Masago Ayashi (‪愛子 雅吾‬ Ayashi Masago) is a character from the one-shot Dolce and His Master.


Ayashi is a young architect who took his yacht to sea one day after meeting up with a young woman. Details about the aftermath are chronicled in the story.


Masago Ayashi is a young athletic man, being noticeably tan and having light hair, cut into a mullet, as well as having two short braids on the top of his head.

He wears a light colored shirt and shorts, and dark sandals as well as wrist warmers. He also sports a bandaid on his forehead.


Ayashi is cowardly and delusional during the story. This is presumably because he is starved and incredibly exhausted after his yacht has been stranded at sea for five days. At a few points, he switches between acting friendly towards Dolce and being full-on insane.


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