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This is a list of minor items appearing in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and related medias.

The items featured in this list do not have enough information to justify an article, mainly due to lack of relevance, but are still notable.

Part 1: Phantom Blood

Dario Brando's LetterLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 1: "Prologue"
Anime Debut: Episode 1: "Dio the Invader"

A letter sent by Dario Brando to George Joestar asking him to take care of his son Dio. It was then put into a box in the library of the Joestar Mansion and forgotten. Seven years later, Jonathan discovers it by accident, realizing that Dario was suffering the same symptoms as his currently sick father, George. This leads Jonathan to suspect Dio of having poisoned his own father and George as well.

The address on the letter is changed from "225 Baker Street East, Liverpool" to "221B Baker Street, Liverpool" in the anime, making it a Sherlock HolmesW reference.

Statue of the Goddess of LoveLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 2: "Dio Brando the Invader, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 1: "Dio the Invader"
A statue of a woman draped in a toga holding a jar. It represents the Goddess of Love, said to be the guardian of the Joestar Family. Situated in the main hall of the Joestar Mansion near the main stairs, it was used to impale Dio when the Mansion was burning down, imprisoning the Vampire in the inferno.

The statue of the Goddess of Love is featured in the Joestar Mansion stage of Eyes of Heaven. As a dramatic finish, the defeated enemy falls off the railings and is impaled by the statue. While the demo of the game actually displayed the character being stabbed by the statue, it was censored in the final version of the game with a white flash.

Oriental PoisonLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 6: "A Letter from the Past, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 2: "A Letter from the Past"
A slow poison from Asia sold by Wang Chan to Dio Brando. Dio used that poison to kill his own father and disguise his murder as sickness, and planned to do the same with George. When Jonathan found Wang Chan, it instead incriminated Dio.

Luck and PluckLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 28: "Tarkus and the Dark Knight Bruford, Part 3"
Anime Debut: Episode 5: "The Dark Knights"
Initially named "Luck", this was the name of the sword belonging to legendary knight Bruford, which he would use in conjunction with his prehensile hair in combat. When a resurrected Bruford was defeated at the hands of Jonathan Joestar, he came to respect the young man and granted him his sword, using his own blood to re-baptize it Luck & Pluck (幸運(ラック)勇気(プラック)の剣 Rakku to Purakku no ken). The blade proved a precious weapon during Jonathan's battle with Dio, but was broken during the battle.

Dio's CoffinLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 41: "Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 3"
Anime Debut: Episode 9: "The Final Ripple!"

Dio used a reinforced and booby-trapped coffin carved with his name in golden capital letters as a shelter on the boat which transported Jonathan and Erina to America. Though Dio planned to use it to shelter himself with Jonathan's body, it became a makeshift lifeboat for Erina, her unborn child, and the infant Lisa Lisa when the boat exploded and sank.

It then somehow served as Dio's shelter at the bottom of of the Atlantic Ocean, and the coffin wouldn't be pulled back to the surface until 1983, freeing the Vampire from his underwater tomb.

Part 2: Battle Tendency

Ripple Conducting ScarfLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 48: "Straizo VS Joseph, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 10: "New York's JoJo"
A scarf made with the yarn of a fictional insect called the Satiporoja Beetle. Crafted from 30,000 scarabs, these types of scarves were used by both Straizo and his student Lisa Lisa. The scarf has the property to conduct 100% of the Ripple it receives, making it both a handy weapon for a Ripple Master and a good protection against it. Straizo would compare it to a lightning rod.

Anti-Ripple WiresLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 66: "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 15: "A Hero's Proof"
Special metallic wires with a hook attached at the end crafted by the Pillar Men as a defensive and offensive weapon against Ripple users. Attached to the user's head, they can create small tornadoes strong enough to destroy a Ripple infused projectile when the user shakes his head. Moreover, the small tornadoes act as invisible projectiles which can severely injure the enemy.

Ripple Breathing MaskLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 72: "Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 16: "Lisa Lisa, Ripple Coach"
A metal mask specially designed to train people to breathe in order to produce the Ripple. It is strapped to the user's head, covering both the nose and mouth and cannot be removed without outside help. If the wearer breathes as if he produced the Ripple, he will be able to have air, but if he breathes incorrectly, he'll suffocate. It is undeniably cruel but effective as a training tool. Lisa Lisa uses it to train Joseph to prepare him against the Pillar Men. It is similar to an altitude training mask.

