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Romeo Jisso (ロメオ・ジッソ) is a minor character in Stone Ocean. He was Jolyne's boyfriend at the beginning of the story.


Romeo Jisso is a young athletic man who has an undercut, the hair forming three to four stripes going around the side of the head.


Romeo bears the stereotypes of a son born into wealth: cowardly, selfish, and unwilling to admit to his responsibilities. He places the blame of his car accident on Jolyne out of worry for his college admissions, and is shown to have paid off a lawyer (who, interestingly, also acted under Johngalli A's orders) to place Jolyne in jail for the next several years.

Later, Romeo is shown to have a loyal side, purposely misleading the police into chasing Jolyne to Mexico, when in fact they were chasing after Enrico Pucci, though still retains his cowardly traits nonetheless.



Romeo starts out with Jolyne, driving a car during an after school date. Sneaking a kiss on the road during a small conversation, he accidentally ran into an unknowing pedestrian. Upon the aftermath, worrying about his college's acceptance and the effect of the accident on that, he persuades Jolyne to hide the body and forget about it entirely, but not before the authorities could track them down.

After placing the blame onto Jolyne, he makes an alibi, stating that Jolyne was driving the entire time while under the influence from his car's mini-fridge, and that she was the one who ran into the pedestrian in order to save his own skin.

Coupled with Johngalli A's hired hack lawyer for Jolyne, his testimony allowed him to walk freely, but not without scorn (and no doubt a desire for vengence) from his former girlfriend.

Stone Ocean

When the gang escapes from prison, Jolyne visits Romeo for supplies and transportation, with Ermes making a replica of his tongue so the group could hear everything he was saying. Romeo fakes their location and tells the police that the group headed for Mexico, enabling Jolyne and the others to escape freely. However, Jolyne removes the sticker anyway, injuring Romeo's tongue.


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  • Romeo's potential namesake could be the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo, since Romeo's car during the hit-and-run was an Alfa Romeo GTV.


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