Rainy Day, Dream Away (レイニーデイ・ドリームアウェイ Reinī Dei, Dorīmu Awei) is the Stand of Vladimir Kocaqi, featured in Purple Haze Feedback.


This Stand is bound to the moisture in the air and takes the form of light rain. On closer inspection, the raindrops bear a ghoulish tormented moaning face.


Emotion Lock: When someone has a thought within Rainy Day Dream Aways range, even for a moment, Vladimir can "lock" the sentiment and cause the target to feel it for as long as he chooses. When Vladimir locks the thought, the victim will only feel that thought; they even may suffer a delusion that seems to last a lifetime. Vladimir notably used his power to make his sister believe that she lived a long happy life, and disabled Fugo by making him feel perpetually off balance.

Rainy Day Dream Away uses the targets' own mental energy against them, thus no amount of distance from Kocaqi would ever free them.[1] The only way to escape Rainy Day Dream Away's effect is to temporarily override the repeating sensation with a similar, greater sensation.


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