Miniaturized UV LasersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 108: "JoJo: The Final Ripple, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 24: "The Ties That Bind JoJo"
The miniaturized ultraviolet lasers were anti-vampire weapons developed by the Speedwagon Foundation. These weapons are essentially two UV lights attached to the shoulders and powered by a miniaturized battery which the user wears as a backpack. The miniaturized UV Lasers were put into use by the SPW Foundation's special force and the Wehrmacht during a battle against Kars' Vampire army near the Skeleton Heel Stone. These weapons enabled the humans to stand up to the Vampires. Unfortunately, Kars exploited them to activate the Stone Mask combined with the Red Stone of Aja, becoming the Ultimate Lifeform.

Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

Spirit PhotographsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 117: "The Man with the Star Birthmark"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 1: "A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit"

Photographs taken by Joseph Joestar as a result of smashing a camera with his hand and Hermit Purple. During the events of Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable, they would serve to give clues to the Joestar Group about their enemies. One particular photograph of DIO allowed Star Platinum to spot a Hue Hue Fly in the background, enabling the group to confirm his presence in Egypt. Another photograph would hint the group about DIO's lair, facilitating their journey.

In Diamond is Unbreakable, one spirit photograph warned Jotaro Kujo and Josuke Higashikata about Anjuro Katagiri. The threat of the photographs also lured Akira Otoishi in the open, enabling his defeat.

DIO's Crystal BallLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 127: "Dark Blue Moon, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 5: "Silver Chariot"

DIO used a crystal ball in conjunction with Hermit Purple in order to show visions of Sherry's murderer to Polnareff.

Judgement's Magic LampLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 174: "Judgement, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 21: "Judgement, Part 1"
An Arabic oil lamp similar to the legends of AladdinW and the genie. It is covered in barnacles but one can distinguish a face carved onto it. When rubbed, Judgement will come out of it although it is unlikely that it was truly imprisoned inside it.

Avdol's SubmarineLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 179: "High Priestess, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 22: "Judgement, Part 2"
A submarine Avdol bought under the guise of a rich Arab so that the Joestar Group could cross the Red Sea unnoticed and reach Egypt. Unfortunately, High Priestess invaded the submarine and damaged it, forcing the Group to evacuate the submarine. It subsequently sank to the bottom of the sea.

Commemorative PhotographLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 443: "Bucciarati Is Coming, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 25: "'The Fool' Iggy and 'God Geb' N'Doul, Part 1"

A photograph the third Joestar Group took in Egypt as a commemoration. It features Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, Muhammad Avdol, Noriaki Kakyoin, Jean Pierre Polnareff, and Iggy. Although surely taken during the event of Stardust Crusaders, it wouldn't appear in the manga until Vento Aureo.

Part 3 Anime adaptation features a scene explaining the origins of this photo, expands on this photograph by showing the group actually taking it and Jotaro dearly holding onto it on several occasions.

Mariah's Jewelry RopeLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 200: "'Goddess Bastet' Mariah, Part 2"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 30: "'Goddess Bastet' Mariah, Part 1"
A rope with jewelry originally decorated on Mariah's mini skirt. When Bastet turned Joseph Joestar into a human magnet and steps onto an escalator, the metallic jewelry flew towards him and wrapped around his neck, making Joseph stuck on the escalator. Joseph begins crying, and shouts in remorse over his pathetic death as Muhammad Avdol presses the emergency stop button.

Daniel J. D'Arby's Soul Chip CollectionLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 212: "D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 35: "D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2"

A collection of poker chips Daniel J. D'Arby keeps in an album. The poker chips are in fact souls of people D'Arby gambled with and won against, which Osiris molded into poker chips. D'Arby then places the poker chips into special cavities in the pages and writes down the soul's name and the date at which it was acquired. During the events of the story arc D'Arby the Gambler, Daniel temporarily added Jean Pierre Polnareff and Joseph Joestar to his collection. When Daniel went mad from playing poker with Jotaro Kujo, he liberated every soul in his collection.

Telence T. D'Arby's Puppet CollectionLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 229: "D'Arby the Player, Part 3"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 40: "D'Arby the Player, Part 1"
A collection of puppets Telence T. D'Arby makes personally and keeps in a cabinet. They are in fact modeled after people D'Arby has played and won against, and whose soul Atum put into. Though not as extensive as his brother's collection, Telence considers his collection more interesting as the puppets are still sentient, being able to move and speak. He periodically changes their clothes and makes accessories for them. During the events of the story arc D'Arby the Player, he temporarily added Noriaki Kakyoin to his collection.

