The Visitor, Part 8 (面会人 その⑧ Menkainin Sono 8), originally Capture Strategy (捕獲計画 Hokaku Keikaku) in the WSJ release, is the eighteenth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred twelfth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jotaro and Jolyne make their way through the prison halls in order to escape. As they walk, Jolyne trips down some stairs. Jotaro reaches out his hand, but she rejects his kindness. Jotaro explains that he wasn't being kind at all, rather thinking that Jolyne needs to be more careful with the amulet. Jolyne recalls how cold Jotaro has been as a father. Jotaro states that he doesn't understand what she's talking about.

Jolyne throws the amulet at him, claiming that he can have it if it's so important to him. Jotaro realizes that they are being followed and tells his daughter to get down. Two guards appear from another hallway. One guard notices the bent bars and suspects the escapees have gone that way. He is immediately shot in the head by the other guard, who turns out to be Johngalli A. Jotaro tells his daughter to run for the escape point, and that he will stay behind to take care of Johngalli A. However, Manhattan Transfer appears above Jolyne.

Johngalli A shoots at Jolyne, but Jotaro uses Star Platinum to stop time, noticing that there is another Stand behind him. Jotaro realizes that this Stand is the ringleader, and that they had planned for him to waste his time stop to protect his daughter. Time resumes, and Jotaro pushes Jolyne out of danger. The lead Stand, Whitesnake, appears behind Jotaro, and sends two discs through his face.


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