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You utter fool! German science is the greatest in the world!

—Rudol von Stroheim, about his cyborg body.

Rudol von Stroheim (ルドル・フォン・シュトロハイム Rudoru fon Shutorohaimu) is a core ally in Battle Tendency.

Stroheim is introduced as a Nazi officer researching and experimenting on the Pillar Man Santana. Eventually, he and his unit cooperate with the Ripple users to stop the threat of the Pillar Men.


Stroheim is a tall, well-built man of masculine facial features (comparable to those of the contemporary Dolph LundgrenW).

Blue-eyed; at his introduction his blonde hair involves a short flat-top and a length at his neck; soon developing into tall, splaying cut. Later, he acquires complex metallic cybernetic prosthetics, including the section of his face surrounding his right eye; which is additionally covered by a sort of monocleW.

He wears a range of official Nazi military attireW. His cyborg prosthetics include his entire abdomen, which houses a powerful machine gun.


When Stroheim is first introduced, he is a callous and cruel Nazi Major who has the foolish idea to experiment with the Stone Mask in order to further the power of the Waffen-SS. During his mission in Mexico, Stroheim commits several heinous misdeeds such as capturing locals and forcibly turn them into guinea pigs for his vampire experiments (including women and children),[3] or threatening to cut a maid's tongue for slightly cutting him during a shave.[4]

However, upon being threatened with Santana's rampage, he also demonstrates bravery and does not hesitate when trapped in asking Joseph to cut off his leg; or blow himself up with a grenade to kill the invading Santana.[5] This is seen once again when Stroheim gives him a helping hand in defeating Kars and helping Joseph drive him into the volcano with an airplane. Stroheim maintained his bravery up until the Battle of Stalingrad, 1943, where he is said to have fought bravely and died.[6]

Likewise, Stroheim respects courage from others, no matter what ethnicity the individual may belong to. His appreciation for valor is seen when he spares one Mexican boy for being willing to sacrifice himself for his cellmates; on the other hand he executed the rest of the prisoners for not having the same spirit, making the boy's sacrifice moot.[7]

Stroheim is an enthusiastic nationalist. He is particularly proud of his cyborg body; praising "German science" and generally loudly boasting the Germans given the occasion.[8] His pride occasionally grows into overconfidence and arrogance. Because of it, Stroheim tends to both overestimate himself or his technology and underestimate how formidable the Pillar Men are. Thus, three times during the story, a Pillar Man gets the better of him; first Santana easily escapes his cell and attacks him,[9] then his cyborg body is also defeated by Kars[10] and finally Stroheim rushing to finish Kars in the battle of the Piz Bernina Ruins allows the Pillar Man to return the UV light against the humans and turn into the Ultimate Lifeform.[11] On a regular basis, Stroheim also loudly laughs at his foes and point his finger at them when they are in a position of weakness.



  • Abdominal Machine Gun: A machine gun inside Stroheim's stomach region, able to shoot 600 armored bullets per minute, and capable of piercing a 30-millimeter steel plate. Stroheim first introduces this weapon against Kars.
  • Ultraviolet Radiation Beam (紫外線照射装置 Shigaisen shōsha sōchi): Inside Stroheim's mechanized eye is a small laser cannon capable of firing a concentrated beam of Ultraviolet light. The beam itself is five times more intense than a set of typical ultraviolet lights and was able to pierce straight through Kars' hand.
  • Ultraviolet Shoulder Cannons: Built by the technical department of the Speedwagon Foundation specifically as an anti-vampire device, Stroheim is able to fire out powerful blasts of ultraviolet light from two flood lights located on each side of his shoulders. As miniaturized searchlights, they pack the same power as the original, but are light enough to carry with ease. Stroheim used these cannons during the final battle against Kars, where he, along with his team, fought back against the army of vampires.
  • Projectile Hand: Stroheim is capable of firing off his mechanical hand with enough force to impale and deeply wound an enemy. Though revealed only towards the end of the arc, Stroheim used it to prevent Kars' escape and pinned him to a plane that went crashing into an active volcano.
  • Shoulder Arsenal: by the time of the Battle of Stalingrad, Stroheim has had as many as six additional small arms installed onto robotic arms that can unfold from his back, including what seem to be two submachine guns, a pistol, two general purpose machines guns, and a rocket launcher. Presumably, this gave him vast firepower against large groups of conventional opponents such as the Soviets.