F-MegaLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 230: "D'Arby the Player, Part 4"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 40: "D'Arby the Player, Part 1"

A fictional video game played by Noriaki Kakyoin and Telence T. D'Arby in their match. It is a racing game heavily inspired by F-ZeroW. In the game, cars must complete laps on racing tracks. Players have an energy bar that determines their car's power, and the players can mash the buttons before the start to get a speed boost. It is more complex to play than at face value, with the physics allowing a player to spin their car, drive on walls, and fly; moreover, segments of the game are played with the cars in complete darkness. Shortcuts are available on the tracks but are difficult to cross. Taking into account the technological limitations of video game consoles in the late 80's (and at the time of the release of Stardust Cruzaders in manga), this game is probably an 8-bit game for consoles like NES and Master System. The game is portrayed as how players "feel it" not as it "in fact is".

Oh! That's A Baseball!Link to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 233: "D'Arby the Player, Part 7"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 41: "D'Arby the Player, Part 2"

A fictional video game played by Jotaro Kujo and Telence T. D'Arby. It simulates a game of baseball, in which two players face off using different baseball teams. One player must select what kind of throw his pitcher perform, while the opponent must react to the throw as the batter. The players' positions will be switched after three outs or when their turn has ended. It is possible to customize the appearance of the teams, as Jotaro and Telence make each of their team members resemble their respective Stands. Taking into account the technological limitations of video game consoles in the late 80's (and at the time of the release of Stardust Cruzaders in manga), this game is probably an 8-bit game for consoles like NES and Master System. The game is portrayed as how players "feel it" not as it "in fact is".

The game also makes an appearance in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. However the Diamond is Unbreakable version may be a later released version for the more technologically advanced video game consoles of the late 1990s. When Part 4 was being released in manga, ie between 1992 and 1995, many consoles still used cartridges, but in 1999 (the year the plot takes place) the only console to still use cartridges was the Nintendo 64. This means that Josuke either had a Nintendo 64 or a older console (probably one he had since he was a child).

Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Tonio Trussardi's DishesLink to this section

Various dishes served at Tonio Trussardi's Trattoria Trussardi Italian Restaurant. Each of the dishes have different healing properties as a result of his Stand Pearl Jam.

Mineral WaterLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 303: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 10: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food"
Ordinary looking mineral water served at Tonio Trussardi's restaurant. Made from 500-year-old snow from Mount KilimanjaroW, this drink is delicious despite just being water. It makes compatible persons cry until their eyes seem deflated, but cures swollen eyes, and has the effect of a good night's sleep.

Caprese SaladLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 303: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 10: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food"
A typical Italian antipasto, consisting of four thin slices of mozzarella and five slices of tomato. The dressing consists of one anchovy fillet, seaweed, olive oil, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, basil and a garnish of lettuce. Delicious when one eats the mozzarella and the tomato at the same time, it forcibly makes stiff shoulders release the excess skin by stimulating the thyroid gland, curing them.

Spaghetti alla PuttanescaLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 302: "Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 9"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 10: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food"
A simple looking spaghetti dish accompanied with olive oil, garlic, small tomatoes, seedless black olives, one anchovy fillet, hot pepper, miscellaneous condiments such as parsley, and parmesan. The dish was supposedly made by a prostitute out of random and useless ingredients, and the sauce is said to originate from Naples. It violently ejects bad teeth and rapidly forces new ones to grow in their place.

Lamb Chops with ApplesauceLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 306: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food, Part 4"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 10: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food"
A main dish consisting of three lamb chops covered in sweet and sour applesauce, accompanied by an asparagus dressing. It cures stomach aches and constipation by ejecting the bad intestines out of the client.

PuddingLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 306: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food, Part 4"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 10: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food"
A simple pudding accompanied with caramel sauce. It cures athlete's foot.

Abalone RisottoLink to this section

Abalone Risotto.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 6: Poaching Seashore
A risotto accompanied with slices of abalone cooked rare. The rice is mixed with cheese and either winter melon or grated Chinese yam. The dish is mixed with abalone liver sauce. It cures Rohan's tired eyes by replacing the vitreous humor with new humor.

Octopus tomato sauceLink to this section

Octopus Tomato Sauce.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 6: Poaching Seashore
It consists of several octopus tentacles in tomato sauce. It is not shown to cure anything particularly.

