A Man's World, Part 1 (男の世界 その① Otoko no Sekai Sono 1), originally Little Tomb on the Prairie, Part 1 (大草原の小さな墓標① Dai Sōgen no Chīsana Bohyō 1) in the UJ release, is the thirty-third chapter of Steel Ball Run and the seven hundred eighty-fifth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The 4th Stage begins, 1250 km from the Rocky Mountains to Kansas City.

At the 11th day of the stage, approximately 650 km from Kansas City, Johnny and Gyro see a fresh cow carcass hanging from a tree. Having taken some meat from it, they soon encounter Hot Pants, the winner of the previous stage. Hot Pants loses no time confronting them, accusing them of having killed his cow, and fights them. Hot Pants quickly gets the upper hand with his flesh spray Stand, Cream Starter, and blocks their eyes, nostrils and mouths with flesh. Johnny manages to prove that they weren't the ones to kill the cow, making Hot Pants stop his attack; however he doesn't apologize and departs.

Gyro reveals he has seen the word "Turbo" with further inscription within the letters, using a binary system, Gyro decrypts the coordinates of the next Corpse Part, which is near Kansas City. Twenty minutes later, Gyro and Johnny strangely haven't managed to get out of the forest despite having a map. They meet Hot Pants again who has the same problem and proposes a temporary truce which Gyro and Johnny reluctantly agree with. Hot Pants, indicating a nearby house, decides to ask the inhabitant about direction. However, they also meet a distressed Gaucho, who challenges the inhabitant at a duel. A man gets out of the house; Gaucho warns him one last time to give him a way to get out of the forest, but the man tells that only when he dies, that he will get out of the forest. He accepts the challenge, fatally shoots Gaucho, and returns inside the house. After witnessing the duel, the trio decides to go away and try their luck.


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