Urban Guerrilla and Doremifasolati Do, the first members of this organization to be revealed

The Rokakaka Research Organization is a currently unnamed group of Rock Humans working in the medical field whose interest in the Rokakaka fruit seems to stem from a desire to benefit the Rock Human race. Members of the organization are both extremely knowledgeable in the nature of the Rokakaka and have some means of easy access to information regarding the fruits' presence in Morioh. 

New Rokakaka

Though not much is known about the organization as a whole, its current objective is to secure the New Rokakaka for the benefit of at the very least its members, and at most the entire Rock Human race at large. According to Urban Guerrilla, a doctor and member of the group, obtaining the new Rokakaka would bring a "new world" to the Rock Humans. 


The organization consists of at least five confirmed members: Urban Guerrilla and Doremifasolati DoPoor Tom, Dr. Wu Tomoki, and a currently unnamed member who served as an ambulance driver during the group's attempt to secure the New Rokakaka branch during the fire in the Higashikata orchard. The faction of rock humans operate from T.G. University Hospital and is implied to use Rokakaka fruits to treat patients. 

Rock Human Stand Users seem to make up a majority of the group's membership, though the Rock Animal Doremifasolati Do is also included to serve as a vehicle and weapon for its master. The group sought out Jobin Higashikata who briefly allied with Poor Tom, though this alliance was not mutual, as Poor Tom gave limited information about his intentions, tricking Jobin into bringing a particularly dangerous automatic Stand onto his property. Jobin would later betray the group, taking the grafted branch for himself. 

Despite the disadvantages that Rock Human biology poses for integration into human society, nearly all members of the organization have become medical doctors, save for Doremifasolati Do who is a Rock Animal. A majority of the Research Organization affiliates that have appeared so far seems to be knowledgeable in the science of Rokakaka. While vague, Urban Guerrilla was able to provide a scientific explanation as to why humans suffered negative side effects upon consuming the fruit. In addition to this one of the organization members in the ambulance was quickly able to discern that the branch he had collected was not the grafted Rokakaka plant. The organization has access to information involving the presence of Rokakaka in their surrounding area. As well as knowing the basic history of Josuke Higashikata, the Rokakaka Research Organization was apparently aware of Tamaki Damo and his underground Rokakaka dealing business. However, the group chose to leave Damo and company to their own devices, as their operation did not pose any form of a significant threat. That being said, members of the Research Organization look down on Damo's group, viewing them as nothing more than petty drug dealers. However, a member of this group working as a doctor was shown to have used equivalent exchange to treat Mitsuba Higashikata on at least three separate occasions (using equivalent exchange to subsequently treat the side effects of previous Rokakaka usage).[1] It seems as though this organization is open to Rokakaka being used medicinally within a proper medical environment. The organization does not hesitate to kill off anybody that it thinks would pose a threat to its operation, including its own members.


Rokakaka Research Organization
Head Doctor
Head Doctor Wu Tomoki Poor Tom Urban Guerrilla Doremifasolati Do

Jobin Higashikata


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