Akira's GuitarLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 312: "Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 6"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 12: "Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 2"
A homemade 65.2 cm long guitar Akira Otoishi carries with him. Akira built it out of Mahogany wood from Honduras for the body, hard walnut wood for the neck, and a humbucker to diminish main hums and give the guitar more power. It is also equipped with a tremolo arm to make the sound reverberate efficiently. The Mahogany wood is said to be the best material for sound resonance, able to absorb sweat thus making the sound smoother. The hard walnut neck results in an overall deep and throaty sound quality.

Akira's Miniature PlaneLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 311: "Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 5"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 12: "Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 2"
A remote controlled plane resembling a Supermarine SpitfireW which Akira Otoishi planned to use to get his Stand Red Hot Chili Pepper to Joseph Joestar's boat in three minutes. It can go as fast as 150kmph.

Kira's "Girlfriends"Link to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 334: "Rohan Kishibe's Adventure, Part 5"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 1: "Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata"
Yoshikage Kira likes to keep one severed hand of his victims as 'girlfriends'. After killing a woman, he gets rid of her body, with the exception of the hand, and will mimic a romantic relationship with it, acting as if the hand was sentient. He notably talks to it, gives it a ride through town, and offers it several gifts, generally pampering it. Once the hand starts to rot, Kira destroys it and moves on to another "girlfriend". Shigechi fatefully discovered one of these girlfriends and is killed, impelling the heroes after the murderer.

Winning Lottery TicketLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 337: "'Shigechi's' Harvest, Part 3"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 18: "Shigechi's Harvest, Part 1"
A winning national lottery ticket, bearing the winning number 121314 for the SG Group. It was thrown away by the original buyer "Ichiro Morishita", whose name and phone number "1774-4284" are written on the back, but then Harvest collected it and Okuyasu uncovered its worth and finally Josuke had to tamper with the ticket with Crazy Diamond, changing the name to "Ichiro Kinoshita" and the phone number to "1771-4281" to get the prize. It brought five million yen to Josuke, Okuyasu and Shigechi. They briefly fought over the paycheck before Josuke tore it down to distract Shigechi and beat him.

St. Gentleman's SandwichesLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 342: "Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 21: "Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly, Part 1"
High-class sandwiches sold at St. Gentleman's bakery. They are usually filled with tenderloin, salad and a tomato slice, plus an unnamed sauce. The bread is baked fresh every day at 11AM, and the surplus is thrown away by 1PM. The tenderloin is said to be freshly fried, so it is still crisp when bought. Due to their quality, the sandwiches are sought after and usually sell out quickly. One day, a dog stole Shigechi's sandwich under his nose, prompting the boy to take another St. Gentleman's bag nearby, happening to be Kira's.

Kira's ButtonLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 342: "Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 21: "Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly, Part 1"
A button from Yoshikage Kira's ValentinoW jacket. A fairly ordinary button, it became the heroes' first clue toward discovering Kira's identity after Shigechi snatches it from him and gives it to Josuke through Harvest. It eventually led Jotaro and Koichi to the tailor who had fixed the jacket in question, and Kira's eventual change of identity.

Cinderella LipstickLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 350: "Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella, Part 3"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 20: "Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella"
Lipstick put into an ornate tube bearing Aya Tsuji's Cinderella beauty salon's emblem that she gives to Yukako Yamagishi after Cinderella operates on her. In accord with Aya's view that miracles take dedication, after Yukako upgrades to "capturing love", the lipstick must be applied by Yukako every 30 minutes every day, except when sleeping, to keep the charm on. Failure to do so results in becoming unsightly and the eventual crumbling of whatever feature was modified by Cinderella.

Kira's Record and Bottled NailsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 365: "Atom Heart Father, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 25: "Atom Heart Father"

As a hobby, Yoshikage Kira has been keeping a record of his nails' growth over the years since 1983, detailing the growth of each fingernail & toenail. Moreover, he stores his nails in small glass bottles, labeling each by the year of the nails' collection and keeping them stored in a cabinet for unknown reasons.

Kira's nails

While his nails ordinarily grow by around 8 centimeters every month, they sometime grow at an accelerated rate, reaching 30 centimeters per month. A rapid growth served to indicate whenever Kira had the best 'hunting luck'. Jotaro Kujo and Josuke Higashikata found this record in Kira's house.

