Ojiro Again (オージロー再び Ōjirō Futatabi) is the twentieth story arc in JoJolion.

It narrates Ojiro Sasame's attack on the Higashikata household as payback for Mitsuba's treatment of his girlfriend Makorin. At the same time, it follows Tsurugi's struggle to control a newfound ability with dangerous potential.


Ojiro stalks the Higashikata Family and confronts Tsurugi, explaining that he's done his research on the Rokakaka Organization and finding Jobin's involvement in the whole affair. Threatening to denounce him, Ojiro lets Tsurugi run back to the Higashikata House and tell Jobin. Jobin hastily checks on the Rokakaka, but the two then realise that Tsurugi's hand is under the effect of Fun Fun Fun: he's been holding a mobile phone and has unwittingly leaked the Rokakaka's location to Ojiro who is on the roof; in turn, Ojiro sends the information as well as the proofs of Jobin's crimes to Makorin. Ojiro now plans to eat some of the Rokakaka.




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