Untitled Stand Chapter is the third and final extra chapter of Steel Ball Run.


This chapter is an explanation of the concept, rules and the functionality of Stands in general, showing various characters and their Stands as examples to explain such.

As we have discovered that particles could spontaneously appear and then disappear into a surge of energy from nothing, "nothingness" is "potential".

In the same way, humans can summon their spiritual energy from nothing and mold it into Stands which can take various shapes, affect the world around them, and he who can see and use Stands is named a Stand User. Stands are subject to several rules:

  1. Stands move and act in function to their Users' command;
  2. A Stand can only be attacked by another Stand.
  3. When a Stand is hurt, the User receives a wound of equivalent gravity.
  4. When the User dies, the Stand disappears with him.
  5. Thus when a Stand is destroyed, the User dies with it.
  6. The strength and/or precision of a Stand is inversely proportional to the distance between it and its user.

    Oddly, the Stone Mask and Arrow are stated to draw out Stands.

  7. Therefore there are such things as "smart" or "stupid" ways to use one's Stand.
  8. Stand Power is inherited.
  9. A Stand User will only have one Stand.
  10. Depending on the personality of the User, a Stand can develop.

People have used tools or technique to mimic a power similar to Stands, and as such, the Ripple and the Spin can be considered methods to approach the power of Stand Users.





  1. SBR Volume 10

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