As a Major in the Nazi Party, most particularly the Waffen-SS Military division, Stroheim is capable of leading his own battalion, as well as any members of the party of lower rank. To this end, Stroheim enforces his rank with a strong sense of pride and most of time, his word is law. As a capable leader, Stroheim often initiates attacks upon command, though the logic behind them usually varies depending on the level of abnormality of the enemy. When cornered, Stroheim's eminent pride in his country will cause him to unquestionably sacrifice himself to take out his target. In terms of combat expertise, it is presumed he is capable of performing the most basic of military skills with ease, including assembling and disassembling military weapons, and making efficient use of said weapons. Stroheim also flaunts a very able-bodied physique and has demonstrated a very high jumping ability.

Stroheim cyborg

As a cyborg, Stroheim can casually crush a golf ball

After being resurrected as a Cyborg, Stroheim's physical capabilities increased and with it his rank to Colonel status. As a Cyborg, his strength increases significantly, having been designed with the ability to crush an object with his hand at a pressure of 1,950 kg/cm2 (roughly double Santana's.) In this form, Stroheim had also gained partial immortality, being able to survive most attacks, as his mechanical limbs being damaged lessens the effect on his lifeforce. With these limbs, he is capable of bending his body unnaturally, and deflect enemy attacks due to being made of metal. Situated on one side of Stroheim's face is a magnifying device that allows Stroheim to zoom in on objects up to a point where he can study their internal structure.


Battle Tendency[]

Stroheim takes an injured Robert E. O. Speedwagon to the Nazi base in Mexico and interrogates him for information regarding the Pillar Men. He reveals that the Nazis had acquired one of them, which he named "Santana" after the warm winds of Mexico.

Stroheim eventually sacrifices himself in an attempt to stop Santana's rampage and is assumed to have died until he reappears at the border of Switzerland to retrieve the Red Stone of Aja.


Stroheim as a Cyborg

Thanks to Nazi science, Colonel Stroheim was revived with cybernetic parts (including a machine gun on his chest and a monocle that presumably serves as a Terminator/Robocop-esque radar system). He challenges Kars to a duel and is quickly cut in half, but is ultimately able to separate Kars from the stone by firing an ultraviolet beam from his eye.

Stroheim appears yet again after being reconstructed with the help of the Speedwagon Foundation science division and


Stroheim saves Joseph

saves Joseph from Kars' impending vampire army just in the nick of time. Kars is defeated by Joseph soon after and is sent falling onto a spikes below, where Stroheim and his division blast him with ultraviolet light. They fail to realize, however, that Kars had donned a Stone Mask with the Aja and are dumbstruck when he achieves his ultimate form and begins killing them off with a squirrel formed from his right hand.

After Joseph hijacks a Nazi aircraft to lure Kars away, Stroheim reveals himself in the side wing of the plane just before it goes plummeting into an active volcano. After pinning Kars to the front end of the aircraft, he pulls Joseph out of the plane and cushions their fall by sacrificing his cybernetic legs. The volcano eventually erupts when Kars' Ripple collides with the Red Stone of Aja, launching both Joseph and him into the air. Stroheim eventually returns to the rest of the group and reports Joseph's supposed death.

After the battle with Kars, Stroheim had Joseph Joestar's severed left hand replaced by a mechanical one as a gift. He never meets Joseph again and is said to have died honorably at the battle of Stalingrad in 1943.