Part 5: Vento Aureo

Giorno's BroochLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 440: "Gold Experience, Part 1"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 1: "Gold Experience"

A ladybug brooch about the size of a hand that Giorno always has on his chest. When Bucciarati had to accompany Trish alone to meet Diavolo, Giorno gave life to one of his brooches, planting some of Coco Jumbo's cells and gave it to Bucciarati so that he could plant it on the Boss and follow him. However, a fight ensued and the brooch was used to detect Diavolo during the fight and temporarily imprison him when the brooch transformed into a clone of Coco Jumbo.

Luca's ShovelLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 441: "Gold Experience, Part 2"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 1: "Gold Experience"

A metal shovel on which is engraved the initialism SPQR ( Senātus Populus que Rōmānus, meaning "The Senate and People of Rome"). Luca uses it as his weapon of choice against Giorno Giovanna, but ends up caving in his own skull when he tries to bash a frog created by Gold Experience and the damage is reflected back at him.

Polpo's LighterLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 449: "Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall, Part 2"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 3: "Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall"
An ornate metal lighter given to Giorno Giovanna by Polpo. It serves in Polpo's test, in which Giorno has to keep the lighter lit for 24 hours in order to be admitted in Passione. A janitor accidentally puts it out. It is tied to the Stand Black Sabbath, and when it is put out and lit again, the Stand appears in order to pierce anyone close with an Arrow.

Passione BadgeLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 455: "Joining the Gang, Part 6"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 4: "Joining the Gang"
A metallic badge with intricate design given to those who pass Polpo's test as proof of their status as Passione gang members.

In the anime adaptation, it becomes the symbol of Passione.

Guido Mista's GunLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 462: "Sex Pistols Appears, Part 1"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 7: "Sex Pistols Appear, Part 1"

A handgun owned by Guido Mista that he uses in conjunction with his Stand, Sex Pistols. It appears to be a Smith & Wesson BodyguardW Model 638 revolver. He keeps extra bullets in the rim of his hat to reload it. The revolver is equipped with a hammer shroud, contains six bullets in the swing-out style cylinder and is used with hollow-point bullets. The revolver is consistently portrayed as being purple across adaptations.

After being broken by Diavolo, it was replaced by a Beretta M9W, taken from a policeman.

The anime adaptation specifies it as being a Smith & Wesson M10 model.

Polpo's TreasureLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 468: "The Hidden Six-Hundred Million Yen Stash"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 9: "First Assignment From the Boss"
A set of precious jewels Polpo bought with money swindled from Passione. It is worth 600 million yen. Polpo ordered Bruno Bucciarati to hide it, and Bucciarati put the jewels into the walls of a public toilet in Capri. Upon Polpo's death, his treasure was coveted by both Team Bucciarati and Mario Zucchero & Sale. Bucciarati got a hold of the treasure and gave it to Pericolo, earning himself the rank of lieutenant instead of Polpo.

Mr. President's KeyLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 481: "Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze, Part 3"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 13: "Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze"

An ornate key in which is embedded a transparent marble. On the marble is engraved instructions for finding Coco Jumbo in Naples' train station, in which it fits a cavity on the turtle's shell. The key is heavily linked to Mr.President, as it activates the Stand and taking it out of the shell forcibly ejects any living being from the room inside Coco Jumbo. It was placed in Pompeii near the dog mosaic, and Giorno, Fugo and Abbacchio were sent to retrieve it. The assassin Illuso fought them over it, but the trio managed to seize it.

Trish Una's BootLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 486: "Express Train to Florence, Part 1"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 9: "First Assignment From the Boss"
A knee-high small-heeled boot worn by Trish Una, first appears in Chapter 486. During the Plane accident, Trish was targeted by a small Notorious B.I.G.. When she drops a glass bottle with water, the water splashes and soaks her right leg's boot, which make Notorious B.I.G target the small drops going down the boot. However, the boot strangely falls off from Trish's leg, and is destroyed and eaten by Notorious B.I.G. Trish then sees her own Stand, Spice Girl, offering her counsel and asking for a command. Trish finally realized her power and defeated Notorious B.I.G., but is never shown on screen getting her boot replaced after the battle.

In the anime, it appears earlier due to Trish's first outfit being skipped.

Diavolo's Order DiskLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 514: "White Album, Part 6"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 19: "White Album"
A floppy disk which was put by Diavolo in the lion statue of Venice's Santa Lucia train station. Team Bucciarati was ordered to retrieve the disk, and Giorno and Mista managed to take it from Ghiaccio's hands. The disk contains the following instructions:
  1. One person will accompany Trish and enter an elevator leading to the top of the only basilisk of the San Giorgio Maggiore island.
  2. That person won't carry any bladed weapon or gun, nor any communication device such as mobile phone.
  3. When the disk is extracted from the statue in which it was hidden, a transmitter will let The Boss know it and the group will have 15 minutes to bring Trish to the island.
  4. Every other remaining squad member will stay on the boat and not set foot on the island.

