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Jotaro, you're my kind of guy... I regret that I have to destroy you...

—Midler, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future

Midler (ミドラー Midorā) is a minor antagonist appearing in Stardust Crusaders.

Midler is the last of DIO's assassins the heroes encounter before reaching Egypt. She is a Stand User, wielding a long-distance shapeshifting Stand, High Priestess. She attacks the group as they travel by submarine in the Red Sea.


Midler is never seen, except from the waist-down in two frames of the manga; from which she appears to be a woman of average height and build, wearing a simple dress. After her defeat, Polnareff cannot bear to look at her, having lost all of her teeth from the damage inflicted by Star Platinum on her Stand, which had carried over to her as well.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin (Fair)
Hair (Purple)
(Yellow dress and wristband, cyan high heels)

Skin (Tan)
Hair (Dark brown)
(Light blue dress, golden wristband, red high heels)

Heritage redesign

Midler receives a complete design for Heritage for the Future. A woman of average height and slim build, she is dressed in the minimal style of a belly dancer.

She wears a headscarf, mouth-veil; bands at her arms, wrists, thighs, and ankles; high heels; a bikini-style bra, and a fine, loose wrap at her hips. With dark, curly hair, five stars stand on pins in her headscarf; two stars also forming the cups of her top.

Color Scheme

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin (Fair)
Eyes (Blue)
Hair (Magenta)
(Yellow headpiece with blue stars, yellow mouth-veil, blue bra, earrings, high-heels, wrist, shoulder, thigh, and ankle bands, yellow and blue waist-wrap)


Midler holds some similarities with Mariah, a fellow agent of DIO encountered later on. Like Mariah, Midler is flirtatious and lascivious during her fight, mentioning that as a cool and quiet man, Jotaro is "her kind of guy". She says she regrets having to kill him and wishes that they could have been lovers; but also admits that she finds DIO even more attractive, which is similar to how Mariah speaks to Joseph.

The group tried to use her attraction to Jotaro as a means to persuade her not to kill them, telling her that he is interested in her sexy voice and that he would like to see her face-to-face on land. Midler does not fall for this however, becoming enraged and telling them that she hates lies. After being provoked by the lie, she tells them to shut up and continues in her attempt to kill them once again.


Main article: High Priestess

Midler's Stand is High Priestess, possessing mineral materials in order to form shapes large and complex with which she may attack. Due to its long-range, Midler was capable of using it from ashore, while it attacked the group on the ocean floor.



Nothing is known about Midler's life prior to her appearance, though it can be assumed she had been an accomplished Stand assassin for quite some time before finding her way into the employ of DIO, as Avdol was aware of her reputation before their encounter. It is unclear what her motivation was for helping DIO above possible monetary gain, but from the way she talks about her employer, it is likely she was seduced like Mariah into working for him.

Stardust Crusaders

Midler infiltrates Muhammad Avdol's submarine with her Stand to trap them in a closed space. Her Stand takes the form of different objects and surfaces to continuously attack and escapes from the group, wearing them down bit by bit while Midler taunts them through said Stand. After the group escape the submarine they are surprised to find out that Midler was one step ahead, using the metals within the seafloor to grow her Stand to a ginormous size, and trapping them in her own Stand's giant mouth. Midler claims that her teeth are harder than diamonds and tries to crush Jotaro with them, but instead has her teeth punched out by Star Platinum.

After making there way onto the nearby shore, Jean Pierre Polnareff, wanting to take a look at their attacker, goes to her convulsing and unconscious body. He quickly turns away however, horrified by her now toothless and beaten face.

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The events from HIGH PRIESTESS appear in the game with some alterations, with Midler being a stewardess on the same plane the team is attacked by DEATH 13, and her Stand taking on the shape of the restroom's doorknob.

Heritage for the Future (PS1/DC/Arcade)

Her story mode tells a drastically different tale from her fate in the original manga. She trails Jotaro's group in order to carry out DIO's orders to kill them and successfully wins against them, one by one. After she finally defeats Jotaro himself, she returns to DIO's mansion to report the good news. Cream informs her that DIO needed Joseph or Jotaro's fresh blood, and she is forced to defeat him in order to get past and see DIO. However, when she finally reaches DIO, he reassures her - before declaring that he only needs her blood, as the blood of one more person will enable him to take full control of Jonathan's body. He then asks if she will willingly give him her blood, to which she agrees. In her ending, DIO punctures her neck with his fingers and drains her blood, killing her.

As a playable character, Midler's Stand makes her a great medium-to-long-range fighter. While her normal attacks have a fairly good range, most of her attacks use High Priestess' ability to change into something, such as scissors, razor blades, harpoons, a tractor, cars, and an anvil. Her first super move allows her to transform High Priestess into a harpoon launcher and shoots several harpoons at the opponent, each one hitting hands and legs, ending with a harpoon in the opponent's head (in the HD version of the game the move got censored, turning the red blood into a white color, however it can be changed in the options). Her second super move transforms High Priestess into several cars, making combos on the opponent if hit. Her third super move allows High Priestess to appear on the floor as a giant face, swallowing the opponent and chewing him/her making several hits on the opponent (similar to how she attacked Jotaro and Star Platinum).

Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS)

Despite not appearing in the game herself, Midler's Stand, High Priestess, appears as one of the several Metal Strikers available to choose. Its FINISH move is a regular scratch done on the defeated opponent's Metal Striker.



MidlerYukako 001.png
MidlerYukako 002.png
  • When Capcom produced Heritage for the Future, they wanted to use Midler. However, as her face was never shown, they asked Araki to redesign her into something like a belly-dancer. Since then, as shown in the JOJO A-GO!GO! artbook, this new look is now her standard appearance.
    • Most of the art featured in-game of her is based on Yukako Yamagishi, from her character portrait, close-up, and defeat sprites. This was likely due to the fact that Araki had recently been working on Diamond is Unbreakable at the time, and was accustomed to that art style when asked to redesign Midler.
    • In Heritage for the Future, some of her quotes are originally said by Mariah.


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