Major Battles & Events[]

  • Rudol von Stroheim & Nazi Soldiers Vs Santana
  • Rudol von Stroheim & Joseph Joestar Vs Santana
  • Rudol von Stroheim (Cyborg) Vs Kars
  • Rudol von Stroheim (Cyborg) & Nazi Soldiers Vs Kars & Vampire Knights
  • Rudol von Stroheim (Cyborg) & Joseph Joestar Vs Kars (Ultimate Life Form)
  • Rudol von Stroheim (Cyborg) Vs Soviet Army (Final Fight, Offscreen, Killed in Action)

Chapters / Episodes[]

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Anime Appearances
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Video Games[]

All Star Battle (PS3)[]

Stroheim makes his first video game appearance in the PS3 title. Appearing as one of the Campaign Surprise Support Characters, where he shoots the opponent's profile with his machine gun (in the same way he attacked Kars during the events of Part 2), decreasing their health bar by 40% before the fight.

Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS)[]

Stroheim appears as one of the several Part 2 characters who possess a Metal Striker. His FINISH move makes him shooting several bullets of his Torso-Machine Gun at the defeated opponent and his Level 3 special ability allows him to destroy himself after defeat, damaging any Metal Striker near him (enemy or ally).

Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)[]

Stroheim was one of the first characters confirmed to be playable in the game (alongside Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, Noriaki Kakyoin, Josuke Higashikata, and Diego Brando).

Stroheim has the exclusive Style fully named My body! It's the pride of the German people, and the prime example of our superior German Science! (ゲルマン民族の最高知能の結晶 Geruman Minzoku no Saikō Chinō no Keshō, German's Highest Intelligence Crystallize), shortened to The Prime Example of Superior German Science.

  • Style Action - Heavy Machine Gun Mode/UV Radiation Mode: Stroheim switches between his Abdominal Machine Gun and shoulder-mounted UV lights. Heavy Machine Gun Mode allows him long-ranged powers and increased speed and agility, while UV Radiation Mode makes use of two bodyguards and his various UV light components. All attacks involving his UV beams will deal increased damage to Vampires and Pillar Men, similar to Ripple Users. However, while in UV Radiation Mode, he loses movement speed and jump power, as well as the ability to grab onto and climb ledges.
  • German Science is the best in the world!: Stroheim stops to strike a pose and perform a very lengthy tirade. Though he is especially vulnerable while performing the skill, he gains a temporarily attack boost that has a duration proportional to how long his tirade lasts before he's attacked, maxing out at him completely finishing it.
  • So long, you filthy Brit!: This skill can only be performed when Stroheim is down. He pulls out the Stielhandgranate he used to sacrifice himself and proceeds to hug it, resulting in a massive explosion. Though Stroheim takes roughly a third of a health bar in damage, any opponent caught will take half a health bar in damage. On the other hand, despite being on the floor, Stroheim is open to attacks during the skill that can interrupt him.
  • Dual Heat Attack - Put an end to you? I'd be delighted!: Starting in UV Radiation Mode, Stroheim and his bodyguards blind and seer their opponent with all three of their UV beams. While their target is stunned, Stroheim proceeds to switch over to Heavy Machine Gun Mode and launch an extended volley of bullets from his Abdominal Machine Gun before taunting his opponent.

While in Heavy Machine Gun Mode:

  • My bullets will cut you down one by one!: Stroheim fires a slew of heavy bullets from his Abdominal Machine Gun. Holding down the activation button will extend the attack, though will increase the cooldown on the ability when it ends.
  • EX - My bullets will cut you down one by one!: The firing time of the skill is extended, and if Stroheim is on the ground, he is able to cancel it with a Sidestep.