Donatella Una's PhotographLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 540: "Spice Girl, Part 2"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 25: "Spice Girl"
A photograph of Donatella Una taken in 1985 by a young Diavolo, then named Solido Naso, near a stele in La Costa Smeralda on the island of Sardinia. When he checked the results of Squadra Esecuzioni's investigations of Donatella's room, Diavolo spotted the photograph, which made Diavolo go to Sardinia as he sensed Trish was heading toward the island, thus guiding Team Bucciarati toward a place Moody Blues could investigate. Diavolo subsequently managed to kill Risotto Nero and Leone Abbacchio.

Doppio's "Phones"Link to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 541: "Storm Warning in Sardinia Island!"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 26: "A Little Story From the Past ~ My Name Is Doppio"
Diavolo can communicate with Doppio through any kind of object while not in control, granting his subordinate the belief that his alter ego is another person altogether. Although we haven't heard the quality of these "calls" yet and whether or not the objects alter the quality of Diavolo's voice, Doppio can always hear his alter ego's voice through the object. Doppio also, on occasion, forgets that he's been able to communicate with Diavolo, but he consistently has never realized he's been using a broken or non-phone object. These "phones" have ranged from ice cream to frogs, to cigarettes to toys, and of course, Doppio always carries on him a broken or dismantled phone headset.

Negative and Bust of DiavoloLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 550: "Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 28: "Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling"
After Leone Abbacchio managed to rewind time near the stela in Donatella Una's photograph, Team Bucciarati retrieved a negative of "Solido Naso"'s face and fingerprints, which they made into a bust and then used to research the Boss' past. Their effort didn't bear any result but caught the attention of Jean Pierre Polnareff who contacted the gang to ally themselves against Diavolo. Strangely, the face on Diavolo's bust resembles Doppio instead.

Part 6: Stone Ocean

Stone PendantLink to this section


The Stone Pendant (石のペンダント Ishi no Pendanto)[1] is a locket pendant resembling a beetle which was given to Jolyne Cujoh from her father Jotaro Kujo. It can be opened and in fact, contains a shard of an Arrow. Jolyne pricked herself with the Pendant and threw it away, only to be picked up by Ermes Costello. Ermes also pricked herself with it and she sold it to Gwess. Thus it served to awaken Stone Free, Kiss, and Goo Goo Dolls. Jolyne took it back from Gwess, and it accompanied her until Jolyne threw it toward her father in a fit of anger.

Jotaro's SubmarineLink to this section

Jotaro's Submarine.png
A mini-submarine Jotaro acquired from the Speedwagon Foundation. Positioning it near the island where Green Dolphin Street Prison is situated, Jotaro planned to break Jolyne out of prison and then escape with it. However, Jolyne decided to let Jotaro go alone and stayed in order to find whoever stole Jotaro's Star Platinum and memories.

Emporio's ComputerLink to this section

A ghost computer Emporio uses sometimes and brings with him when he escapes the Green Dolphin Street prison. It proved instrumental in defeating Miu Miu when Emporio faxed an image in binary of the chief warden to Jolyne, enabling her to identify Miu Miu with only two memories. It was also crucial in fighting Donatello Versus when Emporio used it to make research on a plane crash in whose memory Jolyne and Ermes were trapped, enabling them to find a way to escape death.

The computer's design in the manga is consistent with the period when Stone Ocean was being published (2000-2006), but it would already be considered outdated in the year 2011 (the time when the plot takes place). But one explanation for the outdated computer design should be that it would simply be based on Emporio's (an 11-year-old boy in 2011) earliest memories about computers.

Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Gyro's Teddy BearLink to this section

A worn out teddy bear owned by Gyro Zeppeli. It eventually became so worn out Gyro abandoned it during the 7th stage before confronting Axl RO. Apart from his affection for it, it is otherwise unremarkable. However, a double of the teddy bear was summoned by Civil War and contributed to incapacitate Gyro by covering him with a membrane alongside other abandoned items.

