C-Moon, Part 6 (C(シー)-()MOON(ムーン) その⑥ Shī Mūn Sono 6), originally The Form of a Heart (胸の形 Mune no Katachi) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred forty-sixth chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred fortieth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Now inside a café, Pucci is pressed to kill Jolyne before Anasui and Jotaro come and help her, aiming to inflict a moral blow to his enemies. Sensing that Jolyne is hiding in a mass of debris, Pucci grabs a bottle of oil, pours the oil into the debris and lights it up to lure out Jolyne.

Suddenly, Jolyne's arm grabs Pucci's leg from an airvent. C-Moon tries to attack the airvent, but Jolyne has already disappeared. Pucci realizes too late that it is a trap and suddenly Jolyne's arms try to choke the priest from behind. Cornered, Pucci lifts his legs to make the flaming debris fall toward Jolyne's presumed position, who lets Pucci go. C-Moon then punch both arms, but suddenly, Pucci sees that Moebius strings form themselves out of strings, dispersing themselves into the arms and leaving them unaffected. Jolyne herself finally appears, her stomach replaced by a great Moebius strip. When Stone Free attacks, C-Moon is able to hit its neck, but Jolyne's neck simply transforms into a Moebius strip as well.

Pucci understands that the Moebius strip, being an object with a single surface, cannot be turned inside out.


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