While in UV Radiation Mode:

  • Bodyguard Icon: Shows the statuses of Stroheim's two bodyguards. If an icon is glowing, that soldier is readily available; If it is dim, they are active and about the stage; If there is a red cross over the icon, that soldier has been incapacitated until Stroheim reactivates UV Radiation Mode.
  • My bodyguards will keep you busy!: Stroheim orders his soldiers to attack. If he is locked-on to a target, they will unleash their UV beams on that specific target. If he is not, they will face outward and unleash their UV beams in order to cover Stroheim's blind spots.
  • Ultraviolet Radiation Beam!: Stroheim fires his unblockable UV beam in a wide angle, setting opponents on fire. If his soldiers are available, they will either attack a target if he is locked-on, or simply cover his blind spots if he is not.
  • EX - Ultraviolet Radiation Beam!: Stroheim gains unflinching through the attack and damage dealt is increased.
  • My right leg is still a bit creaky, though!: Stroheim must switch to UV Radiation Mode. (200 Points)
  • We're more than enough to finish you off!: Stroheim must use "My bodyguards will keep you busy!" twice. (200 Points)
  • I can't let you go there alone!: Stroheim must successfully execute 5 Combo Breakers. (300 Points)
  • I have surpassed the entire human race!: Stroheim must use "German Science is the best in the world!" 3 times. (500 Points)
  • I'd be delighted!: Stroheim must Retire an opponent with his Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)

As in the anime, he's voiced by Atsuhi Imaruoka. Eyes of Heaven also marks the first time Stroheim appears in a video game as a playable character.

In the Western release of the game, Stroheim's default outfit (with his military uniform) was removed, most likely due to sensitivity regarding the display of Nazi symbols.


He is paired with Okuyasu Nijimura in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, but was eliminated in the preliminaries by Mariah and Esidisi.

Diamond Records (Android/iOS)[]

Stroheim appears in Diamond Records as a playable character. Interestingly enough, it is his original, non-cyborg form that appears in the game. He utilizes a knife and a Stielhandgranate in his special attacks, otherwise unleashing normal punches and kicks.


  • His given name translates to Rudol, without f or ph, in alphabetic languages.
  • In addition to Stroheim's enthusiastic nationalism, his features are consistent with those of the "Aryan race" favored in Nazi ideology.
  • Stroheim's hair and eventual monocled visage appear to be based on an illustration by Antonio Lopez.[12]
  • He is the first cyborg to appear in the series, while his Steel Ball Run Universe counterpart, Fritz von Stroheim is chronologically the first cyborg.
  • In the Japanese release of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, Stroheim's default costume is his Nazi officer uniform. In the game's release outside of Japan, however, this costume is removed from the game entirely and his default costume is changed to his cyborg appearance. This is due to a German law introduced after World War II forbidding all use of Nazi imagery.[13]
  • In the Street Fighter fighting game franchise by Capcom, the character William F. Guile, an American air force colonel, bears a hairdo which is based on that of Stroheim's.[14]
  • In the Battle Tendency anime's epilogue, Stroheim is depicted with six conventional firearms each mounted on its own robotic limb sprouting from his back. The weapons are difficult to make out and may only be somewhat based on the following firearms:
    • PPSh-41, a Soviet submachine gun produced in WW2 with a long barrel shroud and drum magazine.
    • Luger P08, a German semi-automatic pistol famed for its use in both World Wars.
    • Both an MG34 and an MG42 general purpose light machine gun, both are German weapons produced and heavily used in WW2. Both are also belt fed, with one appearing to have an attached belt box while the other is fed by a belt going directly into Stroheim's left shoulder.
    • Either the Raketenpanzerbüchse 54, an 88mm anti-tank rocket launcher produced by Germany or the the smaller 60mm American M1 Bazooka it was reverse-engineered from.
      • It is missing the signature frontal shield issued on the former which is intended to protect the user's face from the rocket's backblast (hot gasses emitted from the projectile's rocket upon ignition).
    • Ingram MAC-10 machine pistol with a suppressor, signature folding-over wire stock, and extended magazine.
      • An interesting choice: the MAC-10 was not produced until the 1970s; decades after WW2, by the American company Military Arms Corporation.



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