Royal Executioner Collar HangerLink to this section

A collar hanger bearing the crest of the Royal Family of Naples. It is the symbol of status of the royal executioners and stealing one of these is akin to insulting the whole country. Gyro's collar hanger got lost when one prisoner rebelled and fought Gyro, only for Marco to take it and try to fix it. The incident pushed Gyro to object to Marco's death and subsequently participate to the Steel Ball Run race in order to free the young boy.

Joseph of Arimathea's MapLink to this section

A map of the Americas on which are marked the nine approximate location of the Saint Corpse Parts, despite dating back to the 1st century AC. Joseph of Arimathea was one of Jesus' followers. When Jesus resurrected, in drew a map of the America in which were indicated the location of his future Corpse Parts. Joseph of Arimathea witnessed the miracle and drew the map on a parchment. It was subsequently hidden in an English abbey until it was stolen during the 15th Century. Its whereabouts became unknown, until Funny Valentine found the map in the Parliament in 1889. He then used the map to organize the Steel Ball Run race.

Ringo's MessageLink to this section

A message sent via messenger pigeon by Ringo Roadagain to Funny Valentine. It contained the coordinates for the Spine of Jesus: 36° 6' 24" North, 94° 40' 6" West. Lucy Steel intercepted the message, and managed to take the Spine, giving it to Johnny and Gyro. However, its theft was noticed and set the government on a chase after her.

Nicholas Joestar's Riding BootsLink to this section

A pair of old horse riding boots originally owned by Nicholas Joestar who tragically died in an accident. One day, Johnny Joestar found out that his boots were too damaged for use, and sought to borrow Nicholas' boots. However, his father George objected to it as he cherished Nicholas' memory, loving him more than Johnny. They briefly fought over it, causing George to disown his son. Years later during the event of the story arc High Voltage, George would wave these boots in front of Johnny as a silent reconciliation.

Gyro's Belt BuckleLink to this section

A belt buckled consisting of two metallic plates on which are engraved two hands normally pointing downward as to emphasize the crotch when the belt is worn. The plates are designed to be in the ratio of the Golden Rectangle, making it a good scale for Spin users to produce an infinite rotation although they generally rely on observation of nature. Gyro would use the belt buckle to push Johnny to his limits, making him realize where to really look to see the Golden Rectangle. Johnny would learn to produce an infinite rotation by observing his surroundings and use the belt buckle to make a metal bullet which granted him victory over Sandman.

Valentine's HandkerchiefLink to this section

A handkerchief on which is embroidered the date "20 Sep. 1847", Funny Valentine's birth date. It was originally owned by Funny's biological father and the soldier used it as a memento of what he was resisting torture for. He hid it in his eye socket, enabling Capt. Valentine, his friend, to give it Funny. It served to boost Valentine's resolve at the moment he was overcome by despair, facing the possibility of remaining buried alive forever due to Tusk ACT 4's infinite rotation. Thus, it indirectly allowed him to conceive one last plan to defeat Johnny Joestar.

Part 8: JoJolion

Josuke's HatLink to this section

A tasseled "dixie cup" sailor hat. It is sold in the SBR hat shop in Morioh and was bought by Yoshikage Kira three days before Josuke emerged, and is remarkable as Josuke's first clue toward discovering his true identity since it led him to Kira's apartment. Josuke is never seen without the hat.

Sesame Honey DumplingsLink to this section

A local culinary specialty of Morioh, the Sesame Honey Dumplings are bite-sized mochis filled with honey-like sesame seed, edamame or cream. They spill easily and are supposed to be bitten with the back teeth. Yasuho gave a box of them to Josuke, who found the dumplings delicious and would later associate them with his romance with Yasuho. He also bites them with the front teeth, spilling the filling.

The Fake Photo AlbumLink to this section

A photo album filled with pornographic photographs of the unnamed woman in the bathroom and Yoshikage Kira. It was made by Ojiro Sasame in order to frame Kira and temporarily caused Yasuho to leave Josuke, thinking he was a pervert.

Kira's Hand ModelLink to this section

A sculpture of Yoshikage Kira's hand. It was ordered by Yoshikage Kira himself, as the narcissistic man wanted to admire his hands. It is notable for being the proof that Josuke isn't Kira.

Kira's PhotographLink to this section

A photograph of Yoshikage Kira, taken near the spring in which Josuke was found. It led Josuke and Yasuho back to the spring, in which the corpse of Kira was found, deepening the mystery about Josuke's identity.

Steel Ball Run Race Complete RecordLink to this section

A record of the Steel Ball Run race written by Norisuke Higashikata I. It included a family tree of the main branch of the Higashikata Family, and more importantly, the Joestar minor branch of the family, which enabled Josuke to know of Holy Joestar-Kira, Yoshikage's mother.

