Ptah (プタハ神 Putaha-shin), alternatively known as The Book of Genesis or The Genesis of Universe, is an ancient Stand featured in the storyline "The Gravestone of Red-Hot Sand" from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Genesis of Universe novel, based on Stardust Crusaders.


Ptah is an ancient Stand that is bound to a history book, with all wisdom and history sealed in it. It was excavated circa 1500 B.C.E., from the remains of the New KingdomW era. However, its contents range from the Early DynasticW period, circa 3000 B.C, to the present age. The things written in it aren't limited to historical facts, as it even has contents about traditions, making it possible for the user to make real even simple superstitions. The Stand represents the Egyptian god of creation Ptah, so it can be considered a book of creation.


History Instantiation: This Stand can instantiate the history that is written in the book. The user needs to read the history (does not matter if silent reading) and then call the historical cause of it, turning it into reality. The user is free to choose from historical to legendary things, even creatures, as long as they are written in the book. It can only materialize one thing at a time, but that thing disappears if the page where it's written about is damaged and made unreadable.

Hermit Purple had difficulty telling if the projections are the real ones brought to the present or simply illusions, probably being part of the Stand itself.


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