I'm replaying all of the past memories! Every sweat drop, every pulse going through his body! My Stand will trace everything, unrelentingly.

—Leone Abbacchio, Chapter 459

Moody Blues (ムーディー・ブルース Mūdī Burūsu) is the Stand of Leone Abbacchio, featured in Vento Aureo.


Moody Blues is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Abbacchio's. It is clothed from its head to its knees in a semitransparent piece of medium shade, open between the base of its neck and its crotch (revealing a light surface), and which forms a tent between its head and its shoulders.

It has a depressed, digital timer on its forehead; while its eyes resemble the speakers of a cassette player; repeated on the sides of its shoulders, the back of its hands and on its knees.

Most media featuring Moody Blue feature it being white and purple.

In the anime, Moody Blues has a constant VHS static-like effect present over its body while active, with said effect becoming more pronounced when it uses its ability. Furthermore, when activated and when using its abilities it emits sounds akin to both a landline telephone's dial-up tone and hang-up click, as well as the fast-forward and reverse winding of a VHS tape. Another addition in the anime is that of a large buttocks.


Although physically mediocre in direct combat, Moody Blues' esoteric power makes it useful for a number of outside tasks.

Chronological Rebroadcasting

Moody blues powa

Moody Blues turning into Narancia from five minutes ago

Moody Blues' primary ability is retrocognition; in particular, the ability to reenact, or "replay" past events with utmost precision, allowing Abbacchio to freely investigate events.[2] Every event happening to a particular location or person will be exactly recreated by Moody Blues, even if it shouldn't happen; for instance, Moody Blues reenacting Narancia's past will produce music because Narancia listened to some.[2] However, there are limits to what Moody Blues can replay, for instance, Clash's teleportation through water is impossible to reenact.[3]

Moody blues powa 2

Fast-forwarding a replay

At the same time, the digital timer on Moody Blues' forehead will remain to indicate the point in time it is reenacting.[2] The "replay" can be controlled as if it was a video, thus Abbacchio can accelerate its speed to skip uninteresting events or pause it, allowing people to interact with the paused event if need be.[2][4] The farther away the event is in the past, the more time Moody Blues must spend immobile to reach it. Thus it had to remain defenseless for possibly 8 to 10 minutes because Abbacchio investigated Diavolo's past meeting with Donatella Una on the beaches of Sardinia 15 years ago.[5]

By using a replay, Moody Blues can imitate the form of an individual for a limited time; at one point enabling Abbacchio to pilot a plane from copying the previous motions of the pilot recorded by Moody Blues.[6] The imitation effect of its ability can also be used to disguise Moody Blues, shown when it changed into Abbacchio in order to fool Illuso's Man in the Mirror into dragging it instead of Abbacchio himself into its mirror world.[7]

Since it cannot attack when it is "rebroadcasting", Moody Blues becomes vulnerable.[4] Once finished, however, it can again attack.

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  • Despite not being a Stand suited for combat, in the Vento Aureo PS2 game, Abbacchio can use Moody Blues to record his moves, such as kicks and punches, and rebroadcast them to effectively create attacks and combos for use.
  • Moody Blues ability may be in reference to the band's album Days of Future PassedW, due to it's power to rebroadcast "the past" from the future. The album itself is also notable as a concept album depicting an entire day (from dawn to night) over the songs of the album.


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