The Joestar ShrineLink to this section

A shrine dedicated to Johnny Joestar situated near Shakedown Road. It is a typical Japanese shrine whose characteristic is a sailor cap and collar on a Buddha statue, recognizable because of his bindiW and KhakkharaW. It commemorates the death of Johnny Joestar with his name engraved below the statue. The locals regularly give donations and take care of the shrine.

Higashikata Melon ParfaitLink to this section

Melon parfait.jpg
A dessert served in the Higashikata Fruit Parlor in order to recycle unsold melons, specifically muskmelons given the color. It consists of nine layers of from top to bottom:
  1. Cut melon
  2. Jelly and whipped cream
  3. Ice cream
  4. Melon Granita
  5. Champagne sherbet
  6. Crunchy corn biscuit
  7. Melon jelly
  8. Whipped cream
  9. Melon juice

served in a hurricane glass. While it is supposed to be eaten from top to bottom, the movement of the spoon inside it will mix the layers and ensures that the taste of each mouthful is different.

Jobin's Golden LamborghiniLink to this section

A golden Lamborghini worth 3 million yen originally owned by Jobin Higashikata. Josuke acquires its key in a bet, allowing Yasuho and Tsurugi to investigate the car's event data recorder with Paisley Park, leading Yasuho to Aisho Dainenjiyama.

Josefumi, Karera, and Kira's PhotographLink to this section

JJL Picture Frame Coloured.png
A photograph of Yoshikage Kira, Josefumi Kujo, and Karera Sakunami. Karera took it at one point in the past and shows it to Josuke, unintentionally revealing Josuke's original identity to him.

Eye Eye SyaaLink to this section

Eye Eye Syaa.png
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 51: "Vitamin C and Killer Queen, Part 2"
An eye medicine, only remarkable in that it served as a distraction for Josefumi Kujo and Yoshikage Kira to steal branches of the Locacaca from Aisho Dainenjiyama. Josefumi and Yoshikage pretended that Eye Eye Syaa was a miracle medicine, pushing Aisho to take one and try it. They then used that distraction to their advantage, and Aisho was stolen from without knowing and thinking that the medicine was great.

The name references Hol Horse's catchphrase 'Aye Aye Sir' from Stardust Crusaders.

The Milagro Man's MoneyLink to this section

Milagro Man's Money.png
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 56: "Milagro Man, Part 1"
Cursed money tied to Milagro Man. It takes the form of a bill whose serial number always finishes with the number "13". The money multiplies itself through a curse, causing the victim to be unable to purchase anything and is able to shapeshift to mimic the local currency. If its proprietor tries to destroy the money, it attacks them. The only way to get rid of it is to have it stolen and then for the thief to try to destroy the money. Joshu becomes the latest victim of the curse.

Moth LarvaeLink to this section

Moth Larvae.png
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 70: "Urban Guerrilla and Doremifasolati Do, Part 3"
Larvae that Rai Mamezuku breeds in his home and keeps safe in vivariums. These larvae are used to accelerate fruit growth. By burrowing into a plant's vascular bundles, these insects can make it so a ripe fruit will develop within two days.


Under the MoonLink to this section

Under the Moon.jpg
Manga Debut: Rohan at the Louvre
Under the Moon is a painting created by the Japanese artist Nizaemon Yamamura around the 17th Century. Is it a portrait of the late Nizaemon's wife Nanase Kishibe, made entirely out of black paint whose pigment was extracted from a species of insects. Cursed, its paint detects nearby lifeform and attacks them through their memories and genetic memories, conjuring undead to attack the victim and recreate their gruesome deaths. The painting was hidden but ultimately stored within an abandoned reserve in the Louvre, and after examination by expert following the disappearance of staffers who approached it, is rumored to have been burned.

Disk AbaloneLink to this section

Disk Abalone.jpg
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 6: Poaching Seashore
The Disk Abalone is a species of abalone endemic to the coast of Morioh. These prized seashells have several characteristics. They can grow to weight several kilograms, have an extremely hard shell able to resist the impact of a car, have the octopus as their natural enemy, and are high-class ingredients whose production and sale is tightly controlled. As a result, the inhabitants of Morioh are rumored to have developed a poaching tradition around the seashells. One night every year, the disk abalones are disoriented by the gravitational conditions and begin to freely swim in the water.

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