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Ozone Baby (オゾン・ベイビー Ozon Beibī) is the Stand of Poor Tom, featured in JoJolion.


Before activation, Ozone Baby appears as a near-exact replica of the LEGO® Architecture White House 21006. This form has no unusual qualities to it.

Post-activation, Ozone Baby appears as a humanoid Stand, though it is missing the rest of its body below its hips, instead having a set of wheels for movement. The top half of its head is covered by a bag-like helmet, covered in spikes and having the Stand's name imprinted on it, and black, sunken eyes. The bottom half of its head appears as a muscular humanoid head, several square-like imprints around its mouth, and black lips stretched into a grin. Its arms extend from curtain-like shoulders, beginning as bone-like structures and becoming more flesh-like at the elbow, though its forearms are covered in cloth-like material. Its fingernails are long and black, looking more like claws.


According to Jobin Higashikata's findings, Ozone Baby is a long-range automatic Stand, thus likely possessing a powerful ability sustainable even away from its user Poor Tom.

Ozone Baby's power revolves around manipulating air pressure in a way capable of cordoning off an area. However, activating it requires burying its physical form in the ground[1] and its power is only effective if the victims are outside[2].


Upon activation, Ozone Baby automatically begins to cause the surrounding atmosphere to depressurize. Hollow objects such as plastic containers begin to collapse in on themselves, and and organism begin to experience mild depressurization sickness, with symptoms such as pain in the ears and nosebleeds.

However, if one steps outside of a sealed room, the depressurization sickness becomes dramatically more severe. All the air dissolved inside the blood vessel form bubbles, causing severe bleeding in the capillaries, notably in the eyes, nose and ears, which can debilitate a grown man in seconds, and cause eyes to pop out of their sockets. This effect is likely to prove lethal if the exposure is prolonged.

However, any room that is opened but then closed regains its atmospheric pressure, the walls and closed openings acting as barriers to Ozone Baby's power. Any surviving victim managing to regain the safety of a closed room can recover from their depressurization sickness.

In addition to this area-of-effect depressurization, Ozone Baby can create illusions of itself.



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