mark were planning to get married before the war.[2]

Upon arriving at the cave where the Pillar Men were found, Mark unexpectedly stumbled upon the three Pillar Men, who had awoken from their slumber long before they arrived. It was too late for him to move out of the way, however; Wamuu walks through him, causing half of Mark's body to be absorbed.[2]

His final wish was for Caesar to kill him so that he could die a painless death, which Caesar obliged to by sending the Ripple through his heart. Caesar's resolve for the death of his friend fueled him during his battle with the Pillar Men soon after.[3]

Major Battles[]

  • Mark Vs Wamuu (Instantly killed by being walked through)

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  • Mark's English voice actor Kyle McCarley would later voice Narancia Ghirga.
  • Mark's seiyu Ryōta Ōsaka also voiced Marco Bodt in Attack on Titan, a character with a similar name who is also bisected.



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