The Visitor, Part 6 (面会人 その⑥ Menkainin Sono 6), originally Absolute Failure (前後不覚 Zengo Fukaku) in the WSJ release, is the sixteenth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred tenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


After destroying Manhattan Transfer, Jolyne asks Emporio who he is and about the bone he gave her, but he just tells her to continue to hold onto it. Jotaro enters the room, Jolyne telling him that Manhattan Transfer has been beaten. When she looks into a puddle, she sees the reflection of Johngalli A. She warns Jotaro that he's hiding in the room, but the latter dismisses her, stating that it's impossible for him to get here that quickly.

Jolyne exclaims that the sniper is directly above him. Jotaro decides to believe her and uses Star Platinum to blow up the gas pipes above him. A burnt Johngalli A falls from the ceiling. As Jotaro ponders how Johngalli A could get there so quickly, Jolyne looks for Emporio, who has suddenly vanished. Jotaro questions who Emporio is, having believed Jolyne had come this far on her own. As Jolyne tries to explain the situation, she notices that there is no evidence of the wound Jotaro received from Johngalli A.

Jolyne notices that her own wound is gone, too, and that Johngalli A's body is actually the visiting room guard's. In fact, Jotaro doesn't even know who Johngalli A is. Jolyne looks around to see white goop secrete from the walls and surfaces of the room. She thinks back to the mysteriously lit cigarette, and realizes that she had been hallucinating the whole time. She wakes up in the visiting room, where everything is covered in white goop.


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