A Man's World, Part 2 (男の世界 その② Otoko no Sekai Sono 2), originally Little Tomb on the Prairie, Part 2 (大草原の小さな墓標② Dai Sōgen no Chīsana Bohyō 2) in the UJ release, is the thirty-fourth chapter of Steel Ball Run and the seven hundred eighty-sixth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Several hours later, Johnny, Gyro and Hot Pants haven't managed to get out of the forest despite marking their way, even realizing that their marks are contradictory. Not wanting to lose a whole day to Diego, Johnny and Gyro accept Hot Pants' plan to kill the gunslinger three to one. Hot Pants preemptively throws his Cream Starter to the roof of the house. The trio, Hot Pants staying behind, confront the man who has just finished to bury Gaucho. Gyro interrogates him but the gunslinger derides Gyro, saying that a "conformist" like him has no chance to win in a duel. Gyro suddenly throws a ball toward him, but it doesn't reach him and someone has stayed in his hand. The man then properly introduces himself: his name is Ringo Roadagain and he uses the Stand, Mandom, which rewinds time by six seconds, as long as he can turn the clock of his wristwatch. As it preserves the memory of the events, Ringo exploited the group's unfamiliarity with the landscape to make them wander aimlessly in the forest, and that they will have no chance to get out of it if he stays alive. Hot Pants ambushes Ringo, but the gunslinger manages to rewind time, evading the attack, and shoots Hot Pants in the stomach. Johnny immediately retaliates, shooting toward Ringo but he receives a bullet to the head, seemingly killing him. Gyro loses his calm and throws a Steel Ball toward Ringo, but narrowly misses and is also shot in the stomach. His wounds are not lethal, and Ringo, taking the corpse of Johnny inside the house to retrieve the Left Arm, spares him out of contempt. However, when the Steel Ball comes back to him, Gyro realizes that Johnny was narrowly out of the killing range of Ringo's Colt and may be alive. A dark determination is visible in his eyes.


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