The Stand featured in this article is sometimes referred to as "Ozon Baby".

Ozone Baby (オゾン・ベイビー Ozone Beibī) is the Stand of Poor Tom, featured in JoJolion.



Dormant form

Before activation, Ozone Baby appears as a near-exact replica of the LEGO Architecture White House 21006. This form has no unusual qualities to it.

Post-activation, Ozone Baby appears as a mechanical Stand with a half-humanoid form. Instead of legs, it possesses a set of wheels, but floats through the air instead of using these wheels for movement. Its left set of wheels faces vertically, and its right set faces horizontally. A peculiar structure composed of three balls connected in a straight line juts downwards from its crotch, possibly representing the perverted and lecherous nature of its user, Poor Tom.

The top half of its head is covered by a bag-like helmet with several spikes jutting out of it and with the Stand's name imprinted on it in stylized text. The Stand's head itself is square and muscular, with dark, sunken eyes, dark lips constantly stretched in a maniacal grin, and small square decorations lining its bottom lip. Its arms start from the shoulders (which have string-like decorations dangling from them) as mechanical and become more organic at the elbow, and its forearms are covered in what appear to be cloth arm-guards. Its fingers end in long, sharp fingernails.

The Stand's torso is covered by a vest with a dark collar, two buttons on the chest, and coattails with two more buttons on each side of the waist.

While in its post-activated state, Ozone Baby cannot be harmed or even touched, with all physical contact merely passing through it like fog.


According to Jobin Higashikata's findings, Ozone Baby is a long-range automatic Stand, thus possessing a powerful ability sustainable even away from its user Poor Tom. However, proximity to Tom himself dramatically increases the pressure variations. Tom reveals that its power has an area of effect of 100 meter radius.

Ozone Baby's power revolves around manipulating air pressure in a way capable of cordoning off an area. Burying the Lego house in the soil dampens the effect of the pressure.

Pressure manipulation

Upon activation, Ozone Baby automatically begins to cause the surrounding atmosphere to depressurize. Hollow objects such as plastic containers begin to collapse in on themselves, and living organisms begin to experience mild depressurization sickness, with symptoms such as pain in the ears and nosebleeds.

If one steps outside of a sealed room, the depressurization sickness becomes dramatically more severe. All the air dissolved inside the blood vessel form bubbles, causing severe bleeding in the capillaries, notably in the eyes, nose and ears, which can debilitate a grown man in seconds, and cause eyes to pop out of their sockets. This effect is likely to prove lethal if the exposure is prolonged.

Any room that is opened but then closed regains its atmospheric pressure, the walls and closed openings acting as barriers to Ozone Baby's power. Any surviving victim managing to regain the safety of a closed room can recover from their depressurization sickness. However, merely staying inside a closed space is also dangerous as the pressure inside will gradually increase to lethal levels. At its worst, the crushing pressure causes the body to cave in on itself.

In addition to this area-of-effect depressurization, Ozone Baby can create illusions of itself.


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