Sethan's Alessi, Part 1 (「セト神」のアレッシー その1 "Seto-shin" no Aresshī Sono Ichi)[1] is the thirty-second episode of Stardust Crusaders, the eighth episode of the Egypt Arc, and the fifty-eighth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. It covers last few pages of Chapter 204 through first few pages of Chapter 207 of the manga.


While Jotaro, Polnareff, and Iggy go off in search for Joseph and Avdol, who are busy with their battle with Mariah, they are followed by Alessi, who uses the power of the Stand Sethan which resides in his shadow to turn Polnareff into a child. Along with his smaller stature, Polnareff's mind starts reverting to that of a child as well, causing him to gradually lose his adult memories. Unable to ask Jotaro for help, Polnareff is only able to defend himself from Alessi using Silver Chariot, who is also affected by Sethan's power. Barely managing to escape Alessi after Silver Chariot's blade hits his neck by chance, Polnareff is picked up by a woman who takes her to her home to treat his injuries. However, Alessi manages to sneak into her house and attack.


(1st full appearance)
Jean Pierre Polnareff Jotaro Kujo Iggy Alessi Mariah
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Joseph Joestar Muhammad Avdol Malèna
Magician's Red Hermit Purple Sethan Silver Chariot

Manga/Anime Differences

  • An entire scene featuring a recap of the Mariah battle is added, along with Iggy stealing a falafel.


When Polnareff pursues Alessi through the alleys, he's shrinking little by little. This scene is similar to Episode 1 where Holy runs across the prison to go see her son. It's a mix of 3D effects and drawing, which is very difficult to pull off. Even more so because you have to change the animation as Polnareff becomes tinier. It was a real ordeal for the whole team.

If there's something unforgettable in the episode, it would be the sexy bath scene. On one side, the humor of Polnareff who is a child again, and then the lightly risqué touches while never falling into vulgarity. There's also these soap bubbles floating in the bathroom, which I'm sure some of you will feel you've seen them somewhere before. I won't tell you where. (laughs)

The scene where Iggy is peacefully strolling across town was added in the anime. He steals a kebab directly from a passerby's hands and watches the fight between Joseph and Avdol against Mariah without batting an eyelid... He's doing whatever he feels like. As I have said about Episode 31, it's this kind of scene that represents the timeline more clearly.

Naokatsu Tsuda, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries


  • Due to the Mariah fight and Alessi fight happening at the same time, some scenes were reused from the previous episode.


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